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 Keepers of the Peace

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Your friends forgive you
Your friends forgive you

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Name: Emilina Blake
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PostSubject: Keepers of the Peace   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:04 pm

Sereen Had just arrived at her Grandmothers house. It was the day after her 20th birthday,so she went to see her Grandmother."Grandmother Tonia" she called in the small but cozy cabin. She walked inside.

"I'm in here her" Grandmother called back .Sereen walked through the cabin that smelled of roses and warm bread.she found her grandmother in the study.

Grandfathers" She said handing him a Sword the a weird symbol engraved in the handle.

"Now you must leave your running out of time!"

She rushed them out of the house and they set out on there horses to the docks.

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Your friends forgive you
Your friends forgive you

Female Aries Rooster
Age : 24
Posts : 4460
Location : Across the Universe
Join date : 2009-11-23

Character sheet
Name: Emilina Blake
Age: 17
Affinities : Earth,Water, ShaddowCasting

PostSubject: Re: Keepers of the Peace   Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:20 am

The twins reached the Docks. The crossroad between Man,and those who aren't. Where wealthy humans would purchace items from other species, just to keep up with the latest trends. The smell of salt water and fish filled the air. The docks were busy. On one half of the docks there were ferry ships. The other, cargo.

Sereen climbed down off of her horse and grabbed the harness and pulled it aside her as she walked along the moist wood of the board walk. Seldon soon did the same following her. She stared around. This has only been the second time shes been to the docks. The fist time was when she was very small. They live in the Mountain lands of Cano. Cano is extremely elevated lands and the wind is very strong.Thats how the people of Cano power there homes.Its all land mostly. The only water shes been close to in years was the water fall on the side of the Apia Mountains. Her eyes moved back and fourth searching for suitable transportation. She caught site of a ferry.It was a Large white boat, with a curled bow and red stripes on each of its 5 sails.

"There!" Sereen said "We"ll board that ferry there." She started to walk forward but Seldon moved quickly in front of her.

"Sereen you must think." He said pointing to his head

"Have we even got the right provisions for that ferry. I don't think we can afford it" He said. He turned and looked at the Ferry.

"I correct myself. I know we cant afford it."

Sereen didn't believe her brother.She pulled her horse around him and went on towards the ferry.

"Sereen what are you doing!" Her brother said trying to follow after her through the crowd of people.

"Finding out if your right or wrong."she yelled back to him.

They were both finally out of the crowd. They were standing in front of the walk to the ferry. There was a Tall man standing there wearing a blue jumpsuit that barley covered his ankles, with a four cornered cap that covered half his bald head. He had a badge that looked like a smaller model of the ferry.Sereen knew from that he was a worker from the Ship.

"Excuse me"she said taking off her hood. "if i wanted to ride this ferry, how much do you think it will cost me?"

The man looked down to her. he smiled and showed his crooked yellow teeth. But no matter how disgusting, Sereen kept a faint smile.While Seldon smirked behind her back.

" bout 700 curencies darling " the man said

Sereen's smile faded completely. It hit her. Seldon was right they'd be lucky if it was 300 curencies. All she had was 75. She let it hit her again. Seldon was right. She turned around to her amused brother.

"Alright Seldon it seems you were right,you can stop your laughing now." Seldon stopped laughing and followed his sister back into the crowd.

" I told you I was right I'm always right."

"Fine mister always right what do we do now!" Sereen said irritated.

"well...." Seldon said serious "We may have to take drastic measures.....and sell the horses and some of our belongings keep whats important but sell everything else."

"If it gets us better transportation alright." Sereen said agreeing.

They sold there horses and a few of there possessions to a merchant on the board walk.It got them 275 curencies.

"what ferry would take this for the both of us. I'm starting to think that that merchant ripped us off! " Sereen said angrily.

"Calm down, Calm down." Seldon said counting the money for a third time.

He looked around then his eyes widened.

"Sereen wait here a moment I'll be right back." And with that Seldon ran off into the crowd.

"Wait Seldon what are you ahh... never mind."

Sereen sat on a crate in front of a merchants shop.She watched as busy people moved around handling business. She then started to look at the amulet. It was strange because the more she looked at it, the deeper into thought she fell about her journey ahead.One by one the sounds around her faded out.She could only hear the amulet but it wasn't speaking at all. She was linked to it some how.Then she heard what it was trying to say to her.

"Change " she said troubled.

"Change what" Seldon said

And all at once reality's sound came back to her ears. The Amulet was just an amulet again. And she could no longer hear it.

"Sereen" Seldon said "Are you feeling alright?"

Sereen looked at her brother then the amulet. She felt uneasy. But she couldn't tell her brother that.

"I'm fine" She said standing up

"Where did you go!" She yelled at him.

"Yeah" he said "I got a ride."

He pointed to an Old cargo ship sitting at the docking bay with the letters R and N in fading paint on the side. The ship looked poorly taken care of. Sereen looked at Seldon

"Are you felling alright" she said

"I know it looks bad but Ive talked to the captain and he says this is as safe as they come."

Sereen hesitated before walking very slowly.

"Come on" Seldon said pushing her forward.

Sereen and Seldon sat aboard the cargo ship. Men who are or used to be up to no good work on the ship, it seemed no other captain would hire them. The upper deck was just about the only place on the ship that didn't smell.The Twins sat on the crates nearest to the ocean and watched the shore get smaller and smaller as they sailed further and further away.

"So that amulet is the Star of Freedom, well part of it anyway." Seldon asked.

"Yes" Sereen said looking at it. She had told her twin brother The full Story about their grandmother said to her. He looked around at the workers below, who From time to time would be caught staring at them,or much rather Sereen.

"Why do you think Grandmother Tonia Gave you that sword?" she asked

Seldon picked up the sword and stared at the black handle with the silver symbol etched into it.

"I have no idea but i think Ill put it to good use."

It was getting dark.

"Well we wont be at Shorm until tomorrow." Seldon said."Get some sleep." He said

"I'll stay awake I don't really feel comfortable on this ship."Seldon said looking at the workers again.

"Neither do I." She said laying on Seldon shoulder.

"I trust you completely" she said and closed her eyes.

Sereen Had a weird dream she was floating in the air and she could see nothing but white. Then everything went black in an instant and all of these feelings of doubt and confusion caused her to fall and she kept falling but know one was there to help her.

The next morning someone was nudging her awake.

"Sereen" her brother whispered "wake up we've arrived."

Sereen opened her eyes and saw The blue sky she could smell the ocean and the forest by the shore.She stood up to see miniature people with pointy ears.She knew she was in Shorm.Halfings were all over the place.Seldon and Sereen stepped off ship they walk across the docks to a great wooden gate .

"your business here" a voice said. Seldon and Sereen bent down to the small window in the booth. a Halfling man with huge Eye brows said again your business here.

"We are visiting a friend."Sereen said.

The weird man looked at her then at her brother."Alright" the little man said.

A ray of light came from his hand he stretched it and pressed the center.It began to blink green and the gate began to open. The twins thanked the man and walked inside.

"Remember this day sis. ."Seldon said.

Sereen looked at him.

"we've just witnessed Halfling Magic."

"Hmmp" Sereen said "consider this day remembered."

They were about the only beings there over 4 ft . The gate was not the only thing operated by magic.There were carts that did not need horses to pull them.There were lights but no fire was visable. Halflings are very well known for there Magic.Its also how they make a living, selling there magical inventions to others.

"How are we supposed to find the other keeper Sereen." Seldon said to Her.

"Do you see a book store anywhere."she said.

"No Sereen. I know you like your history and the Halfling history should be interesting but-"

"Silly brother" Sereen said."I want to look up where the Halfling Keeper was in these lands and by doing that I can probably trace the new keeper to where ever she is."

"Okay "Seldon said "Smart plan,I think thats a books Store there." He said pointing to a small shop with Books in the front window.They went inside they saw many books on lots of shelves. Sereen went straight to work. She found out one of the keepers used to live on the far side of Shorm.

"But do you think shes there?" Seldon asked.

"Maybe I don't know." Sereen said "But we have to find out."

They rode one of the carriages that doesn't need a horse to pull it .They came to a small village outside of the city. It was really peaceful.Small children were chasing birds and elderly women sat and watched.Then Sereen got a feeling. The amulet was talking to her again telling her to walk. She went walking down the road.There was a girl with long black hair,sitting on a log fence,humming just starring at what looked like a silver leaf shaped amulet.

"Excuse me" Sereen said. She had a feeling so she spoke.

"I am a human and I am meeting a Halfling half way."

The girl looked at Sereen.Then saw her amulet. She smiled then said

"'Then I am the Halfling you've come to meet."

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Your friends forgive you
Your friends forgive you

Female Aries Rooster
Age : 24
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Character sheet
Name: Emilina Blake
Age: 17
Affinities : Earth,Water, ShaddowCasting

PostSubject: Re: Keepers of the Peace   Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:54 pm

Sereen couldn't believe it. Her grandmother was a Keeper. She had no idea it was true. She accepted it might be true, but she Half expected not to find another keeper. Somewhere deep inside she didn't believe it.Well she was proved wrong.The girl hopped of the fence, dusted her clothes with her hands, and fixed her long black hair.

"Helloooo?" the girl said, While Sereen stood there in awe. A nudge on the arm from her brother snapped her back from her thoughts.

"Hello" the girl said holding out her hand to Sereen."My name is Gratina."

Sereen hesitated for a moment before shaking Gratina's hand.

"My my name is Sereen." She said slightly out of it."And your a keeper?"Sereen continued

"Yes" Gratina said troubled."Are you surprised? You seemed so confident who I was a few moments ago?"

"No um... I mean yes." She said in a panic." Its just....This is my Brother Seldon." Gratina just smiled reassuringly,then turned her attention to Seldon.

"Hello Seldon,Its nice to meet you."she said as she held out her hand.

"Nice to meet you." He said shaking it. "Oh and please excuse my Sister she tends to panic when shes not sure of herself. " He continued.

"I am sure of myself Seldon. I'm just a bit uneasy" she said nudging his arm.

"That's the same thing." He said laughing softly.

Sereen looked at her brother with evil eyes clearly telling him not to embarrass her even more or else. He got the message and quickly stopped Laughing.

"Are we finished? Or do I have to give you a time out." Gratina said mockingly. Sereen and Seldon looked at each other noticing that they had both made fools of themselves.

"Yes." They said plainly together.

"Good.Then come come with me."Gratina said with a small laugh then she started walking, and they followed. She may have been a short person but she had plenty of attitude to make up for it.
Gratina Led them Beyond the little log fence to a stone cottage.It was like a miniature Castle.It had beautiful embroidered doors and windows.With only three stone steps to mark the main door which was wide open. The only way to tell royalty did not live here was the chicken coup in the front of the yard. Sereen and Seldon ducked there heads as they entered the cottage.
They were in a small room lit by the sunlight coming from one of the windows on each of the four walls. There were two small comforter chairs and one single small table in between them,surrounding an empty fireplace.

Gratina led them through the cozy room to a small opening where they had to duck there heads again,to enter what looked like a kitchen.There was a short old woman with black and gray hair wearing an apron standing in front of some sort of square shaped invention that could produce flames,stirring a broth in a pot.

"Grandmother." Gratina said to her."She's Hear."

The old woman turned around and looked at her granddaughter, then Sereen, then Seldon, then Sereen again through the half spectacles she wore just above her rosy cheeks.

"My goodness" The old woman spoke almost as cheery as she looked. Surprised, she moved closer to Sereen.

"You look just like your grandmother dear." The woman's expression was eccentric.She couldn't believe how much this girl looked like her old friend.

"You too my boy!"The woman said noticing Seldon.

"I see your Twins.Tonia didn't say your were born with a twin."she said to Sereen.

Sereen was baffled.Her grandmother didn't tell her she was born with a twin? This old lady was informed of her birth? What was this old lady saying? Just when Sereen was going to ask these questions aloud, Seldon beat her to it.It must be Twin Telepathy she thought.

"My grandmother informed you of Sereen's birth?"He said curiously.

"Yes. All of the former Keepers were. How ever she failed to mention you handsome." She gave him a smile and a wink. Seldon was taken back by it.It almost frightened him,but amused Sereen.

"Grandmother Ayley! Stop! your scaring him!" Gratina said admonishing her grandmothers actions.

"Oh Gratina I'm just messing him about.Why don't you put on some tea. I feel Tonia has not told her grand children everything."

They sat in the small cozy room in the front of the house. The old woman sat in one of the two comforters.And Sereen sat in the other,While Seldon stood.

"First your names. Mine is Ayley,you know my granddaughter Gratina."The old woman said.

"I am Sereen and this is Seldon." Sereen said Introducing themselves.

The old woman stared at Sereen. "You truly are the spiting Image of your grandmother." She said taking Sereen's hand.

" You have that same red hair and soft green eyes.I believe she used them to capture the heart of your grandfather." She gave a slight chuckle and patted Sereen's hand."Oh yes and lets not forget her curious mind."

"It seems Sereen's inherited that also." Seldon said.

Sereen was honored to hear how much she and her grandmother were alike. But did her grandmother have the same doubts about being a keeper?

"That sword you have young man did your grandfather give it to you?"Ayley asked.

"No my grand mother, why?"He said sitting on the arm of Sereen's chair.

"That is your grandfathers sword.That is a Furosiyan sword.It was made for him.The symbol on it means care.The wise old blacksmith told him....."Use this to protect the ones you care about"And he did."

Seldon looked at the sword then at his sister who was looking at him.Then he looked at the old woman. "Miss Ayley?" Seldon started."Why is it our grandmother sent notice to the other keeper of My sisters Birth?"

She let Sereen's hand go and looked at Seldon. "It was apart of the plan. How else would we know when this journey would start?"she said with that same cheery smile.

"I don't get it Sereen said."

Gratina came in with four cups of tea on top of a silver trey.She put the trey on the small table, and then sat on the arm of her grandmothers chair.

"Whats not to get?" Gratina said "They timed when the journey would begin on the youngest granddaughter of the keeper.You!"

Sereen touched her chest."Me,I'm the youngest?"

"Well it took you long enough."Gratina said

"That would explain why my grandmother never mentioned me." Seldon said.

"Yes that would explain it ."Sereen said."But I cant believe I"m the youngest!"Sereen said Standing up.

"Well I'm only the third youngest so i have nothing to complain about."Gratina said chuckling to her self.

"Alright settle down young ones you mustn't forget your on time schedule." Ayley Said

The three of them looked at each other then smiled.

"Yeah we really should be going." Gratina said gesturing to the door.

"Gratina!"Her grandmother said walking over to her.Her voice was different it was more soft and subtle almost sad.

"Yes grandmother?"Gratina took her grandmothers hands.

They starred at each other for a good long while.They both knew what she was getting herself into.

Ayley tried to prepare herself for this moment for forty long years and she still cant bare the fact of her granddaughter following in her dangerous footsteps. Gratina gave her grandmother a hug and held her tightly. Ayley took in a breath of her granddaughter to remember her smell if she doesn't come back.

"Are you packed?"Ayley asked

"mmhhmm" Gratina said.

"Be careful"Ayley said.

"I will" Gratina said letting go of her grandmother.

"Come on" Gratina said to Seldon and Sereen and they left the Miniature Mansion.

"Hold on I forgot something." Gratina said.

She went to the small shed on the side of the House and got a bow. And arrows that had small orbs on the ends of them. "Now I'm ready. She said.

They just left the log fence when they heard a male voice.


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Your friends forgive you
Your friends forgive you

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Character sheet
Name: Emilina Blake
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PostSubject: Re: Keepers of the Peace   Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:28 pm

Thanx heres more!

Sereen turned around to see a male halfling.
"I'm coming with you Gratina!" He said firmly to Gratina. Gratina looked to the side annoyed, "No your not,Soron your Not even a good warrior,Your a lover not a fighter." Gratina said."Thats not Fair I Have more accuracy with arrows than you do!" He said holding up the Bow he had been carrying.Gratina put her hands on his shoulders. "Yes Soron but thats when we arent in Danger,In a real life situation you wouldnt last."

"No Gratina why shouldnt you have someone accompany you." Sereen said. " I mean you'd feel left out if your the only Halfing on this journey."
"He's too young!" Gratina protested.
"I'm 19!" Soron interjected. "I am a man! i Can help you Gratina.

Seldon leaned in to sereen. "I think someone has a crush on Gratina." He whispered.
Sereen smiled. "Come on Gratina." She begged.
"Gratina please listen to your friends." Soron pleaded.
Gratina tapped her foot with her hands oin her waist. She took a deep breath and roled her eys "Fine you can come,But if you die i wont cry over you!" She said turing away from him.
"Gratina!" Sereen said shocked. "Thats so cold."
"Fine!" Soron said just happy he was able to come. "Welcome to the fellowship,Soron I'm Seldon and this is my Sister Sereen" Seldon said introducing himself. "Pleased to meet you both Soron said.
"Okay lets get moving." Gratina said. "We shall travel by foot from here on. it will take us a total of 3 days to get to Furosiyan outskirts Alive anyway." Gratina said. And they all nodded in agreement and set off.

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PostSubject: Re: Keepers of the Peace   

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Keepers of the Peace
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