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 Kalonas Call - **Untames and Hunted SPOILERS**

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Kalonas Queen Tsi
Seeing the Tracker
Seeing the Tracker

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PostSubject: Kalonas Call - **Untames and Hunted SPOILERS**   Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:19 am

What is Zoey didn't cringe in fear and turn away from Kalonas children at the end of Untamed? What if she stayed, too captivated by him to leave? What if she didn't turn away from A-ya? Hopefully, I have all these answers, and more! ITALICS BELONG TO THE CAST DUO

Chapter 1

“Stevie Rae, oh goddess, no! Stevie Rae!”

Slowly, she raised her head and looked at me. Blood was pouring from her chest- more blood than I thought any one person could hold. It was soaking the ground around her, which was lumpy from the roots of the great oak. The blood mesmerized me. Not because of its sweet, intoxicating smell, but because I realized what it looked like. It looked like the earth at the base of the oak was bleeding.

I stared over my shoulder at Neferet, who stood smiling triumphantly outside of my circle. Stark had fallen to his knees beside her, and he was staring at me with eyes that were no longer red, but were now filled with horror. “Neferet, you are the monstrosity, not Stevie Rae!” I shouted.

My name is no longer Neferet. From this moment on call me Queen Tsi Sgili. The words were spoken in my mind just as plainly as if Neferet had been standing beside me whispering them in my ear.

“No!” I cried, and then the night exploded.

- - -
The oak, with a horrible ripping sound, tore apart. At first, all I saw were huge black wings that were completely enfolding something. Then he stepped from the destroyed oak, straightening his mighty body and unfurling his night-colored wings.

“Oh goddess!” The cry was ripped from me at my first sight of Kalona. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. His skin was smooth and completely unmarred, and was glided with what looked like the kiss of the suns loving rays. His hair was as black as his wings, and fell loose around his shoulders, making him look like an ancient warrior. His face- how can I ever fully describe his beautiful face? It was like a sculpture come to life, and it made even the most handsome mortal, be they human or vampyre, look like a sickly, unsuccessful attempt to imitate his glory. His eyes were the color of amber, so perfect, they were almost golden. I found myself wanting to get lost in them. Those eyes called to me.... He called to me...

I had stumbled to a stop
, and couldn't move. His eyes had kept me glued to the spot. Even as he looked away and shouted to the heavens, his arms rising above his head, “Children, come to me!”

It was like a dark tornado pushed through the ground, a blur of feathers and limbs circling Kalona. I feared the misshapen bodies that shrieked happily and caressed their father with their wings, but I couldn't bring myself to get up and run away, to move or even blink.

“We have to get out of here!” Aphrodite hissed, tugging on my friends until I was forcibly pulled back some. The movement felt wrong, like I would lose my lunch if I took another centimeter away from the beautiful man before me.

“I-I can't.” I whispered, some small part fighting within myself to not close the circle. Another look at Kalona, at his radiating smile as he released his monsters onto the world, completely shut down that part of me. “I have to stay here!” I shouted, the power I felt of the circle suddenly coming to a close left me falling to the ground as my friends gasped in shock.

“Zoey!” Someone yelled at me. I couldn't be sure who it was. The voices were all a hurl of background noise as I watched Kalona like a dog wanting a scrap of food. “We can't just leave her, Aphrodite!”

“We must! If we don't leave then we'll all be in big trouble, Nerd Herd. If we go now we can still try to help Zoey later, now move!”

I didn't care as I heard the footsteps of my friends running away from me. I watched, transfixed in a fascinated horror as Neferet approached the newly freed angel. My stomach clenched painfully with a strong emotion as I watched Kalonas eyes turn darker with lust as he inclined his head at our ex-High Priestess.

“My Queen.” I watched him greet her, picking up her hand and pressing it against his lips in a gentle kiss.

“My consort.” She smiled flirtatiously at him, before setting her face in a joy filled expression. She turned to the crowd of fledglings and Vampyres, her voice loud as she proclaimed, “This is Erebus, come to earth finally! Bow to Nyx's consort, and our new lord on earth!”

Fledglings dropped to there knees, afraid to anger our new “lord” while Shekinah walked over to where Kalona was, obviously about to question him. A small part of me was happy that she wasn't falling for Neferet's crap. Sons of Erebus followed her, but it was hard to tell if they were protecting Kalona or the High Priestess.

If I hadn't been watching Neferet, I would never have seen the small, twitch of her wrist right before Shekinah grasped her throat, and fell to the ground. It was at that moment, that a sudden realization filled my body and I knew I needed to get out of here. What was I doing? This was Kalona, an evil fallen angel who had raped and terrorized a Cherokee village and Neferet, an insane *edit your post and this will go away*.

I tried to push my self up and run away, but my legs felt as if they had been wielded to the ground. It was impossible to move, let alone look away from Kalona. “Get out, get out now!” I shouted, hoping anyone and everyone listened to me. I could hear small mumblings from my friends behind me. They weren't coming back for me though, and I knew it. I had made the wrong choice when I told my friends to leave me, and I wished for more than anything that I could feel that familiar warming sensation that I got when Nyx let me know I was on the right path.

The only thing I got though, was the cold look Neferet shot at me as she looked for my friends. I couldn't let her stop them from escaping. I had to save them, somehow. I breathed deeply and commanded wind, fire, water, earth, and spirit to cover and protect my friends, to blind them from Neferets vision and keep them safe. It was so draining. Never before had I commanded all of the elements to do my bidding at once. It felt as if my mind, and body, had run a marathon.

The cackle of lightening and agonized human screams finally pulled me out of my concentration, and I looked up to see Raven Mockers fleeing the House of Night; probably to feast on the drunken humans on this supposed happy new year. As my vision started to turn blurry, I only hoped that Aphrodite and that Son of Erebus warrior could get everyone to safety.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2

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Kalonas Call - **Untames and Hunted SPOILERS**
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