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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:59 pm

Forum Rules

The following are rules set by your administrators. Please abide by them so that the site runs smoothly.

Be nice.
Never insult or harass any member of the Forum.
No spamming.
No swearing or racism.
(And yes, this means in your profile and signatures as well.) - (Updated 9/2/10)
No bad pictures posted.
Your signature pictures can not be larger than 320x240
Obey ALL terms of service.
Before you post, please do a quick search and make sure your topic does not already exist.
Make sure if you start a topic, it is in the correct place.
Make sure that your topic's title tells us what is in the topic before we open it. Titles such as "Please read!", "Question" etc. are not related to your topic. Also, cap locks in your title should be avoided.
When posting, please avoid the caps lock button.
Stay on the topic.
Please avoid one word posts such as 'lol' or 'awesome' or 'haha.' It floods the thread.
If your post contains a spoiler, please put it in a spoiler tag. Especially if it is from the most recent installment.
Respect and obey all Moderators and Administrators. They are here to make this site great for everyone and disrespecting them makes it harder. They post in their color (Red for Admins and Orange for Mods and White for New Mods when they are moderating)-(Updated 9/20/10)
Respect your fellow members, we are all here for one reason, because we love the House of Night series, so no disrespecting the other members just because they have different opinions its rude and degrates the site.
And Have fun!
** (Revised as of June 7, 2010) This site is now rated PG 12 meaning there's there to be little to no swearing and no sexual content except in designated areas like the Mature Roleplaying Section.
If you break these rules, there will be consequences and you can be banned from the forum.

Thanks for being a part of the site

~Site Admins

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Forum Rules
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