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 Hushed whispers of the tide

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Freaking out
Freaking out

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PostSubject: Hushed whispers of the tide   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:07 am

She drinks the liquid guilt everyday, trying to shut up the voice in her head, telling her it’s her fault. She solves all her problems by creating empty bottles. She blames all her problems on the empty bottles.


Her eyes filled to the brim with salty tears spilling over the edges. Like the waves they roll down, washing the sand off her face. She opens her cupped hands and reveals a seashell. It is a cone shape and wraps around itself each layer trapping the whispers of the hushed tide, and the roars of the crashing waves. She places the open end next to her ear, and finds herself sitting on the beach again. The sand is soft, and the mountains surrounding the east and west are slowly balding losing their beautiful tree’s to the bulldozers and cranes eager to view the outstretched ocean. The roads to the south of her accommodate for the few late cars, travelling back home after a night out. Before her the ocean shimmers till the edge of the earth.

“Samara!” chills ran down her spine, but she sat still, raising her head letting her eyes wander in the direction of his voice.

“Hey,” she smiled. He sat beside her pulling her into his embrace, her head rising and falling with his chest. They sat for a while, sitting in silence, and her mind float with the clouds moving in the eastern winds. Her hair blew with the rustling leaves and occasional strands whipped him in the face. They rose with the tide, and walked towards the retreating waves edge. Allowing their feet to be blanketed by the cold pacific. They stumbled against the waves as they walked further out, and laughed when the water splashed above their waist. The moon rose to its highest point and they sat on the sand dunes and watched it share its beauty with the stars. They left their minds open, and allowed all their thoughts to spill from their upturned lips. The moon fell behind the mountains sad for the progress that the morning would bring.

“He was so *edit your post and this will go away* smashed.” She listened to his story which faded behind her view of the starch filled sky reacted with chemicals to turn it blue-black. She tried to focus on his story but there was comfort in the open unknown.

“Quin took his car keys and he got puckered in the face. You should have been there.” A noise left her lips but no words were formed. “mm” her voice trailed off with the breeze. “You know I don’t drink.”

“I don’t know why not. Everyone is doing it”

“Not everyone.” Her and her friends had a pact. It was old, and forgotten, made when they were in grade three. Most of them had broken it, she was one of the few still loyal to her promise.

“Well.. The majorty of our grade”

“If this majority of our grade jumped off a cliff would you do that too?” she snapped.

A bubble of laughter escaped his chest and he rolled over so his face hung blocking her view of the disappearing stars. “If you jumped, I would be the first to follow.” She felt a smile trying to creep on her face but she masked it with frustration fuelled by his breath hinted with alcohol. He had promised he wouldn’t drink when he went to see her. He wasnt drunk, but he knew how much she hated knowing he got that way. They had made a compromise that he wouldnt drink on the days he went to see her.

“Did you drink today?”

“I had a beer or two before I came. The suns coming up, I’ll drop you off at home.” She knew he remembered. She followed his eyes to the horizon ripening with pinks and oranges. She placed her footsteps beside his and they left a path that would be gone by mid day.

The ride to her house was short, and the music pushing through their silence explicit. She stared at the road lit up by the headlights and felt his gaze flicker over to her. She wanted to smile at him, apologise, and have him reassure that everything between them was okay.

He pulled up outside her driveway his expression changing. She questioned him with her eyebrows.

“I think we should take a break.” He said it softly. A naked whisper, yet the words screamed in her head. She felt her face droop, and closed her eyes to recuperate. “Okay.” Her eyes open glassy, her face blank and plastic. He smiled and she turned his back on him. She walked through the back door into her room and her knees gaveway. Her face cracked further with ever tear spilled. Pain seared through her shooting into her hands. Her tears blurred her vision and she glanced down seeing red falling from her clenched palms. She wiped her tears away and unfurled her hands to reveal the red rimmed shards of the seashell, painted in her scarlet DNA.

She walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She bent down and pulled a beer from its carton. The forgetful liquid burned her throat, distracting her from the throbbing mess in her chest. She drunk until everything went black. Until she forgot his name. Until she forgot her promise.

what do you all think?

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Hushed whispers of the tide
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