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 The Circle

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Appointing your friends to your council
Appointing your friends to your council

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PostSubject: The Circle   Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:01 am

She looked up at the beautiful, over sized grandfather clock directly in front of her. The gorgeous clock was set back in the golden marble walls of the hall. It was light oak with gold edging, and she was late. What was it that she was late for...a meeting, a party...? She couldn't remember, no matter how hard she pondered over it. Turning to her right, she gazed down the dimly lit hall. The hall reflected the awe of the clock, all marble with evenly spaced pillars on either side. The candlelit chandeliers were the only source of light and the scent of vanilla softly lingered in the air around her. She turned and began walking in the direction she had gazed.
She was just as glamorous as her surroundings. She wore a long black dress that was only slightly clinging to her perfect form. The dress was intriguing, a soft black material edged in hemantite. It was long, dragging the ground behind her, and the back of it had the shape of a lightening bolt that split down to the small of her back. Her eyes were iridescent brown, so light they seemed like crystal with only a faint brown tinting. Her hair, perfect, was dark brown with no tangles and fell in waves past her shoulders. Her fingers reached out and brushed the marble as she walked down the elegant hall. So cold, she thought. The hall itself was continuously curving slightly to the left. The heels of her black sandals clicked in even rhythm as she walked on, lost in her efforts to remember why she was late.
She had passed several doors in the wall without even noticing them. Finally seeing one of the doors, she paused. "What is in there?" She wondered aloud to herself. Maybe she should be in there or maybe because she was late she hadn't remembered to ask at what door she should have met someone. Glancing to her right then to her left, the hallway appeared exactly the same. The funny thing was the doors all looked the same, too. Reaching out, she pushed down the gold door handle directly in front of her. A party was taking place. Very elegant, but everyone in there looked so young. She was twenty-five years old, but everyone in this room looked between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. They were all in formal dress, like herself. She stared in the open door watching the events of the party until finally deciding she shouldn't be there. She closed the door quietly and walked to the next door that was down the hall. She was more careful with this door, having made the decision not to disturb whatever events were occurring in the room. Gently peering in the crack, she saw a bedroom. A very young girl with pretty hair lay on the bed, but her face was streaked with tears. A woman was kneeling next to the bed beside the girl and seemed to be whispering to her. The woman pushed back the girl's bangs and kissed her forehead. She watched, as the girl smiled and wiped at her tears with a tiny hand. Suddenly feeling bad for peering in at the strangers, she softly closed the door. Walking on to the next door she had a strange feeling. It was as if distant memories of her past were trying to reach her, only at the moment she couldn't remember anything at all. She only had that nagging feeling that she was late for something and something wasn't quite right. Peering into another door, she found herself staring at a woman and man. The woman looked much like herself and the man was breathtaking. They seemed so happy, just standing there and talking. They hadn't noticed she was there at all. The man bent down and kissed the woman. It was such a tender kiss to look upon, she almost cried. Closing this door, she fought to remember if she had ever know anything so perfect.
Suddenly she was scared. Scared beyond belief, because she didn't even know where she was. Panic building, she started running down the hall. As she ran, the hall didn't change. It just continued on curving around to the left. She stopped. The soft scent of vanilla seemed to choke her, it felt hard to breathe. She pulled off her sandals, threw them against the marble wall, and turned sprinting down the hall in the opposite direction. The hall was unchanging, only this time it curved to the right instead of the left. Dropping to the floor, she gasped for air. She ran back, yet she found no clock...

The preacher looked into the grief stricken faces before him. Taking a deep breath, he began:

"Sarah Mills will be greatly missed by us all. She was twenty-five last Saturday when she took herself from this world and from all of us who love her deeply. We will remember her beauty and glowing energy as we strive on, and miss her each passing day. Sarah would have been married to David in only a months time. David, we all share in your grief. No one here today knows what caused Sarah to want to leave us. She was one of the happiest people that attended this church every Sunday, always bouncing in through those very doors. Sarah will be so greatly missed here and in all the other places she was known. Mrs. Mills can we hear from you today?"

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The Circle
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