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PostSubject: Temptation   Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:38 pm

Makia sat among the cool grass and watched as the gentle wind made it dance playfully. He smiled as their waving amused him. He imagined them as being the people on the street, mortals, busying around, hustling and bustling, getting on with whatever they were doing, no time to stop and admire the view. He checked his watch briefly, he had until school let out and then he would make his way home and pretend he’d been.
He picked a blade of grass and inspected it with his critical eye. He knew today was different somehow. He couldn’t place a finger on it but he seemed to feel it in his bones. Not that it worried him too much as he was bored with his current lifestyle, he had been born in Phoenix, Arizona and had moved to Minnesota at the age of twelve, that had been the most eventful thing in his life. His hair bounced in the breeze, falling in his eyes as he brushed it away. He had olive skin and his features were handsome, with striking light blue eyes that held a faint slant indicating a possible Asian heritage but it was not prominent.
A movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked up and saw the butterfly drifted past fluttering in the wind. It flew away and his gaze followed until it flew in the direction of the sun and he shielded his eyes to glimpse it once more, but it had already disappeared. He looked around himself and saw a girl standing a little way off gazing also in the direction the butterfly had vanished at. She was about seventeen, his age, and had long auburn hair that blew around elegantly in the breeze. Her clothing style seemed out of place, with a corseted tunic that had long flowing sleeves and leggings, which seemed to look like they should have come from the mediaeval era. Yet the outfit flattered her shape nicely. She had a good figure and a pretty face, Makia was quick to take in that fact. There was something unusual and attractive about her, and he stared trying to work it out.
She turned and looked in his direction, seeing his stare she smiled a set of perfect white teeth. Makia saw her face properly then and noticed how pale her skin was, a faint blush along her cheeks, and her eyes were startling. A pale green colour that seemed to stand out as though it were inviting you in. he managed to rearrange his features to return the smile and blushed himself at being caught gawking.
I tore my gaze from the departed butterfly that had flown by me. The colours were pretty and drew my attention. As the butterfly flew out of sight I noticed a boy staring at me. I tried not to blush but it couldn’t be helped, although it wasn’t from embarrassment – I don’t get embarrassed often. I gave him a smile back and, although it was a moment before he returned it, he gave me a cheeky grin that lit up his whole face. There was beauty in that face, with dark hair worn in a messy fashion with strands whipping about in the breeze. He had a lovely olive complexion and there was hint of Asian ground in his skin, the type that was only visible to those who knew how to look. I was one of those people. However the one thing that tells me more about a person is their eyes. When I looked into his beguiling powder blue eyes I caught a glimpse of his soul. That was literal not metaphorical. He was wearing scruffy dark jeans and a black t-shirt with a white encircled ‘A’ emblazoned on it, the current symbol for anarchy yet none truly knew the meaning of the word. It was unusual to see a boy around here at this time of day. Most were usually at their schools. I’ve never been to one in all my time on this earth. My task is more important. The boy intrigued me, I’m not sure why. Looking into his soul I knew he wasn’t the one the darkness in me searched for. Yet I was drawn to him anyway. I glided over to where he was sprawled on the grass. He tried to straighten up as I came over.
‘Erm hi,’ he managed to say as he brushed his hands nervously down his jeans. He offered a hand to me; I studied it for a moment confused by this gesture. Usually it was the girl who offered her hand for the man to clasp and seal with a kiss. Greetings have changed since the time I was born. I chose to ignore the hand and just smiled instead.
‘So-sorry I was um staring,’ he mumbled sheepishly.
‘I know,’ I told him with a smile. He searched my face for something; a reason? I couldn’t tell.
‘I’m Makia,’ I nodded acknowledging his name. ‘And yours?’
‘Mara,’ I spoke before I realised, somewhere I felt that he should have already known this some how.
‘That’s erm pretty.’ I laughed warmly, his lack of eloquence was amusing but also nice it made me feel a sense of comfort.

Makia enjoyed the sound of her laughter; it was soft and melodious in a way that was very appealing.
‘What’s so funny?’ He asked.
‘Do you often stumble over your language whenever you’re in the presence of a lady?’ She asked lightly. Makia laughed with her. She seemed really lovely to him. He couldn’t help this feeling of belonging around her. It was then he felt another presence, he couldn’t explain it but it was as though an evil aura had washed over him. He put it down to his imagination.
A giggle caught his attention, only it wasn’t coming from Mara, it was someone else. Makia looked around and saw another girl. She was beautiful in every way imaginable, with tumbling black locks and a scantily clad body, that didn’t leave much to the mind's eye; Makia found himself thinking things he didn’t know he could about her.
A lust for her built up inside of him and he felt compelled to go and speak to her, among other things.
Beside him Mara hissed in annoyance, as she turned round and saw the girl, but Makia ignored her. He seemed to forget how he should have been feeling around her. Mara obviously knew the other girl because her once pale green eyes turned dark black and swirled with anger. She was mad.
Makia couldn’t see how she could be angry with such a perfect being, which had done nothing to warrant it. He reached the girl and she put her hand on his face and smiled. There was something not quite right with it, but he was too far gone to care. All he wanted was to feel her lips against his. He moved in for the kiss but she pushed him away.
‘Not yet,’ she whispered seductively. It was as though she was waiting for someone.
‘What’s your name?’ Makia enquired. He wanted to know as much about her as possible, to be with her, to love her, protect her. She laughed coldly at his question.
‘You don’t need to know that.’ She replied. ‘It will all be over soon … for you anyway.’ Makia didn’t take in the words she was saying, he just smiled foolishly.
The sight of her made the darkness in me surge and I felt the rage. I’d been sure I’d dealt with this one before on the other side of the globe many years previous. It had not gone well for me I’d lost control and was close to death but I’d survived and had been sure that I’d managed to destroy that demon girl. It was my task to survive and rid the world of this evil. This one was oblivious to me; she made her mistake for not seeing me truly. To her I was probably a victim, one she could kill easily. She was involving him too, that made me angrier. I’d felt the bond but it was not until now that I realised its true intentions. Something had formed in those few minutes of being near him, something which couldn’t be broken and that demon had felt it. It wouldn’t happen again, not to this bond, it had been masked by the succubus’ touch, the tempting tang of allure she wrapped around him.
I felt the darkness in me surge again, power fizzled behind my eyes and licked its way into my fingertips. It was hard to control myself; an underestimation now could result in history repeating itself. Fury built up within me and I stepped to her.
Lilith lipitoare murdărie!’ The Romanian words jumped off my tongue in a spark of static power.
‘You know of me,’ Lilith sounded a little surprised but she still did not turn her face to me. Her attention was on keeping Makia in her power, hiding the bond between her prey and me, dominating her command over him. This was how she worked. She was a leech sucking out the life through potential. She could do it to anyone but her game was to toy with her victims. It was more enjoyable if their soul mate watched as you drained the life from them, in her point of view.
She hadn’t realised yet that I wasn’t an ordinary victim and neither was I going to sit and let her do as she wished. It was my job to kill these demons that entered this world and had been for several centuries, for this I’d been given immeasurable power which I must control.
‘Of course I have Lilith,’ I spoke coyly in Romanian; the language of power that dominated these beasts. Lilith pushed the infatuated Makia away and he fell over. I growled instinctively at her as she finally looked at my face. It was pleasure that filled me when I saw her face blanch with shock for that millisecond. Then she dived back for Makia, he was her escape route.
‘I’ll kill him,’ she warned. I flashed her my teeth, sharp, in a poisonous smile one that said ‘you dare’. I looked over at Makia
‘Sorry you have to see this,’ I said sincerely. He just looked very confused. This was the bond trying to break through succubus’ hold. Lilith glared at me.
‘What are you going to do?’ She asked mockingly. ‘You can’t hurt me.’
‘Are you sure? You should be frightened. Do you know what I am? I am a demon’s nightmare; if I were you I would be scared. You think you’re not afraid of anything yet you fight like you’re cornered. I can see you’re making mistakes. And yes, you’ve won so far but that’s about to change. Never thought you’d see me though did you? Thought I would never survive didn’t you? Well I’m a survivor. Stronger than you, oh yes that’s right; I have a power superior to your own demonic strength. You tried to destroy me by catching me off guard but you failed. Well you just pissed me off and now it’s my turn…’ As soon as I uttered that last word I threw a ball of ice cold fire at Lilith, missing Makia by inches, and knocking her backwards away from him. She screamed in rage at my attack.
'Căţea, he’ll die for that!’ She screamed.
Makia looked shocked; the fire ball that looked like it was made of ice had come straight from Mara’s palms. It was strictly impossible, he thought. Inside though he knew that this was real, it was a feeling. Also, for the first time in five minutes, he actually sensed that the girl named Lilith may not be as wonderful as he first thought. Even though he could not fight his lust for Lilith he also became aware of feelings surfacing for Mara, ones that were no comparison to Lilith’s superficial ones.
Lilith dived for him once more, recovering from the frozen fire that had knocked her clear of him, but a huge dome of gold light bordered him. She touched it and screamed in pain. Makia smiled to himself, for reasons he did not know.
'Căţea căţea căţea!!!!!’ Lilith screamed again at Mara before launching herself at her. For a second Makia glimpsed the true form of this Siren. He recoiled and a chill rippled to his bones. With her demonic claws stretched ahead of her Lilith scratched at Mara catching her across her beautiful, pale skinned face. Makia yelled in horror. Blood dripping from the wound in her cheek Mara strained a smile, as if she were controlling herself, stopping from unleashing whatever power she had.
Lilith turned her attention back to him, and put her tempting face back on. He tried to resist but it was proving difficult. He turned his head to where Mara had sunk to her knees, concentration and pain cutting across her face. He rose slowly to his feet and broke through the gold light, to try and reach her, to comfort her.
‘No!’ She cried, clasping at her sides in agony. Makia turned to see Lilith advancing towards him.
‘No, I’m not going to sit here and let her die.’ He thought. Mara was in too much pain and he knew he had to help. He ran towards her as fast as possible. Lilith ran too. He knew he couldn’t outrun her, but he was going to try anyway. He was about five paces away, when he looked at Mara
Her face was pleading him not to continue. In his head he heard her pure voice faintly, she spoke in Romanian but he understood what she meant.
‘Go back, Makia, to the circle of light. You’ll be safe there, I can’t hold on much longer.’ Then her voice was gone. Makia skidded to a halt and followed her commands turning back to the circle, which had mysteriously placed itself next to him.
Lilith saw him stop and step into the light and stopped herself. Now safe inside the light, Makia looked at Mara. Her black eyes shot through with silver making it look like broken glass. Her mouth opened in a yelp as black tendrils of smoke curled away from her and clawed at Lilith. Lilith shrieked and tried to swat them away but to no avail. They closed around her tightening their grip, until she could no longer move. Her shrieks continued rising to a crescendo and Makia saw the fear in her face.
Mara threw her arms back and something swirly, made of a midnight blue, black smoke appeared torn from her chest.
‘Dudevilte dracului,’ Mara hissed. It grew bigger and bigger, Makia strained to look inside, it was portal of some kind. Lilith struggled away from it as the tendrils started to pull her in, but it was no use soon she was at the edge.
‘No!’ She screamed. ‘You will pay for this!’ Then she was gone, and the smoke started to dissipate breaking the portal up. Mara collapsed to the floor and Makia ran to her, now the gold light around him had vanished.
I opened my eyes slowly to find myself in the arms of Makia. The pain and exhaustion caught up with me but this happened every time I did my task.
‘Is it over now?’ He asked. I felt the closeness of our bodies and his tightened grip on me as pulled me closer. I couldn’t stay like this; it was time to move on.
‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘But now I must go.’ I looked into his eyes and saw the hurt reflecting in them, deep within his soul. I could see the sliver veins of love flowing between our eyes. I felt bad but I knew there was nothing I could do, my time here was over I was need elsewhere and I had to follow the path my task cut for me.
‘Why?’ He asked. ‘I love you, I think, please don’t go.’
‘I will not put you in danger again,’ I promised him. ‘I’ll see you soon.’ I stood up shakily and walked slowly away from him. He tried to follow but I vanished into the air, leaving him alone.
‘I love you too.’ My words floated in the breeze, gone in an instant.

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