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Meeting new friends at Lunch
Meeting new friends at Lunch

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PostSubject: Moonlight   Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:17 pm

This is a story I wrote in 8th grade.....

In a place where there is a black sun, and crime is committed in the dark, one hero rises up to the challenge, and his name is Moonlight! Moonlight’s purpose is to protect the innocent people, but because of his fight with Dr. Ray, (that’s another story), he can only use his power once a day. In 2122, when Moonlight was just a baby, his parents were scientists. They were trying to make the perfect radioactive potion to heal people. They put in an element in the mixture, and it became corrupted. Moonlight’s parents died, not because of the potion, but because Dr. Ray tried to take Moonlight away from them. So, Moonlight’s father bumped into the potion, and as it fell from the cabinet, it spilled on Moonlight. Moonlight has been saving people night after night; therefore he was tired. He was wondering why Rose, (his best friend), hadn’t called him yet, and ask him about his day. He didn’t worry too much, so he went to sleep.

The next day, Rose went missing. So when Moonlight heard about it he was shocked! He said to himself, “I will stop at nothing to save Rose!” So he went out to find her, but as soon as he left, the town was under attack by Dr. Ray, (who was the person that kidnapped Rose). All the people called for Moonlight, but there was no answer. So all the people of the town were mad and disappointed. While the town was under attack, Moonlight searched everywhere, but couldn’t find her. So he went back to the town, and he saw Dr. Ray attacking the people. So he sprung into action, but when he did, he was hit and captured by Dr. Ray.

The next day, Moonlight woke up in amazement that he was in Dr. Ray’s lair. He was chained to wall next to Rose. He wasn’t shocked that Dr. Ray had captured Rose, (just to try and tricked Moonlight into saving her, while destroying him). While Dr. Ray was pointing his heat ray at Moonlight, Dr. Ray then hit the button and it hit Moonlight shackles, releasing him. So as soon as Moonlight started to jump from wall to wall, and in an attempt to shoot Moonlight, Dr. Ray shot himself. Then Moonlight captured Dr. Ray, and put him in jail. Dr. Ray said to Moonlight, “You haven’t seen the last of me!” Then Moonlight released Rose from her shackles, and she fell into his arms.
Moonlight had saved the day once again, or at least that is what they thought. As soon as Dr. Ray was put in the van to go to jail, he escaped. He went back into his lair unnoticed, and called some of his friends from his Evil Academy. They thought of a plan to get rid of Moonlight, and when they did, Dr. Ray said to them, “I will make a clone of Moonlight and call him Hyperstrike; he will fight just like him only hyper, and have the same power like him too, and also he will look just like him then no one can tell them apart!” Dr. Ray started laughing, “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

The next day, Moonlight and Rose spent their day together, but when they did they were attacked again by Dr. Ray! Moonlight said to Dr. Ray, “How did you get out of jail!” Dr. Ray said back, “You know villains never stay in jail too long!” Moonlight said, “True!” Then Moonlight sprung into action fighting Dr. Ray’s robot. Moonlight said to Dr. Ray, “You’ll never win!” Dr. Ray said, “This just the beginning!” Moonlight was stunned that Dr. Ray said that, and didn’t notice Dr. Ray’s attack. BOOOOMMMM! Moonlight fell from the sky landing on his back. He was really in massive pain. Then Dr. Ray picked him up and took him back to his lair. Rose knew she had to do something, but what could she do! She started to break down cry, and then in just an instant a thought popped into her head. She said to herself, “There has to be one chemical in Moonlight’s lab to help him out!” So then she ran as fast as she could to Moonlight’s house. In Moonlight’s lab, he had lots and lots of chemicals. “There is no way anybody could look through all these shelves!” Rose said. Rose started looking and she didn’t finish.

The next day, Moonlight had been woken up by Dr. Ray. He started talking to him about how he saves the day over and over. Dr. Ray said, “This isn’t the day you would be saving anyone; you know why, because you are about to be destroyed permanently!” Moonlight struggled to get his chains off, but it didn’t work! Moonlight was doomed! While Moonlight was in trouble, Rose kept on looking for the chemical that could help him. Rose found the chemical, but as soon as she started running, she trip over something and she fell. The chemical went in the air and it spilled on Rose. Rose’s body started to gain a lot of power, and was powerful enough to stop Dr. Ray and save Moonlight. While Rose had the strength to stopped Dr. Ray, Moonlight was fighting Hyperstrike and getting his butt whooped. Hyperstrike kept hitting Moonlight hit after hit after hit, and Moonlight took every blow one after another. Rose broke through the wall and surprising Hyperstrike and Dr. Ray. Dr. Ray commanded Hyperstrike to attack, but when he did Rose spun him around and threw him into a wall. Moonlight struggled to get up but couldn’t move. Rose fought Dr. Ray and won, and he went to jail saying, “You’ll haven’t seen the last of me!” Rose said, “Right now it is!” Rose helped Moonlight get back on his feet and took him home.


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