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 House of Night: Burned: Rephiam and Stevie Rae // PG

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Discovering you have an affinity for Earth
Discovering you have an affinity for Earth

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PostSubject: House of Night: Burned: Rephiam and Stevie Rae // PG   Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:36 am

**Authors' note: Here's hoping you like this one too. Rephiam easily kicked Kalona off our #1 spot for best character of the series. While the voices of these two were a little bit shaky, hopefully we got them to at least be in-character. One shot only.**

The taste of forbidden fruit is far sweeter than any honeyed nectar. More thrilling than any roller coaster ride or midnight run through the woods. Gravity looks the other way, stars become brighter as the night wraps around that which is prohibited; securely blocking them from any wandering eye.

His arms wrap tight, wishing he felt another way. Her smile shines true, battling within to turn back. She gazes deeper into the eyes of killer, seeking the humanity hidden behind the crimson irises; hand extended to bring it forth. He shudders, forcing her away while there was still the possibility of being able to. He was no one to admire but one to fear. Beloved son to a vengeful angel, distorted with envy and wrath since he fell from her kingdom. Thousands died by his hand, thousands more would meet the same fate; that was his destiny.

Feelings, like the great redwood’s roots dig deep to that which is off limits. Love amplifies, secrets and lies grow into a web spun tight to protect a union forsaken and misunderstood by those on the outside looking in.

Her positive attitude, the light to melt the darkness clutching his every being, warms a heart he had long forgotten was there. Lighter and lighter she made him feel, heavier and heavier the burden seemed to weigh them down. Would she turn him in? Would he kill her like others past? Like a slithering snake, doubt creeps in where bliss had started. Every hiss and rattle was a wound threatening to tear them apart. Each silent moment was an eternity of uncertainty. Odds are against them, to pursue this meant death for one and a life of regret to the other.

Forbidden love comes at a price so grand that while it seems insignificant now, realization is never too far behind. How much would she sacrifice to be with a born monster? Would he sacrifice an entire lifetime to be the man he was always meant to be or is it too late for him? Love brings questions hidden behind the mist, anxious and impatient they linger in wait.

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House of Night: Burned: Rephiam and Stevie Rae // PG
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