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 Time Stops For Us

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Attending your first ritual
Attending your first ritual

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PostSubject: Time Stops For Us   Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:18 pm

Name: Percy Jackson
Age: 17
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Info: Percy is the new boy. He doesn't know anyone, but there's a girl that catches his attention. No one talks to her. No one pays attention to her. So, he decides to talk to her. Is that a bad thing?

Name: Amara Williams
Age: 16
Hair: Hazelnut Brown
Eyes: Emerald Green
Info: Amara is considered the wierdest girl you know. No one really pays attention to her. The reason is because animals come to her. Not to kill her but to be with her. She tames the untamed. No one knows why. She does, but she can't tell anyone. Suddenly, this new boy comes along and everything changes...


Amara was forced to live in the forest in the town of Salem. Ever since her mother died, she was forced to live in the forest. The town didn’t help her. No one accepted her for a job even though she was a straight A student. It was because she had this weird power. She could tame the untamed. No one got close to her. They were afraid that she could "do voodoo and hypnotize them like she does to animals". She wished she could have a normal life. But, she can't. Not now, Not ever.

"Amara, it's time for school!"

Amara sat up and looked around. A spider crawled up on her arm. She didn't flinch.

"Good, you're up." she smiled at the spider.

The animals talk. Well, not talk for everyone to hear. But, they see to talk to her. She knows what they try to say.

"Morning, Mystic" she told the spider.

The spider jumped down onto the floor as she stood. She named the animals. Tigrus, the tiger, laid down on the floor. Amara sat on him and looked in a mirror she brought in from her old home. Then, she began to brush her hair.

"Did you sleep well?" Tigrus licked her leg.

"No, I had a nightmare again ... the same one" she put the brush down and took off her clothing.

Rawr, the baby monkey, came down and give her the clothes he wanted her to wear to school that day.

"nuuuuuuuuuuu ... nightmare bad, right Amawy?" Rawr tugged he long hair a bit.

Amara turned around, patted his head 3 times, and put on the clothing.

"It's alright." Amara sighed.

Mystic crawled onto Tigrus as he jumped onto a tree. Then she spouted some wed and slowly came down until she reached Amara's face.

"Nightmare?" Mystic moved her legs a bit.

Amara lifted her backpack. "That all will turn against me," and walked off.

Amara went to school. It was called Dwight Rosen High. She was a junior. She always wished there would be someone to actually talk to her and be with her. The whole day was quiet. Well, for her that is. There was a new student. His name was Percy Jackson. He was instantly popular. It made her wonder, 'What is it like to be normal?'

School's over now. Did it even make since to go to school? I didn't want to go back to Tigrus and the others. Not yet. She walked to the park near the school and sat on the swings. A boy walked over. His hair was Jet Black and his eyes were a Sapphire Blue. Who is he? The boy stood next to her. She looked down.

"Hi." he told her.

Amara began to swing her feet. She thought he would go away. She didn't reply.

"I'm Percy Jackson" the boy said.

Ah, the new boy. Thy probably dared him. She still didn't say anything.

"Are you alright?" he questioned in a worried tone.

She stopped swinging her legs and looked up at him, "Amara Williams" He smiled.

"Who dared you?" Amara asked.

The smile on his face disappeared, "what are you talking about?"

"They told you about me, didn't they?" she groaned.

No expression was on his face, "Who told what?"

Amara looked away, "You're just like everyone else."

Percy clenched his hands, "You know, I saw you and you were so lonely. No one told me anything about you, ok? I just thought you needed a friend."

It began to rain, or is it just that she didn't notice it was for the past few minutes. Percy began to walk off. Amara knew she hurted him.

"P-Percy! WAIT!" she called.

A tiger jumped out from the woods and pounced in front of him. Percy didn't move, but the tiger circled around him him. Amara recognized the tiger. Tigrus. Amara rushed over.

"Don't come any closer! Escape!" Percy yelled.

He's trying to protect her when she denied him.

"No, Percy!" she cried.

"Stay Back!" Percy ordered.

Tigrus was getting ready to pounce. She couldn’t let that happen.

"Tigrus!" Amara yelled.

The tiger stopped. Percy hesitated. Tigrus walked over to her. Amara petted his head.

"Good boy" she told him.

"I was worried. You didn't come home." Tigrus purred.

Percy looked at her. She looked back.

"I'm sorry. It's that so many people treated me like a monster. I thought you were the same." Amara apologized.

She fell to her knees. Tigrus whimpered, rubbing his head on hers.

"He's worried about you," Percy walked over to Amara.

Tigrus growled at Percy.

"Don’t' worry, Tigrus. It's alright. I'll be home later. Tell the others." Amara rubbed her eyes.

Tigrus ran off.

"Well, he doesn't like me that much," Percy laughed.

He stood next to her. Then, he let his hand out to her. She looked up and took his hand. He helped her up to her feel. She noticed something strange.

"Percy ..." she started.

He looked at her, "What is it?"

She pointed at him, "the rain is not falling on you."

He looked up. The rain was falling on the world, just not on him.

"o-oh" Percy said and suddenly the rain poured on him.

"A-Amara! I can explain!" Percy started.

"You're just like me." Amara looked down.

"What?" he asked.

"Someone ... you ... are like me, I'm not alone anymore." She smiled.

He smiled as well. He had power. She wasn't alone anymore.

"Name your father." Amara said.

"Poseidon," Percy answered.

"Apollo," Amara answered after.

Percy laughed, so did Amara. They walked back to the park. She sat on the swing. She didn't mind that it rained. Percy began to push her. It may sound sissyish or girly, but Amara was scared of hights. She grabbed on tight for her life. When Percy saw that she was afraid, he stopped.

"Sorry," he apologized.

She smiled, "It's ok."

They looked at each other as Percy walked in front of her. He moved some of Amara's hair away from her face. Then, they inched closer. Their lips touched. Her lips were warm and tasted of the summer’s salty air. His lips were cold and tasted of fresh water. Slowly, they separated.

Amara bit her lower lip. Percy smiled. Then they looked around. It was raining on the world, not on them. It's like if time stopped, stopped just for them. They held each other’s hand. Things are finally right ... for once....

Very Happy THE END Very Happy

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Time Stops For Us
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