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 Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction

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Trying to stop war
Trying to stop war

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PostSubject: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:42 pm

When a mysterious woman named Annabeth shows up at the Varden's camp, they learn of another rider Galbatorix is after. But what is Annabeth's true reason for coming to the Varden, and what is her connection with Galbatorix? Can she help the Varden fight the empire, or will the battle within herself get in the way? and despite what you think, its not the Annabeth from "Percy Jackson" i came up with this character long before reading that series.

Anybody interested in reading it?

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Trying to stop war
Trying to stop war

Female Scorpio Pig
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Character sheet
Name: Callista
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PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:31 pm

Alrighty then.


"Help! Somebody help!" a female voice screamed.

Eragon drew his sword and looked around him. He was standing alone in a forest. To the left he could see the orange glow from torches getting closer every second. To his right was a cliff.

Leaves began to rustle to his left, and Eragon quickly turned. A woman was standing their staring at him with fear in her stormy grey eyes. She had dark hair that was tangled with bits of twigs stuck in it. She was wearing a brown dress that was torn and blood stained.

The woman had turned to run again, but Eragon stopped her.

"Eka aí friai un Shur'tugal!" he said. "I am a Rider and friend!"

He didn't know why he said it in the Ancient Language, but something in his mind told him to.

The woman turned and stared at him in amazement. She was about to say something, but a loud roar stopped her. Her eyes shot up to the sky, and then back to Eragon.

"Please, you have to help me. He's after me!" she said

"Who is?" Eragon asked.

"Galbatorix." She whispered. "Please, you can't let him get…" she stopped suddenly.

The wind began to pick up, and a large shadow casted over them. Eragon turned and saw a red dragon hanging in mid air before them. The dragon had a rider, but Eragon knew immediately who it was without even looking at him.


"Annabeth, give up! There's no where left to run!" Murtagh shouted.

The woman didn't say anything. Her eyes were darting around, searching for a way out. Then, taking a deep breath, she ran forward and leapt over the cliff.

"No!" Eragon and Murtagh both shouted. But it was too late. The woman was gone, and the dream ended.

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Trying to stop war
Trying to stop war

Female Scorpio Pig
Age : 22
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Character sheet
Name: Callista
Age: 17
Affinities : Darkness

PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:18 am

Chapter One
A Newcomer

Eragon awoke quickly, and sat up. Saphira snaked her head into his tent and looked at him. "Bad dream?" she asked.

"Yeah." Eragon said. "Did you see it?" Saphira nodded.

"It seemed so real."

"It might've been."

"Then that means Galbatorix really is after someone, and she might need…."
The sound of a horn cut off Eragon's thoughts. He could hear people running and shouting outside.

Saphira backed out of his tent, and Eragon got up from his bed. He looked out his tent and saw soldiers running towards the gates of the camp. Eragon quickly grabbed a shirt, and his sword, Brisingr.

When he finally had his shirt on and his sword unsheathed he and Saphira began to follow to soldiers. On his way to the gates, he stopped a man. "What's going on?" he asked.

"The sentinels are reporting that someone is approaching the gates. Nasuada has instructed soldiers to guard the gate in case this person poses as a threat."

Eragon thanked the man and continued to the gates. The gates to the Varden came was surrounded by Elvin archers, all had their bows out. Angela the herbalist was standing among the group of leather clad Elves.

"What have you heard?" Eragon asked the witch.

"Same as you, I assume." Angela said. "Mysterious girl, paranoid Nasuada, Varden in panic. Just another day in the rebellion."

"I didn't hear that it was a girl." Eragon said.

"Nobody has to say anything. She's not that good at shielding her mind. She's seventeen, has dark brown hair and grey eyes."

Eragon looked at Saphira. "Just like the girl from my dream."

"I could be anyone."
Saphira said. but Eragon wasn't convinced. It seemed like too much of a coincidence.

Nasuada came up and stood next to Eragon. "Have the soldiers said anything yet?"

Eragon was about to answer, when a soldier came up to them. "The woman wishes to enter the camp. Should we let her?"

"Is she armed?" Nasuada asked.


Nasuada sighed. "Alright. Let her through."

The soldier nodded and ran back to the gates. A few minutes later, the gates opened, and the soldiers moved out of the way. Eragon gasped when he saw the woman walking towards them.

It was the woman from his dream!

The woman looked exhausted. Her eyes were bloodshot, and dark circles rimmed them. She had cuts all over her arms and one on her cheek. The skirt of her dress was torn off at her knees, and all she carried was a metal flask.

She stopped a few feet from Nasuada and looked at Eragon. Slowly, she whispered, "Eka aí friai un Shur'tugal." Then she collapsed.

Eragon was the only one who heard her.

Quickly, Angela got down next to the girl to help her up. Two other soldiers did the same. "Get her to my tent. Now!" Angela said. "She needs aid."

The soldiers nodded, and started off towards Angela's tent.

"And don't touch anything!" Angela shouted to them.

"What did she say to you?" Nasuada asked. "I saw her speak to you."

"She said that she was a rider and friend." Eragon said.

"Blast! That means the last egg has hatched."

"That also means that Galbatorix will be hunting for that girl like a blood hound." Someone said. Eragon turned and saw Arya standing behind them. "And from what I've gathered, she's not that good at shielding her mind."

"I'll see what I can find out about her. She needs healing anyway." Angela said, walking away.

"I'll help." Eragon said, walking after her.

While walking, Eragon talked to Saphira. "It's her! I know it is."

"I just don't understand how the egg hatched for her, and she was able to escape Galbatorix. If it were that easy, Murtagh could've done it."

"That's true. We need to know her story to understand it."

"That's why you are going to help Angela?"
Saphira asked.

Eragon nodded. "That and I really think she might need our help."

When Eragon entered Angela's tent, he saw the woman lying on a bed, and Angela was standing at a table with her back to him.

"Find anything?" Eragon asked.

Angela looked at him over her shoulder. "Nothing new yet. All I know is that her whole body is covered in scars, and she collapsed from exhaustion and blood loss. The back of her arms and legs are covered in deep scratches too. I'm working on something for that now."

Eragon walked over to the woman. She was asleep, but she was breathing heavily. He slowly turned over the woman's right hand, and exposed a spiral oval on her palm.

"Did you notice this?" Eragon asked.

"Hmm?" Angela turned around completely. "Oh my! Well that explains a lot."

Eragon looked at Saphira.

"Don't say it." Saphira growled. "You were right. Alright."

He smiled and looked back down at the woman. He held onto her hand, and slowly entered her mind. Angela was right. She barely had any barriers around it.

Eragon stood in the same forest from his dream the night before. The woman was standing in front of him. She looked frightened.

"Who are you?" She asked. "What do you want?"

"I'm Eragon. I'm trying to help you."

"I don't need your help." She shot back. "I'm doing perfectly fine by myself. Now get out!"

"You looked like you needed help last night." Eragon pointed out. "You said Galbatorix was after you."

"He's after everyone who opposes him."

"Yeah, but not everyone who opposes him is a Dragon Rider."

She didn't respond to that.

"What's your name?" Eragon asked her.

The woman hesitated for a few moments, but then she finally said it.

"I'm Annabeth. Annabeth Callistasdaughter."

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Trying to stop war

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PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:32 pm

Chapter 2

A Discovery

The name Callista sounded familiar to Eragon, but he couldn't remember where he'd heard it. Before he could ask Annabeth anything else, a bright light flashed and he was back in his own body.

Angela was staring at him. "What happened?" she asked.

Eragon put a hand to his head. It was pounding now, and he was starting to feel weaker. "She kicked me out."

"Did you find out anything?"

"Yeah. Does the name Callista mean anything you?"

Angela thought about it for a moment. "It sounds familiar. Why?"

"She said her name was Annabeth Callistasdaughter."

She was silent for a few minutes. "I'll see what I can find out. I know I've heard that name before though. In the meantime, you should ask Arya. She might know."

"She might." Eragon agreed. "Could you tell me when Annabeth wakes up?"

She nodded. "She'll need a few days for her wounds to heal. I'd suggest waiting until then to talk to her."

"Alright." Eragon said. "I need to catch up on a few things anyway."

Angela nodded, and with that said Eragon and Saphira left.

"What do you need to catch up on?" Saphira asked as they walked back to Eragon's tent.

Eragon smiled. "Sleep."

In her mind, Saphira laughed.

While he slept, Eragon relived the dream he had the night before. This caused him to wake up multiple times. Frustrated, Eragon got up and decided to walk around the camp for a while.

It was the late afternoon, and soldiers were busy training. Eragon had considered joining them, but remembered that he needed to talk to Arya about the name Annabeth mentioned.

"I should do that now."
Eragon said to himself. "Seeing as I'm not going back to sleep anytime soon."

Eragon then walked towards Arya's tent. The tent flap was open, and Eragon could see her sitting at a desk.

Eragon was about to say something, when Arya said, "Come in, Eragon."

Eragon walked in. the moment he did, Arya's dark green eyes shot up and looked at him.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No, I want to ask you something." Eragon said. "Does the name Callista mean anything to you?"

Arya was silent for a moment. "Where did you hear that name?"

"The woman that showed up this morning said her name was Annabeth Callistasdaughter."

"It sounds familiar." She paused and thought for a moment.

"I'm guessing you don't remember either." Eragon said.

Arya shook her head. "No I don't. I'm sorry."

Eragon sighed, disappointed. "I know I've heard it somewhere, but no one else knows. It's driving me insane."

"I'll look." Arya said. "If I find anything, I'll tell you."

"Alright." Eragon said, turning around, and walking out. "Thanks anyway."

When he left, Arya pulled a book out from under her desk. It the Ancient Language, the cover said, "The Legacy of the Riders," and inside contained the history of every dragon rider in the history of Alagasia.

Arya opened the book and scanned for the "C" section. The first name in that section was "Callista Jocelynsdaughter."

Arya read through Callista's story. When she had finished, she snapped the book shut.

"I knew it." she whispered.

Then she threw the book back under her desk, and went back to her papers she was reading.

The next day, Eragon had decided to train with his sword, Brisingr.

When he and Saphira reached the training grounds, they saw a group of soldiers forming a circle around someone. Eragon immediately ran over to see what has going on.

He pushed his way through the soldiers until he was in the front, and he could now see what was exciting them.

Annabeth was sparring with Roran. And, from what Eragon could see, Roran was losing.

The soldiers were cheering Annabeth on. Eragon watched in amazement as she disarmed Roran and pinned him to the ground. She got up a minute later, helped Roran up and stuck out her hand.

"Good fight." She said panting. Roran shook her hand, and stood next to Eragon.

"What was that all about?" Eragon asked

"I saw her training and I thought I could take her. I was dead wrong."

Eragon smiled. "I wonder what the rest of the Varden will think when they hear that Roran 'Stronghammer' got beat by a girl."

Roran glared at him.

"Alright." Annabeth said. "Who's next?"

Roran smirked, and pushed Eragon into the ring. "Eragon will fight you!" he shouted.

"Roran!" Eragon hissed.

Annabeth smiled. "What's wrong Eragon? Is the great Shadeslayer afraid to fight a girl?"

Eragon looked at her. "No."

"If you get hurt," Saphira said. "I'm not jumping in to save you."

He ignored her, and drew his sword.

The minute Annabeth struck, Eragon was caught off guard. She was a better fighter than he thought. Three times she had nearly disarmed him, and she almost knocked him down, but he stayed up, and held tight to Brisingr.

"Saphira, remind me to kill Roran after this."

Saphira laughed in her mind. "Had enough yet?"

Eragon was going to answer, but he had let down his guard and Annabeth knocked him to the ground with her elbow.

Sheathing her sword, Annabeth stuck out her hand to help Eragon up. She smiled at him, and her eyes had a mischievous gleam to them.

Eragon almost smiled himself, but he caught a glimpse of Roran laughing at him, and remembered that he had to get back at him someday for this.

"You're pretty good Shadeslayer." Annabeth said when Eragon was back on his feet. "But not good enough to beat me."

"I let you win." Eragon mumbled.

Annabeth laughed. "That so?"

Eragon walked back to the group of soldiers, slightly embarrassed. Roran was still laughing hysterically, and Eragon had to resist the urge to push him into the ring again.

Saphira wasn't laughing. She was giving him the "I-Told-You-So" look. "Did you have fun?"

"She was incredible!"
Eragon said, still amazed. "I haven't seen anyone else that could fight like that…. Well, except for Murtagh."

"She's pretty close." A voice said. Eragon turned and saw Arya standing behind him. "I found out some things about our friend, Annabeth."

"As have I." Another voice said. It was Angela.

"What's going on?" Eragon asked.

Arya looked at Angela. Angela nodded, and looked at Eragon. "Eragon, we need to talk."

When the three were alone in Angela's tent, Arya handed Eragon a book. "Open to the page I marked." She said.

Eragon opened the book until he reached a red silk ribbon indicating where Arya had last read. The top of the page said "Callista Jocelynsdaughter." Under the name was a picture of a woman with long dark brown curls dressed in black armor.

"That woman is Annabeth's mother." Angela said. "I looked through her memories while she was asleep."

Eragon looked back down at the book, and started to read.

"Callista Jocelynsdaughter was born and raised in Carvahall. At the age of sixteen, she had discovered a dragon egg just outside her home. The egg hatched for her a black male dragon, and she had become a Dragon Rider. Without any proper training Callista had become one of the most feared Riders in Alagasia, next to Morzan and Galbatorix.

"At the age of eighteen, Callista left home and was recruited by King Galbatorix. Eventually, she had become a part of the Thirteen Forsworn. It was there Callista fell in love with a soldier, Loren, and had raised a family.

"But her happiness was short lived. Her dragon, Brimstone, was killed in battle. A few months later, Loren had died as well. After having the children she and Loren would've shared, Callista mysteriously disappeared.

"There were only two known children Callista and Loren had. They were twins, Isabelle and Annabeth. Their fate is unknown to this day."

Eragon nearly dropped the book in surprise. "Annabeth is the daughter of a Forsworn."

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Trying to stop war

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PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:15 am

((Alright. You guys asked for it! Smile ))
Chapter 3

Annabeth's Story

Once Eragon had left, Annabeth ended her sparring session. She sheathed her sword and walked away from the crowd to Angela's tent to grab her water flask.

She was about to walk into the tent, but she heard Eragon's voice and stopped.

"Annabeth is the daughter of a Forsworn."

"Damn it!"
Annabeth thought. "I knew I never should've told him her name!"

"How long have you two known this?" Eragon asked.

"Since yesterday," Annabeth heard Angela say. "After you asked us."

"What are we going to do?"

"The last time we had the child of a Forsworn here, we were betrayed. I don't think we should risk something like that again." Arya said. "We should at least present this to Nasuada. She can decide Annabeth's fate."

Annabeth had started to back away when she heard that. She was in another place where she could die at any moment. She almost burst into tears from her memories of Urû'baen.

"No." Annabeth whispered to herself. "Not again. I need to stay strong."

She then walked into Angela's tent to see Arya, Angela and Eragon staring at her. She ignored their stares and grabbed her water flask.

"What's going on?" Annabeth asked, pretending she hadn't heard anything.

"You tell us." Arya said. "Callistasdaughter."

Annabeth took a drink from her flask, and looked at Arya. "So you know." She said. "What now?"

"We're going to Nasuada. We'll find out there." Angela said.

"Can I just have a moment to explain?" Annabeth asked.

"No." Arya hissed. "You'll get your chance when Nasuada decides."

Annabeth sighed. She could tell the elf didn't like her. "Fine."

With that said, Arya led them to Nasuada's tent.

"You're taking this well." Eragon said to Annabeth.

"This isn't the first time I've been judged because of my mother." Annabeth said quietly. "I'm used to it now."

Eragon nodded. He knew the feeling. When he had thought Morzan was his father, people seemed to treat him differently untill he learned the truth.

"What about you?" She asked. "You seem to be taken this well. The whole 'Child of a Forsworn' thing."

"This isn't the first time this has happened." Eragon said. "I had another friend who was the son of a Forsworn."

"It was Murtagh wasn't it."

Eragon looked at her surprised. "How did you know that?"

Annabeth was silent for a moment. "He mentioned you."

"Mentioned me? Where did you…"

"You'll find out in a few moments." She said, cutting him off. Eragon didn't ask anything else after that.

When they entered Nasuada's tent, she was sitting at her desk looking over a map of Alagaësia. She looked up and smiled at Arya. "What brings you here?" she asked them.

Arya handed her the book she and Eragon were reading. "Do you remember Callista Jocelynsdaughter?"

Nasuada frowned. "Yes. She was one of the Thirteen Forsworn that nearly wiped out the Varden seventeen years ago. Why?"

"Here comes the reveal, and the shock." Annabeth thought.

Arya looked at Annabeth. "We happen to have one of her daughters here."

Nasuada's eyes widened. "You're Annabeth."

Annabeth looked down at the ground, ashamed. "Yes." She said quietly. "And here comes the judging."

Nasuada gave a signal and four soldiers came to her side.

"Wait!" Eragon said. Everyone looked at him. "Give her a minute to explain herself."

"Very well." Nasuada said. She then looked a t Annabeth. "Tell us your story."

Annabeth's eyes shot up. "Thank you." She then cleared her throat, and began her story.

"My mother disappeared a month after my sister and I were born. Her dragon was killed and my father died months beforehand. My twin, Isabelle and I were raised by our grandparents in Urû'baen. They had died the day before we turned fifteen.

"After we turned fifteen, Isabelle had decided that we both get a job. A few weeks later we ended up as servants for Galbatorix. It wasn't the best job in the world, but we survived.

"We continued these jobs for two years. Isabelle became Galbatorix's best servant because of her…. Abilities. I always got in trouble with some of the soldiers because I wouldn't always follow orders. I would get hit a few times, sometimes whipped. That's where most of my scars came from. For months, I was trying to find a way out.

"It wasn't until two months ago I found it. I had a dream one night that a cloaked figure visited me in the servant's quarters and left me a silver stone on my bed. They said, 'Use it well, Annabeth.' The next morning I woke up and saw the stone on my bed.

"I reached out to touch the stone when it cracked, and I realized it was an egg. That was when everything started. On a day where I was relieved from my services, I took my dragon to the forest and had her hide out there in the trees.

"A month later, my dragon had grown and revealed to me that is was a female. I named her Stardust, because when she flew at night, she looked like a shooting star. That was also how she was able to keep away from soldiers. She flew at night, and hid in the mountains.

"One day I was approached by a soldier. He questioned me about why I always left the castle and ran off to the woods. I didn't answer him, which resulted in me getting hit. It was that night, I decided to leave.

"Isabelle knew how badly I wanted to leave and that night she helped me escape. Using her abilities, she found a door way that led out of the castle. I fled, but somehow, the soldiers knew of my plans. They started chasing after me. I told Star to fly ahead of me and to make sure she stayed out of sight.

"After a few days, I'd lost the soldiers. I don't remember much after that. I do remember Stardust telling me something, and then I ended up here. I haven't been able to contact Star since."

When she finished, Nasuada looked at her. "Now tell me this Annabeth," she said. "Do you wish to bring down Galbatorix?"

Annabeth was silent for a moment. But then she spoke in the Ancient Language.


Nasuada smiled. "Very well then. From this moment forward Annabeth; you serve as a Rider for the Varden. Eragon will be your mentor."

She then looked at Eragon. "Do you object to this?"

Eragon looked at Annabeth, then at Nasuada. Annabeth looked at him as if to say that she wanted him to train her.

After a few moments, he said,"No. I do not object."

"Good. Annabeth, you start training tomorrow" Nasuada said. She returned to her map, and then looked up at them again. "You are dismissed."

"Where will I be staying?" Annabeth asked.

"With me." Angela said, before Nasuada could say a word.

With that said, everyone left the tent. Eragon stopped Annabeth when they were outside.

"You still didn't explain about Murtagh." He said.

Annabeth turned and looked him in the eyes. Her eyes seemed to grow darker. "Some things are just better left unsaid Eragon."

She then turned away and walked with Angela, leaving Eragon to ponder her words.

"What do you think she meant by that?" Eragon asked Saphira

"I don't know, but i can tell you she isn't telling us everything."

"i think so too."
He agreed. "I definatly want to know more about her."

Saphira smiled.

"What?" Eragon asked.

"Oh nothing." Saphira said, dismissing the conversation.

She didn't know much about human affections, but she knew one thing.

Eragon was going to be spending a lot of time with Annabeth.

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Trying to stop war

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PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:20 am

((A note to anybody that participates in my Eragon RP, this Fan Fiction does not reflect that RP in any way.))

Chapter 4


Annabeth stood in a dark room lit only by the moonlight shining through a barred window. She could hear a female voice whispering words to herself. A door opened, and light poured into the room. The woman sitting on the floor put an arm up to shield her eyes. Annabeth recognized the woman the minute the light came in.

It was her sister, Isabelle.

Isabelle didn't look at all like Annabeth. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. From stories Annabeth had heard, Isabelle got her looks from her father, and Annabeth got hers from her mother.

Annabeth turned to see a man enter the room, which she could now tell was a prison cell.

"Isabelle, we need to talk." The man said. He had black hair, and grey eyes. Annabeth recognized this man as well and the moment she realized who it was anger and hate filled her heart.

"I have nothing to say to you Murtagh." Isabelle said. "I told you already, I don't know what happened to Annabeth."

"I think you're lying." Murtagh said. "And so does Galbatorix. We both know about your magic, and we both know you know something about Annabeth's disappearance. You might as well tell me know. Galbatorix plans on interrogating you soon, and if you don't cooperate with him, things will only get worse for you."

"I don't give a damn what you do to me." Isabelle shot back. "Do what you wish."

"Let me handle this, Murtagh." Another voice said. Murtagh moved to the side and a cloaked figure entered the cell. He raised his hand and whispered, "Jierda."

There was a loud snapping sound, and Isabelle screamed in pain. She cursed loudly, and Annabeth could tell that it was the Ancient Language. She knew very little of it though, and couldn't tell what Isabelle said.

Annabeth wanted to run and help her twin. she wanted to force the same pain her sister was enduring on the cloaked man. tears filled Annabeth's eyes, for she knew she could do none of these things. Isabelle was on her own.

"Where is she!" the man hissed.

"I don't know!" Isabelle cried. "I honestly don't know."

"You do know you little liar! Tell me know or else."

"I don't…."

"Jierda!" the man shouted again.

Isabelle's words were cut off by her screams. Annabeth winced and burst into tears. In her mind she screamed out Isabelle's name, and found herself screaming it physically as well.

Murtagh grabbed the man's arm and pulled it away from Isabelle. The man quickly spun around and smacked Murtagh across the face, sending him to the ground.

"You know better than to do that boy!" The man growled. He then turned to Isabelle. "And as for you, don't think that this is over. You will tell me what I want to know, even if I have to break every bone in your body to get it from you."

The man turned and walked away. "Murtagh, come."

Murtagh jumped up and followed the man out of the cell. The door closed, and was bolted shut from the outside.

When they left, Isabelle burst into tears.

Annabeth got down next to her, even though she knew Isabelle couldn't see her.

She touched her twin's tear streaked face. "I'm sorry you have to go through this." She whispered, tears falling to the floor. "I swear I'll come rescue you, and I'll make that man pay for this. I swear on my life."

Isabelle looked up as if she heard Annabeth's words, she opened her mouth to speak, but then a bright light flashed, and Annabeth awoke.

Annabeth came to Eragon that morning ready to begin her training Nasuada had told her to start on. The only thing she brought with her was her sword.

Eragon had noticed that the circles under her eyes had grown darker. "Are you getting enough sleep?" he asked.

Annabeth nodded. "I'm fine. Just had a rough night last night."

Eragon drooped the conversation, but he wasn't convinced. "She's not telling me everything."

"Maybe you need to gain her trust first."
Saphira suggested.

"Maybe." The, out loud, Eragon said to Annabeth, "Alright then, let's get started. How much of the Ancient Language do you know?"

"I know a little bit. My sister taught me some of it in case I needed it."

"What did she teach you?"

"She taught me break and lightning. I also know that phrase you told me the other night."

"That's a pretty good start." Eragon said. "Can you pronounce them correctly?"

Annabeth shrugged. "I honestly don't know. I can say 'I am a Rider and friend' correctly, because I kept repeating it after my dream."

"Alright. Follow me."

He led her outside to the training ground. There were a few straw dummies set up. "Try hitting those with the spells Isabelle taught you. If you can say the correctly, we'll move on. If not, I'll help you."

Annabeth walked over to one of the dummies, and took a deep breath. She shot out her right hand, and said, "Jierda!"

The wooden stand the dummy said on shattered, as did the wooden frame of the dummy. Straw blasted through the air and landed in Eragon's hair. Annabeth laughed at this.

"Very good." Eragon said brushing the straw away. "A bit of a mess, but good. Try the other spell."

Annabeth walked over to the second dummy, and stood a few feet away from it. She brought up her and again and said, "Kveykva!"

Stream of lightning shot from her palm and struck the dummy. The smell of burning straw filled the air.

"She's a good fighter, and a good magic user."
Eragon thought.

The force from her spell was so great, that Annabeth was knocked to the ground a few seconds after casting it. The lightning stopped as her concentration broke.

Eragon ran over to help her up. "That was good." He said when she was back on her feet. "But next time, don't put so much energy into it. Are you alight?"

Annabeth nodded wearily. "That last spell drained me."

Eragon took her hand that had her gedwey ignasia, and slowly gave her some of his own energy.

"There." Eragon said after a few minutes. "Feel better?"

She nodded. "Thank you."

"No problem." Eragon said, letting go of her hand. "Just focus on the amount of energy you put in a spell. if you use too much, you could end up knocking yourself unconscious, or killing youself."

"Good to know." Annabeth said. "Last thing i want is to end up dead trying to fix my hair."

Eragon laughed at this, and so did Annabeth. Saphira was smiling at Eragon, and she winked at him.

"What?" Eragon asked.

Saphira's smiled widened. "Oh nothing. just continue on with the lesson."

"Quit doing that!"

"Doing what?"
she asked innocently.

Eragon was silent for a moment. "I... i honestly don't know. but you know what you're doing. just stop it."

Through their connection, Eragon could hear Saphira laughing, even after he and Annabeth stopped.

"I swear, you're starting to annoy me." Eragon said.

"Now what kinda of a dragon would i be if i didn't annoy my Rider every once in a while?"

Eragon didn't answer her. After he had picked up the shattered bits of training dummy, he walked with Annabeth back to his tent to continue their session.

For the rest of the morning, Eragon taught her everything in the Ancient Language that he knew. She wrote it out on a piece of parchment so she could memorize them and practice.

By the afternoon, Eragon decided to end their session. "You are doing really well. i don't think I've met a faster learner."

Annabeth smiled. "Thank you."

She was about to leave, but Eragon stopped her. "There's one more thing. I want to know how you beat me yesterday."

"I've just had years of practice. My Grandfather taught me a few things, then I picked up some other pointers from a friend in Urû'baen."

"I'd like to watch you fight." Eragon said. "If you don't mind."

"I don't." Annabeth said smiling.

Once they were back outside, Annabeth unsheathed her sword and started attacking the last dummy.

Her attacks were both fast and powerful. Her fighting style seemed very familiar to Eragon, but he could remember where he'd seen it.

Saphira's thoughts interrupted his own.

"I like her." she said "She's got attitude, and power. She's a very interesting woman."

"Everything about her seems very familiar to me." Eragon thought. "I just can't think of where I've seen it."

"Maybe you like her so much; you want to think she seems familiar." Saphira said.

"Shut up you. I don't like her... Well not like that at least. i just met her for God sake!" Eragon said.

"Then why do you keep smiling at her? and why is it for the past two days all that you've been think about is her?"

"She is not all that I've been thinking about!" Eragon protested.

"Yes she is!" Saphira said. "In fact, you're thinking about her still. even as we speak."

Eragon ignored her. "What is with her?" he thought to himself.

He turned away from her and looked back at Annabeth. Her hair was covered in straw and she was still attacking the dummy.

With a single swing of her sword, the dummy lost its head, and she ended her battle.

It was then that Eragon remembered where he had seen her fighting style. His eyes widened from the shock of realization.

He shouted in his mind.


"Annabeth. She… she fights like Murtagh!"

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Chapter 5

A Plan of Action

The next day, Nasuada had called for a meeting with the Du Vrangr Gata, and others in the Varden. The group consisted of Trianna, Roran, Arya, and Angela, Eragon, Annabeth, and a few generals.

Eragon noticed that Annabeth looked more exhausted than before. He was concerned, for he feared she was not getting enough sleep, whether it is because of studying or any other reason. He was going to ask her about it, but Nasuada had started the meeting the moment they entered.

"As most of you know, we have another rider among us, though she has no dragon…."

"That's not true." Annabeth said. "I have a dragon. I just don't know where she is. I've been unable to contact her since I got here."

"Oh, that's right." Nasuada said. "Sorry."

Annabeth nodded. It was her way of basically saying "Continue on."

"Well, as we all know, Galbatorix will want to track down Annabeth here and try to get her on his side. She has already sworn fealty to the Varden. We must come up with a plan before he does. We need an idea, which is why I've called all of you here."

"Isn't there a way we could steal the remaining egg from Galbatorix?" Roran asked. "I know we've considered this before, but it wouldn't hurt to think about it."

Trianna laughed. "Do you realize how difficult that would be? Galbatorix must have that thing locked up where no one but him could find it. and it's not like we can walk up to the castle and demand it. this option is out of the question."

Through out the meeting, Annabeth was thinking of what to do. Roran's idea made sense, but Trianna was also correct. Galbatorix did have the egg locked up, and few people knew where it was hidden. "It would be hard to steal the egg, but it's not impossible."

Suddenly, Annabeth remembered something. Isabelle had become a favorite of Galbatorix's and he had shown her things that he wouldn't even show to his dragon. Isabelle had mentioned something of a secret vault deep in the castle….

Annabeth stood up. "I think Roran has the right idea." She said. everyone turned and looked at her. she swallowed hard, and continued. "It does seem difficult to steal the egg, but I'm sure it's not impossible."

Trianna glared at her. "Great." Annabeth thought. "Someone else who doesn't like me."

"And what do you suggest we do?" Trianna asked.

"I… I suggest that I go to Urû'baen and sneak back into the castle. I could steal the egg and bring it back here."

"Do you even know where the egg is?" Nasuada asked.

"I think I have an idea on where it might be. My sister mentioned a vault somewhere in the castle. If I were to go, I would start there. If it's not there, I could look elsewhere. I know my way around the castle. I know I could do this."

"It can't be that easy." Arya said. "If it were, any of us could do it."

"That's not necessarily true." Annabeth said. "I was a servant there, as I've said before, and I could easily get past the guards there as opposed to you because I was a servant. Not everyone in the castle knows that I ran away. Galbatorix had to keep from some people or else everyone in Alagaësia would know that there's a new rider siding with the Varden."

"She has a point." Roran said. "But it's not up to us."

Everyone turned to Nasuada to see what her decision would be. After a few minutes of thinking, she looked at Annabeth again. "Someone must go with you. I can't send you on this mission alone."

Eragon stood up. "I'll go."

Nasuada looked up at him. "Eragon, I would advise against that. The Varden needs you here."

"But if Annabeth were to leave, she would be defenseless. She knows little of the Ancient Language, has no dragon with her, and is barely getting enough sleep as it is. She needs all the training she can get, and I am the one who was appointed to mentor her."

After a few moments of silence, Nasuada finally said. "Alright. You'll leave tonight. If you do not find the egg return straight here. Am I clear?"

"Yes ma'am." Annabeth and Eragon said in unison. They then looked at each other and smiled, and then they quickly looked way, remembering that others were staring at them.

Saphira didn't need to be in the tent to see what happened. "Once again, I was right." She said to herself. "I need to start getting used to this."

After the meeting, Annabeth walked to Angela's tent to grab what little she had brought with her, her sword and her water flask.

When she entered the tent, Angela was standing next to Annabeth's bed packing a bag.

Angela's Werecat, Solembum padded over to Annabeth, sat down in front of her and stared at her with his dark green eyes.

Angela looked up and smiled at Annabeth. "He likes you."

Annabeth knelt down and scratched Solembum's head. he purred for a few seconds, but then he looked at Annabeth again, then ran out of the tent.

"Apparently he doesn't like me that much." Annabeth said.

"Oh don't take it personally." Angela said, going back to her packing. "He has some things to take care of. Werecat business."

"What are you packing? I only brought two things."

"I'm giving you a few things."


"A few healing elixirs, some extra clothes, and I have a few coins for you in case you need them."

"Um… Thanks." Annabeth said. "But, why are you doing this?"

Angela looked up, and smiled. "Never look a gifted horse in the mouth, Dear." Then she laughed.

When Eragon returned to his tent, he began to pack his bag as well. Saphira snaked her head into his tent, and watched him.

"So, how did the meeting go?" she asked.

"It went fine. Why?"

"You and Annabeth seem to be getting along quite well. You also seem to be spending a lot of time with her."

"Saphira, you and I have talked about this. I don't like Annabeth like that. She and I are just becoming good friends."

"I'm just saying that it seems like…" She paused. "Angela's cat is here."

"Werecat!" Another mind said. "I'm a werecat!"

"Cat. Werecat. Makes no difference to me. If they irritate me, they all taste the same."

"Saphira!" Eragon said.

"It's alright, Eragon." Solembum said. "She couldn't eat me even if she tried. Angela would turn her into a frog."

"She wouldn't dare!" Saphira growled.

"Wanna bet?" Solembum challenged. Saphira didn't reply.

"Why are you here?" Eragon asked.

"I've come to talk to you about the girl rider."

"What about her?"

"I looked into her mind. She has a very complex past. One that is full of pain and suffering. Both her own suffering and the suffering of others. I've come to warn you. Do not question her. She will tell you what you wish to know in time."

"Um… Thank you, Solembum. But why are you telling me this?"

"Because you care."

Before Eragon could ask him what he meant, the werecat had left. "He and Angela are both insane." Saphira said.

"I think we've already established that." Eragon pointed out with a smile.

"I wonder what he meant by 'because you care.'" Saphira said.

Eragon could tell where this conversation was going, and he immediately ended it. "I don't like her like that." He continued to think.

When he finally finished packing, he walked outside. The sun was setting, and the sky had turned orange. With Saphira walking beside him, he walked to the main gat that led out of Feinster and into the Spine.

"It's good to be able to go back." Eragon thought.

Saphira agreed.

"So, are you guys ready to go?"

Eragon turned and saw Annabeth standing next to him. She had changed from her tattered dress into a blue tunic and brown leggings. She still wore the same worn brown boots, but her hair was pulled back so that it was out of her face.

"Yeah." Eragon said. "We're ready."

When that was said, the gates slowly began to open. The sky was growing darker now, and soon night would fall.

Without looking back, Eragon, Annabeth, and Saphira left the city behind, and had set foot once again in the Spine.

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Chapter 6

Through the Spine

"Nasuada, I do not approve of this decision. Sending both of our riders to Urû'baen is suicide!" The sorceress Trianna exclaimed, barging into the Lady Nasuada's tent once the riders had left the camp, "Galbatorix could take this opportunity to attack us. Not only that, even if they do find the egg, it won't be easy for them to get it back here. We've already stolen one egg from him, and succeeded. There will be more protection on that egg now than ever."

Nasuada turned and glared at the sorceress. "Do you have any other ideas?"

Trianna was surprised by Nasuada's sudden change in attitude. "I…. no. I do not."

"Exactly." Nasuada said. "We have no other options. We can't just sit around and wait for something to happen. We need to take action, and this is the only plan we have. All we can do know is hope for the best."


"You are dismissed, Trianna."

Trianna sighed. "Very well, milady," Trianna crossed her arms over her chest and walked out of the tent, her head held high and her hair flowing wildly behind her.

When she had finally left, Nasuada sat down on her bed. She was frustrated, and she knew that this wasn't one of her best ideas but, as she had said, they had no other options. Even if the riders did fail, they would at least be one step closer to Galbatorix, giving more of an advantage for the Varden to attack.

But if the riders failed before reaching Urû'baen, the Varden would have to go in and do their best to fight. This was something Nasuada defiantly wanted to avoid, but in the event that it were to happen, she would need to have the Varden and herself ready.

Every moment that she thought of it, Nasuada began to regret making this decision. But there was nothing she could do.

"Their lives are in fate's hands now." she said to herself. "And so are ours."

Annabeth was tired. The long day had been spent in travelling ahead and her body was begging her for rest. But she couldn't sleep. A part of her was afraid of slumber because of the dreams, the dreams that haunted her, that scared her… Yes, she was clearly scared of falling asleep. So, when they had finally stopped for camp later that night, Annabeth had volunteered to keep watch while Eragon slept.

She looked up at the sky and stared at the sky. The moon was full and the sky was lit up by stars. She was looking for one star in particular. The one shinning the brightest. A wave of nostalgia gripped her heart and she opened her mind to call her other half, her true friend.

"Stardust, if you can hear me, I'm safe now. Wherever you are, I want you to know that I'm in the Spine. Just outside of Feinster. I want you to come back now. I need you."

She waited a few minutes, but there was no reply.

Annabeth wanted to scream in frustration. For days she'd been trying to contact Star, but she was always answered with silence. She felt lost without Star there to help her. She felt alone. She felt empty.

Annabeth let out an irritated sigh, and laid back in the grass. "Please." She said aloud, her voice desperate and worried. "Give me a sign you're alright."

Saphira, who had stayed awake the whole time, laid her head next to Annabeth.

"I understand how you're feeling." Saphira said. "I've had to be away from Eragon multiple times I just want you to know that you're not alone."

"Thanks Saphira, Annabeth said. "Things just don't feel right now. I feel like I'm doing something wrong."

"Why would you think that?"

She was silent for a moment. "Because a lot of what I've done has been wrong. I've made the wrong decisions, and I've done stupid things. There are times where I know that I'm going to make a stupid choice, and this feels like one of those times."

"What kind of choices have you made?" Saphira asked.

"I was always defiant to certain orders in Urû'baen, I wasn't discreet enough when it came to hiding Stardust, and I…." she paused.

"You what?"

"It's nothing. I don't want to talk about it, alright."

"Alright." Saphira said.

A moment of silence passed. "Why don't you get some sleep Annabeth?" The blue dragon asked, nudging the girl slightly with her snout. "I'll keep watch until morning."

"Aren't you tired?" Annabeth asked.

"Yes." Saphira replied. "But I can go days without sleeping, and be perfectly fine."

Annabeth hesitated at first, but gave in. "Alright." She said, rolling over on her side. "Goodnight Saphira."

"Goodnight, Annabeth."

About ten minutes later, Annabeth had fallen asleep.

Saphira sympathized the girl, for she knew what it was like to be separated from Eragon. It hurt sometimes to even think about it.

She could only imagine what her dragon was going through.

Annabeth had left Urû'baen, left everything behind, but it was folly to think that her past would not catch up with her. It came to her, in form of worry or thought, and it was not ready to leave her alone. And right now, when the girl was fast asleep, her past visited her in the form of her dreams. No, it would not leave her…

She was standing alone in the kitchen in Urû'baen, cleaning up after soldiers who were obviously incapable of doing it themselves. She was up to her elbows in dirty dishes that never seemed to end. She sighed and wiped sweat from her forehead.

"Bloody soldiers," She thought. "Someday, they're going to have to clean up after themselves, and we servants won't be here."

She smiled at the thought of one of Galbatorix's soldiers wearing an apron instead of their leather armor. "If only." She sighed.

She suddenly got the feeling that she wasn't alone. She had the feeling that something was standing behind her. She spun around and saw two soldiers standing in the doorway.

"Great, just what I needed," Annabeth thought sarcastically. "More dishes for me to clean."

Out loud, she said, "Anything you need, Gentlemen?"

Isabelle had told her to start acting nicer to the soldiers, that way, Annabeth wouldn't get punished as much.

The two stared at her lazily. When they started to walk towards her, they stumbled a bit. Annabeth could see all the signs then and there.

These men were drunk.

One of the men had brown hair and brown eyes, the other had blonde hair and blue eyes. "We were just looking for something." The blonde one said, walking closer to Annabeth. His words slurred a bit, validating Annabeth's theory.

"Well, whatever it is, I highly doubt it's in here." Annabeth said, turning back to the dishes.

After a few moments, she could tell that the drunken soldiers hadn't left.

The brown haired man came up behind her and took a hold of her shoulder. "I think we found what we were looking for. Don't you Daren?"

"Aye, I think we did Norm." the other replied, grinning wickedly at her, "She's a pretty one. Much prettier than her sister."

Annabeth felt uncomfortable around these men and the fact that they were drunk added to her fears. The man called Norm came closer to her, and whispered in her ear, "Let's have some fun."

Annabeth quickly spun around and slammed her fist into Norm's face. He fell back, but was clinging onto her sleeve, causing it to rip.

She had started to run, but Norm had reached out and grabbed her ankle. Annabeth fell, face first, to the floor. She kicked out, trying to get away again, but Norm's grip on her was too strong.

"We got ourselves a fighter." Daren said walking closer.

"Let go!" Annabeth shouted.

"What in god's name is going on here?" A male voice asked.

Daren, Norm, and Annabeth all looked up to see a man standing in the doorway. He had black hair and grey eyes, and his arms were crossed over his chest. He was tall and Annabeth could tell he was well-built.

"You two are supposed to be on guard duty." He said to the soldiers, his voice full of controlled rage, yet full of authority. "Yet, I catch you off duty, drunk, and distracting a servant from her duties. The king will not be pleased."

The two soldiers immediately jumped up. "We apologize, Sir Murtagh." Norm said.

"Yeah. We we're just…"

"I don't want to hear it." Murtagh snapped. "Just get back to work, and I might not say anything to Galbatorix about this little incident."

"Yes sir. Right away Sir." They said together, running out of the room.

Murtagh walked over to Annabeth, and helped her up. "Are you alright?"

"Yes. Thank you." Annabeth said, pulling her torn sleeve back onto her shoulder.

"You're welcome."

Annabeth turned away from him to go back to her cleaning.

"So you're Murtagh, Galbatorix's new right hand man?"

Within her time in Urû'baen, Annabeth had never truly seen Murtagh. She'd only heard rumors about him from love-struck, obsessed, maids.

"Yep, that's me." Murtagh said. His voice didn't show pride in the accusation, it actually sounded like disappointment to Annabeth. "Might I ask you what your name is?"

Annabeth turned back around, and leaned against a counter top.


"Annabeth? The 'Rebel Maid?'"

"Is that what they call me?" Annabeth asked laughing.

"Yeah, and from what I saw it really fits you."

"Well it's the same for you." Annabeth said, taking in his appearance. He was dressed in all black, something that also came from the maids that was true. Black tunic, black breeches, and black boots. A red sword hung from his waist, the infamous sword of Morzan, Zar'roc.

"What do you mean?"

"All the things the maids have said about you fit you."

"Oh really?" Murtagh laughed. "Like what?"

Annabeth half smiled. "They said that you're mysterious, dark, handsome, and some of them haven't even got a look at you."

"Is that so?"

Annabeth nodded.

Then the two were silent. After a few moments, Annabeth said, "Well, I should get back to work. It was nice to finally meet you Murtagh. Even if we did end up meeting like this."

"It was nice to meet you too." Murtagh said.

Both of them turned around, and Murtagh headed for the door. Annabeth turned around again.

"Wait, Murtagh." She said. Murtagh turned. "Thanks again."

Murtagh smiled and said, "No problem." Then he left.

The dream she had, was a memory. It was the first night the two had met, but it was certainly not the last.

Annabeth awoke the next morning feeling fully rested for once. She saw Eragon and Saphira preparing to leave.

Eragon saw that Annabeth was awake, and smiled at her. "Morning."

"Morning." Annabeth said back. "So what's the plan?"

"Well, Saphira and I think we should continue through the spine until we reach Leona Lake. Then from there, we stop at Dras-Leona. From there, it's straight to Urû'baen. The whole trip will take a few days, and maybe between stops we can train some more. But there is something we realized."

"What?" Annabeth questioned

"We don't really have a plan for when we get to Urû'baen. I mean, we kind of jumped into this without a plan."

"Well, why don't we come up with something now?" Annabeth suggested.

"I know you said that it would be easier for you to get in, but what if the guards recognize you, and know that you left?"

"Wait." Annabeth quickly said. "I just remembered something. You remember how I escaped right?"

"Yeah. You said Isabelle helped you."

"She did. She has a special kind of magic. One that allows her to cast as many spells as she wants without sapping her energy. I don't know how she does it. And she doesn't wear any jewelry that could store any energy.

"But anyway, she used her magic to create a doorway that led outside of the castle. We were in the kitchen at the time, and when I stepped through the door, I ended up in the woods where I was hiding Stardust. When I turned around, it looked as though I stepped through a tree.

"I told Isabelle to keep the door hidden, but to leave it open for me. I told her I'd come back for her, and I intend to keep that promise."

"So if she left it open, you could use that doorway to sneak in." Eragon said.


"What about the soldiers inside?"

Annabeth thought for a moment. "I'll come up with something."

"Alright." Eragon said. "But what if the egg isn't where you think it is."

"There are a few other places I could check. It's bound to be somewhere in the castle."

"That's true," Eragon agreed. "But you're not going in alone. That's for sure."

"Why not?"

"Because, Galbatorix has already had one egg stolen from him. He's going to protect that egg with his life, and that means he'll be using as much magic as he can. You'll need me for that."

"No, the king wants you captured," Annabeth shook her head, "you going in the palace is too dangerous."

"You going back there is dangerous too," Eragon countered, "I'm coming with you Annabeth."

"No, it is out of the question. I will not let you -"

"Let me?" Eragon questioned, cutting her in the middle, "I wasn't asking for your permission. You need me and my experience there. Face it; you need me there if you want this mission to be a success."

Annabeth was silent for a moment. "Alright." She said. "Let's get going then."

With that said, they left the camp, and headed for Leona Lake.

"We got more out of her." Eragon told Saphira. "At least we know now that she trusts us."

"You seem to care a lot about gaining her trust." Saphira pointed out.

"Well, I like to know who exactly I'm traveling with. What are you getting at?"

Saphira smiled, and Eragon saw right through it.

"Don't go there." He warned. "I've told you already. I don't feel that way about her."

"Whatever you say." Saphira said, shaking her head. "Whatever you say."

"Come on you two!" Annabeth called to them, a few yards ahead of them. "You're taking forever!"

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((I just want to say that i had some help from a friend on FanFiction.net on the past couple of chapters. She is the most amazing editor EVAR! Just wanted to give credit where credit was due,. Smile ))

Chapter Seven

The Things Left Unsaid

"Keep your back straight," Murtagh instructed. "Don't over extend your arm, you'll hurt yourself. That's it! Just like that! Keep it up."

Annabeth was panting heavily and beads of sweat rolled down her face. Every muscle in her body was begging for rest. Murtagh had been teaching her sword fighting for over a month now and she was beginning to wish she never brought up the subject.

Almost a week after Murtagh had helped Annabeth in the kitchens; she had decided to improve on her fighting skills. Murtagh had gladly agreed to help her.

Everyday, when Annabeth was relieved from her duties, they would train for hours until Murtagh decided to stop. Some of the other servants began to gossip about the two, but Annabeth didn't care.

"Let them talk," She had thought. "It's not like they have anything better to do."

Over the time they spent together Annabeth and Murtagh had formed a close friendship, though to the servants it seemed like something more. When they weren't training, they would talk about their lives. Annabeth had learned more about him than anyone else in the castle ever would.

She learned about his father, and how much Murtagh had hated him growing up. She'd learned about the time he spent in the Varden, fighting alongside the famous Dragon Rider, Eragon. She'd also learned something no one but Galbatorix, Eragon and Murtagh himself knew: Murtagh and Eragon were brothers.

The subject seemed to bother Murtagh, and Annabeth could tell that he wasn't always giving her the full story.

But today, when Murtagh ended the lesson, Annabeth didn't stay to talk. She had started out for the woods, but Murtagh stopped her by grabbing her arm.

"Annabeth, is something wrong?" he asked, a mixture of concern and curiosity etched into those normally emotionless features.

Annabeth looked at him over her shoulder. "No. why?"

"Well, it's just that… I've noticed you going into the forest a lot lately. I was just wondering why."

Annabeth's eyes widened. She'd been caught.

"I… I just want to be alone sometimes. That's all." She stuttered.

From the way he looked at her, Annabeth could tell that he wasn't convinced. But he let go of her arm.

"You're not telling me everything," he accused, crossing his arms over his chest.

Her eyes narrowed. "Neither are you." She shot back.

Before he could say anything else, Annabeth took off for the woods.

"Annabeth! Wait!" Murtagh shouted after her, but she was too far away for him to do anything.

When she felt like she was safe, Annabeth opened up her mind and called Stardust. "Star, I think we've been caught. Murtagh started asking questions. We need to be ready tonight!"

"Alright," Stardust responded. "I'll meet you by the cliffs."

"Stay out of sight, and be careful!"

"You be careful, little one."

Suddenly, Annabeth heard a stick crack behind her and Murtagh calling her name. She gasped and spun around.


"Annabeth?" Eragon asked, seeing her spacing out.

Annabeth shook her head, snapping herself back into reality. "I'm sorry. What were you saying?"

Eragon looked at her, his eyes full of concern. "Are you alright? Is something bothering you?"

"I'm fine." She insisted. "I'm just… remembering something…. something from Urû'baen."

"Are you sure?"

She nodded. "What were you saying again?"

Eragon paused for a moment. "I don't remember it now."

Annabeth couldn't help it, she burst out laughing, and he joined in after a moment.

"I'm sorry about spacing out earlier." Annabeth said a minute later. "It's just… Thing's haven't been the same since I left Urû'baen. There have been a lot of things on my mind, and they seem to get worse when I sleep. That's why I've been looking so tired. I haven't really been able to sleep."

"What happened in Urû'baen, Annabeth?" Eragon asked. "What happened that was so bad?"

Annabeth stopped, and closed her eyes to stop herself from crying, wondering if she should tell him or not.

"I made friends with the wrong person," she spoke in a low voice, "and now Isabelle is paying the price for it."

Eragon stood there, and waited patiently. He knew she had more to say.

"Three months ago, Murtagh had helped me out of a situation with two drunken soldiers. He and I had become friends that moment, and it became stronger of the course of two months," she took a breath, clearly trying to control her voice, to control her thoughts, to control herself. "He taught me how to fight, and he opened up to me. I opened up to him as well, which I know realize was stupid. I didn't think any of it would get to Galbatorix…"

She trailed off, and finally let the tears fall. She was tired of holding them back. She was tired of hiding everything. It was time to let it all out – the truth, the tears, everything…

"What did you tell him Annabeth?" Eragon asked softly.

"Everything." She replied, her voice barely above a whisper. "I told him my strengths, my weaknesses, my fears, my dreams. And I was stupid enough to tell him some of Isabelle's personal things. I don't know what came over me. I felt like I could tell him anything. That was my mistake."

She stopped. Tears were flowing down her face now. Eragon took her hand gently.

"Look," he said, "you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

She looked at him. "Yes I do." She said. "I'm tired of hiding things, Eragon. I'm tired of running away from my feelings. I have to tell you, or I can never be myself again."

"We can pick this up again tonight if you want." He suggested.

She squeezed his hand.

"Thank you." She whispered, her voice sounding hurt and broken, and yet grateful and sincere at the same time. "Thank you, so much."

They had stopped later that night. Saphira had gone off hunting, leaving Eragon and Annabeth alone to talk.

They sat near a small campfire, which Annabeth kept poking at with a stick. She needed something to keep her mind occupied until she was ready to talk.

After a few moments, her stick was consumed by the flames. She couldn't avoid it now. She had no choice but to talk. She looked up at Eragon and into his deep brown eyes.

"Alright," She said, "Let's get this over with."

Eragon remained quiet, something she was thankful for.

She cleared her throat, and began, "Like I said, I made the mistake of befriending Murtagh. This is where I learned how to fight, where I learned about what Galbatorix really was, and where I learned about you. He told me everything about you. Where you were from, how you two met, and he told me that…" She hesitated for a moment, now sure if she should say it or how Eragon would react to this. She clearly remembered Murtagh's resistance to this subject.

Annabeth glanced at Eragon. His face was unreadable, but he nodded for her to continue. She took a breath, "H-he told me that you two were brothers."

"Half brothers, actually," Eragon corrected. "He and I share a mother."

"Selena." Annabeth murmured.


"Well anyway, you remember how I told you people had grown suspicious about me always going into the woods. You also remember how I said a soldier started questioning me?"

"That 'soldier' was Murtagh, wasn't it?" Eragon questioned.

Annabeth nodded sadly, her mind going back to that moment. "He followed me into the woods on my last day in Urû'baen. Luckily, Stardust wasn't there. I'd told her to meet me at the cliffs that night so we could escape. He overheard my conversation…" she paused again. "I think I should just show you what happened."

Slowly, she held out her hand with the Gedwey Ignasia to him.

Eragon stared at her outstretched hand for a few moments before reaching out to hold it, his own Gedwey Ignasia glowing as his hand neared hers.

Her hand was tingling and she nearly pulled it away, but it felt good to her. It felt… right, as if it was meant to be. Without another moment of hesitation, the two clasped hands.

After a moment, Eragon's mind was flooded with her memory.

"Star, I think we've been caught. Murtagh started asking questions. We need to be ready tonight!"

"Alright." Stardust responded. "I'll meet you by the cliffs."

"Stay out of sight, and be careful!"

"You be careful, little one."

Suddenly, Annabeth heard a stick crack behind her and Murtagh calling her name. She gasped and spun around.


Murtagh was a few feet behind her, but she didn't move. When he finally caught up to her, his eyes were fixed into a glare that pierced her heart.

"You lied to me." he hissed. "I heard you talking to someone, but only heard the last half of the conversation. You've been meeting someone out here. Who were you talking to?"

Annabeth didn't respond.

"Answer me!" he didn't shout, but his voice held a hidden threat in it, "Who were you talking to? And why have you been coming here so much?"

She remained silent.

"Annabeth, answer me right now or so help me God, I'll…"

"You'll what?" Annabeth questioned. "Anything you do will make you no different than Galbatorix or the rest of his men. It'll just make you the same paranoid, overreacting, dictator! It'll make you like Morzan!"

As usual, Annabeth didn't know when to shut up. Out of the anger and rage that was building inside of him, Murtagh lashed out, and smacked Annabeth across the face, sending her to the ground. She fell hard on the ground, pain breaking out in many parts of her body due to the impact. A sharp rock dug into her arm, breaking the skin. Annabeth stared at the deep gash, blood was oozing out of it.

Annabeth looked up at him, and glared. "I'm sure your father would be very proud of you at the moment, son of Morzan." she spat.

Rage boiled within Murtagh and for a millisecond Annabeth feared him. The pain from her wound was blinding her, and seeing Murtagh, her closest friend towering over her in rage hurt her even more. She could not keep the tears at bay any longer. They spilled out, running down her cheeks.

The anger and the darkness left Murtagh's eyes as he realized what he did. "Annabeth, I…"

Before he could say anything, Annabeth was up on her feet. She stumbled a few steps, but gathering all her energy she ran away from him. Far, far away from him… She headed towards the castle, tears flooding down her cheeks, blood spilling down her arm, her heart aching due to the loss of her dearest friend. She ran with all her might, not looking back once.

The memory ended and Annabeth dropped her hand.

"That night, Isabelle had helped me escape. My second mistake was leaving her behind. Galbatorix caught her in the act, and is now holding her prisoner. I didn't tell her where I was going though, and that is why she is paying the price. Galbatorix had been interrogating her, and hasn't liked her answers."

Pain flashed in her eyes. Eragon took her hand again in a comforting way. She seemed to relax at his touch, and the pain slowly ebbed away from her features.

"What about that night at the cliffs?" Eragon asked.

"Oh." Annabeth said, remembering his dream. "Well, it didn't exactly happen the way you saw it. What happened was that I ran into Murtagh again at the cliffs. He and Thorn were waiting for me. He tried to apologize, and tried to get me to go back with him.

"I felt Star's presence the whole time, and I had this insane idea. I told her to wait at the bottom of the cliffs for me. When I was ready, I leapt off the cliff and Stardust caught me on her back. From there, we flew into the Spine. Then I ended up in Feinster. Whatever happened in between, I don't know."

She looked up to the sky, praying she would see the Star she was looking for. Nothing. Sighing, she let go of Eragon's hand.

His hand had stopped glowing, and the tingling in hers was gone.

"You do realize that idea was totally insane and reckless right?" Eragon asked her. "Jumping off the cliff I mean."

Annabeth smiled at him. "Yep. And there's still a lot of Insanity and recklessness to go around. So get used to it."

"Great." He said sarcastically. "As if I didn't have enough of Saphira's lectures about how I should try and stay away from trouble, and how I was a careless, silly boy doing things without planning."

"I just wanted you to be prepared." Annabeth said her eyes wide with mock-seriousness.

"Thanks for the warning," he rolled his eyes.

"No problem."

There was an awkward silence after that. Neither of them could even think of what to say.

After learning more about, Eragon was beginning to wonder if Saphira had been right. What if he did feel that way about her?

"I don't" he continued to tell himself.

But then again, he did enjoy the time he spent with her, and yes he did think about her a lot.

"But that doesn't mean anything." He continued to argue with himself.

Of course it didn't. So what if he was deeply entranced with her eyes… How the seemed to light up when she smiled, or how beautiful they looked….

Eragon shook his head, hoping to clear it of these useless thoughts.

And there was that whole issue of him just meeting her. They've only known each other for a few days.

A few minutes later, Eragon found himself wondering what Annabeth had felt.

"Stop it." He told himself. "Focus on why we're out here. Not her."

Across from him, Annabeth lay down and closed her eyes.

Saphira returned a few minutes later, to find Annabeth fast asleep and Eragon staring into the fire, deep in thought.

"How was the hunting?" Eragon asked, turning to look at her.

"It could hardly be considered a hunt. It was almost too easy!" Saphira replied. "How was your time with Annabeth?"

Eragon repeated everything Annabeth had told him. Saphira seemed only slightly surprised.

"I expected some of that," She said. "But jumping off of a cliff? That was just insane and reckless." She finished incredulously.

Eragon smiled. "Thanks exactly what I told her."

"So it went well."

"Yes, it did."

For the rest of the night, Eragon let Annabeth sleep and kept watch. Saphira had decided to not tease him about Annabeth for once, which gave him at least one night of peace.

While he kept watch, Eragon stared into the endless blackness above him. The moon was full, and lighting the sky like a beacon. Suddenly, a silver light flashed in the sky. It was a shooting star.

Eragon didn't think much of it at first. But little did he know, he'd be seeing a lot of that star in the future.

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PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:19 pm

Before i continue on, i'm going to do what the usual author does. Basically i have a few questions for all my readers.

What do you think of Annabeth's character?

Any likes or dislikes about her character?

Any likes or dislikes about the story in general?

And a major warning. My next chapter is in Murtagh's point of veiw. This was my favorite chapter to write, but my least favorite to post. a lot of people expect his character to be in character from the books. Seeing as i havn't read the books for a while, and i'm not Christopher Paolini, he will be very much out of character. Sorry!

Another warning being that after the next chapter "Through the Eyes of a Friend" there is going to be a little wait because i'm still working on Chapter 10, "The Stars Align"

any questions?

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Trying to stop war

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PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:03 am

((Oops i mean Eight. lol. Again. Favorite one to write, least favorite to post. I can try to fix it later though.))

Chapter Eight

Through the Eyes of a Friend

Annabeth stood on the rooftop of the castle in Urû'baen. She held a black sword that was coated in blood. Panting heavily, she brushed away a strand of hair that was flowing wildly in the wind and looked around. She was surrounded with a blazing fire. The roar of dragons reached her ears and she could smell the sickening stench of death. It seemed as if blood was flowing in the shape of rivers in the King's dark city.

"Eragon!" She called out with her mind. "Where the Hell are you? We're running out of time!"

"He can't hear you Annabeth." A seductive voice said behind her.

Dread filled her heart as she recognized the voice. She spun around to see Murtagh standing there with Zar'roc in his hand. The blood red blade glowed in the firelight.

"He's busy fighting, and has closed up his mind," He Continued indifferently. "He won't be able to hear you."

"So it's just me and you now." Annabeth said, raising her blade.

"Annabeth, it doesn't have to be this way. We don't have to fight."

"What choice do I have, Murtagh!" She shouted. "We're on opposite sides now, and you're not willing to change that."

"I would if I could, and you know that." Murtagh said, raising his voice to match hers.

"You can, Murtagh, but you just refuse to listen to anyone's suggestions."

"Why do I have to change?" he asked. "There's someone else here who could easily switch sides, if she wanted to."

"No." She said at once

"Look around, Annabeth!" Murtagh lifted his arm and gestured out to the area below them. There was fighting, that was all Annabeth could tell.

"The Varden is losing." Murtagh continued. "The Empire is stronger than ever. If you joined us, we could become even stronger. We could become indestructible! You and I could rule all of Alagaësia when this is over."

Annabeth shook her head. "I won't betray the Varden like you did.."

Murtagh sighed. "Don't you see that they're just using you?" He shouted. "They don't care what happens to you. They only care about what happens to Eragon. He's their true hero. He's their Dragon Rider."

He paused for a moment, and narrowed his eyes. "Unless it's not the Varden you're concerned about."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't care about betraying the Varden. It's Eragon you care about." He realized.

She didn't respond.

"He doesn't care about you either Annabeth. And even if he did, he would never return the love you feel for him. He's using you too. They're all using you to win this war."

"And as if Galbatorix really loves you as a son and would weep continuously if you died," Annabeth snorted, her voice laden with sarcasm.

She tightened her grip on her sword instinctively as realization of what was about to happen came to her mind.

"I won't do it." Annabeth repeated, leaving behind no space for arguments. "I won't betray them. There's nothing you can do or say to change that."

Murtagh sighed, pain and sadness flashed in his eyes. He didn't want to do this, but Galbatorix would have his head if he didn't.

"I'm sorry it has to end this way." He said. He then raised he sword and charged at her.

The last thing he heard was Annabeth screaming…

"No!" Murtagh shouted. He quickly sat up in his bed. Sweat ran down his face and neck, and he was breathing heavily. Never before has a dream done something like this to him.

"Murtagh, are you alright?" a concerned and comforting voice touched his mind. Murtagh recognized it as his dragon, Thorn.

"I'm fine." Murtagh replied. "Just another bad dream."

"You've been having a lot of those." Thorn said. "Was it the same dream?"

"No…It was still about Annabeth, but it wasn't the same dream."

For weeks Murtagh had relived the moment when Annabeth jumped off the cliffs in his sleep. Since then, he had assumed her dead. But these dreams gave him the feeling that she had somehow survived.

"Why is it that you dream about her so much?" Thorn asked.

"….I don't know, Thorn"

It was the truth. Murtagh didn't understand why he kept dreaming of her. Maybe it was guilt trying to eat away at him until he was nothing. Or maybe these dreams were a sign that Annabeth did survive. Or maybe it was nothing. He was unsure.

"I'm going to try and go back to sleep." Murtagh said.

"Alright. Goodnight."


But even as he slept, Murtagh couldn't shake the feeling that his dreams were trying to tell him something. But what was it?

Murtagh awoke the next morning to a knocking on the door to his room. He groggily got up and opened the door to see a servant boy. He didn't look older than nine, had blonde hair, and big blue eyes.

His eyes got wider when he saw Murtagh. "Um… King Galbatorix wishes to see you in the throne room, Sir."

Murtagh nodded. "Thank you."

The boy sighed with relief and quickly left.

"Why do people always act like that around me?" Murtagh wondered.

"The fact that you're the right hand to Galbatorix could contribute to it."

"Right. I don't know why I forget sometimes."

"You seem to have a lot on your mind, so it's understandable." Thorn said. "You better get going though. He won't be happy if you show up late."

Murtagh quickly put on a tunic and strapped Zar'roc to his belt. Then he ran down stairs to the king's throne room. He didn't know exactly what was going on, but he knew it wasn't going to be good. Nothing ever was.

He took a deep breath and walked into the large throne room. The walls were covered by a large map of Alagaësia, and the floors were made of black tile. Ahead of him was a throne, and sitting upon it was the tyrant king, Galbatorix. He was tall, thin and bald with a beard.

(A/N: I'm going by the movie for his appearance, despite its suckiness, since there isn't an actual description of this guy.)

When Murtagh entered the room, Galbatorix stared at him with his piercing black eyes. "Murtagh, thank you for coming so quickly, He said, standing up. His voice made Murtagh's skin crawl even though he should have grown accustomed to it a long time ago.

"Our spies in the south have reported something interesting. You obviously remember Annabeth. That servant I should've gotten rid of years ago."

Murtagh nodded. "Yes my Lord. I remember her."

"Well, there was a good reason why I didn't get rid of her. You and I both know the power her twin possesses. But I've recently just looked into Annabeth's past. I know realize that a power, much like Isabelle's, is now forming inside of her. And her becoming a Dragon Rider will only enhance it.

"What our spies have reported is that she has sided with the Varden, and is traveling with Eragon Shadeslayer. Why? We don't know. That's where you come in."

"I fail to see what I have to do with this, my Lord." Murtagh said warily.

Galbatorix narrowed his eyes. "I'm sending you and Thorn south, you'll be leaving tomorrow. Find Annabeth and bring her here. I don't care what happens to the Shadeslayer. The girl is all that matters now. I must have her and Isabelle together if we plan on winning this war.

"Apart, the girls are powerful enough alone, but when together, their power will be strong enough to bring all of Alagaësia and the Varden to its knees. We must have that power, no matter the cost. Failure is not an option this time Murtagh. Am I understood?"

Murtagh nodded. "Yes your majesty."

Galbatorix smiled, but it was a dark and cruel smile. "Good." He walked back to his throne and sat down. "And think of it this way Murtagh. You'll be able to make up for that little mishap in the Burning Plains."

Murtagh winced as he remembered the King's wrath. "He's never going to let that go."

He then left the king quietly and closed the door behind him. When in the hall, he slid down to the floor.

"He's having you go after the girl isn't he?" Thorn asked.

"Yes." Murtagh said. "What am I going to do Thorn? I can't do this. It's Annabeth we're talking about. There's no way in hell I'll be able to get her here without killing her. And Eragon…"

He paused. He could never bring himself to kill Eragon. Never.

"We're just going to have to deal with it Murtagh. I'm against this just as much as you are. I always like Annabeth. But we can't go against Galbatorix's wishes. We have to do this."Thorn said

"I know. As much as I hate to admit it, we have to do this." Murtagh stood up slowly and walked back to his room.

He hated this. He hated being a servant to that insane dictator! He hated his father for who he was, and deep within his heart, he hated himself. He hated that he let his anger control him, and ended up hurting Annabeth. He hated that he made her leave.

"How are we going to do this Thorn?" He thought, miserably.

"We'll come up with something. But we need to prepare to leave. You heard what he said, we leave tomorrow."

Murtagh nodded to himself. He walked into his room and slowly began to pack for the journey.

"Annabeth, if you can hear me, know that this is not what I want. Forgive me."

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PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:54 pm

Hey guys. Yeah i know its been a little bit since i posted on this, but i'm working really hard to get some of this done. School is like some kinda soul sucking lich........ Buy anyways, i'm posting this to tide everyone over untill i finish this chapter. Its what i have so far. And this part of the chapter takes place after Murtagh has his dream about Annabeth.

Chapter Nine
The Stars Align

The night before, Annabeth had awoken screaming. She had had another nightmare, this one worse than the others before. She wished they would stop, she longed in her heart for her nightly torment to end.
Eragon had jump up from his spot and ran over to her. “Annabeth, it’s alright.” He said, trying to comfort her. “It was just a dream.” It took a few minutes for Annabeth to comprehend that. The dream shook her up so much, she couldn’t think straight.
When she finally calmed herself down, she found herself in Eragon’s arms. She didn’t pull away, like she might’ve done if it were someone else. With Eragon she felt safe, she felt like she could be herself.
“What was the dream?” Eragon asked.
She wiped away the tears the clung to her cheeks, and told him about the dream. “Murtagh tried to get me to join the empire, and when I refused, I…. I think he killed me. I’m not exactly sure. It faded and I heard my screams, so I assume that’s what happened.”
“Is that all that happened?”
Annabeth nodded. “It felt real. But then again, most of my dreams do.”
“It happens to everyone.” Eragon said. “Do you want to switch out?”
He didn’t understand why he even brought that up. Her dark circles had returned and she looked exhausted. He would’ve stayed up and let her sleep, but there was fear in her eyes. The fear of falling back asleep and enduring the hellish nightmares that haunted her.
Annabeth nodded. “Thank you.” She said.
Eragon nodded and laid down in the grass. Annabeth stood up and walked to the small campfire that was still lit. Saphira was asleep as well, so Annabeth was alone tonight. She sat down and stared at the sky. She could see no stars tonight.
She resisted the urge to scream in frustration. She picked up a rock that sat next to her and threw it at a tree.
“Damn it Stardust! Why did you leave me?”
“I didn’t leave you, Annabeth. I’ve been here all along.” A kind and gentle voice said.
“Star, is that you? Where are you?” Annabeth asked, desperate to see her dragon once again.
“I’m not too far, little one. You will see me soon. I promise. But I must go now.”
“Wait! Don’t go!”
“I must. I’m sorry Annabeth. Everything will make sense soon. Trust me.” the voice faded away, leaving Annabeth once again.
Annabeth screamed this time, and let the tears fall. Her heart felt torn apart. She wanted to hit something, yet at the same time she wanted to curl up and cry like she did when she was a child.
Saphira and Eragon both awoke at her screams and came to her side.
“Annabeth, what’s wrong?” Eragon asked, making no attempt to hide the worry in his voice.
“Is this what it was like for Galbatorix?” Annabeth asked through her sobs. “Is this what it was like for him to lose his dragon? Is this what it’s like to be on the brink of insanity?”
Eragon knelt down next to her. “Annabeth, you’re not going insane. I know what you’re going through, and it’s not insanity. You’re not used to being away from Stardust like this.”
“She came to me, Eragon. Her voice came to me, and then left again!”
“What did she tell you?”
“She… She told me that she never left me, and that I would see her soon. But then she left again.”
“She didn’t say when you’d see her though?”
Annabeth shook her head. She closed her eyes then, put her head in her hands, and let out a shaky breath. “What is wrong with me?” she whispered. “I can’t get a grip on anything. I can’t understand these dreams. I can’t remember anything from after I escaped. I can’t even find my dragon.”
Frustration showed in her voice. Eragon put a comforting hand on her shoulder, but it did nothing to ease her pain. “What do you want me to do?” he asked quietly.
Annabeth shook her head. “I don’t know.” She admitted. “I just… I want to be at peace, but my mind refuses to give me it.”
“Would it help a bit if I stayed up with you?”
Annabeth looked up at him again. “That’s sweet of you,” she said. “But I can’t ask you to do that.”
Eragon took her hand. “I want to.” He whispered.
Annabeth’s heart pounded. She could feel her face turning red, and her stomach felt as if it had twisted into a knot. It wasn’t a bad feeling, just strange. She had felt it once before, when Murtagh had saved her, but it wasn’t like this.
She gave into the feeling, she didn’t fight it. “Alright.” She said quietly. Eragon let go of her hand, and the feeling went away.
As the night dragged on, Annabeth kept her mind open and her eyes to the sky. She waited, hoping for some other sign of Stardust. There were none.
But just as the sun began to rise, Annabeth swore she had caught a glimpse of something shining in the sky. She kept it to herself though for two reasons. One, she could’ve been wrong, and it was probably just from her lack of sleep. Two, she probably would sound insane if she did tell.

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Trying to stop war

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Chapter Nine Completed!!!!!!!!!
See! See! I told you I'd get it posted!

Four days passed, and they had finally reached Leona Lake. It was late when they did, so they decided to set up camp on the banks of the lake.
When they had finished, the sun had set. Annabeth sat near the lake and stared up at the sky once again. The night sky was sparkling with stars. None of them were the ones she wanted to see.
Eragon came over and sat next to her. “You can’t keep waiting like this Annabeth.” He said. “She said she’d come soon, but you can’t keep doing this to yourself.”
Annabeth looked at him. “What exactly am I doing to myself?” she asked fiercely.
“You’re driving yourself crazy, Annabeth! You not getting any sleep and you keep yourself up looking for Stardust. She wouldn’t want this for you.”
“I can’t exactly give up either.” She said quietly. “I feel broken without her here, Eragon. I feel weak. I feel venerable. Hoping that she’ll come back is the only thing keeping me together.”
“What if she doesn’t come back?”
Annabeth glared at him. “Don’t you dare say that!” she hissed. She stood up quickly.
“I know you don’t want to think that Annabeth,” Eragon said calmly. “But… You need to. There’s always the possibility that she won’t come back.”
“Stop it!” she shouted. “You think I don’t know that! Hell, it’s one of the only things that bothers me about this. There’s nothing left for me to do but hope.” She turned away from him.
Eragon stood up. “I’m sorry, Annabeth. I’m not telling you to give up. I’m telling you to give yourself a break. If you keep on depriving yourself of sleep, and keep worrying about Stardust the way you are now, things will only get worse for you.”
“What should I do then?” Annabeth asked quietly.
Eragon was about to say something, but a light caught his eye. He looked to the sky and saw another shooting star. “We’ve been seeing a lot of those lately.” He thought.
Then he realized something. “Annabeth, look!”
She turned, and looked up. A bright light streaked across the night sky. “So what? It’s just another…….” She realized it to. She opened up her mind.
“Annabeth? Is that you?”
“Thank the gods!” Annabeth thought. “Where the hell have you been?
“Hold on. I’ll come to you.”
Annabeth watched as the light got closer to them. Within minutes a great silver dragon landed behind them. Annabeth spun around quickly.
It was Stardust. It was her dragon.
Annabeth ran and threw her arms around the dragon’s neck. She’d gotten bigger since the last time Annabeth had seen her. She was almost as big as Saphira.
“I never thought I was going to see you again.” Annabeth admitted.
“You worry too much, little one.” Stardust said. “And besides, without me there would no one around to save your accident prone butt.”
Annabeth rolled her eyes at that.
Stardust looked over at Eragon, and bowed her head. “I thank you, Eragon Shadeslayer, for watching over Annabeth. She can be quite a handful at times.”
“Hey! I’m still here you know.” Annabeth said.
Star ignored her, and looked back at Eragon. “I’ve heard a lot about you and your dragon Saphira. Let me say that I am honored to be in your presence.”
“The pleasure is mine Stardust Bjartskular. It will be nice to see Annabeth happier now that you are here.” Eragon replied.
“Maybe now, she’ll finally get some sleep.” Saphira added.
“As I said before, she worries way too much”
“We’ve both seen that.” Eragon said.
Annabeth put her hands on her hips. “Hello! I can still hear you. Am I completely invisible here?”
“No, not completely.” Star replied with a smile.
Annabeth rolled her eyes again. “Where have you been all this time?” she asked aloud.
Stardust’s smiled faded away. “It is a long story, one I would like to tell you in the morning. Unless you don’t mind staying up.”
Annabeth shrugged. “I don’t mind. I was going to anyway.”
“If you don’t mind, Stardust, I’d like to hear what happened too.” Eragon said
“As would I.” Saphira added.
Star sighed. Overruled by the others, she opened up her mind and began her story.

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PostSubject: Re: Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction   Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:29 am

Chapter Ten

A Dragon's Tale

A/N: Sorry for the late update and the short chapter. I'm just glad I can finally update on this. Stay tuned for more coming up.

"On the day Annabeth planned her escape, we had decided to meet up at the cliffs. We had planned to go straight to the Varden from there. But what we didn't count on was Murtagh being there, and intercepting Annabeth the way he did. She had told me to wait t the bottom of the cliffs for her until she gave me a signal.

"When Murtagh tried to convince her to come back with him, Annabeth called for me, and she jumped from the cliffs, landing on my back. With the setback of being pursued by the Empire soldiers, I took Annabeth to the spine, where she continued our journey on foot.

"But, Annabeth's injuries from the previous day had grown worse. Her cuts grew deeper and increased in both numbers and size. She refused to stop and take care of them properly. She was determined to get out of the Empire for good."

"I wasn't thinking about it at the time." Annabeth admitted. "All I could think about was finally getting out and being free."

"It's because of that that you passed out." Stardust continued. "She had lost a lot of blood, and she was terribly exhausted at the time. I didn't know exactly what to do to help her. Her mind was wide open, and I wasn't about to let it end for her there. I worked my way into her mind, and I guided her to the Varden until she found someone that would help her. Then I left her mind and left your healer, Angela, to help her."

"But that still doesn't explain where you were all this time." Annabeth said.

"I was getting to that." Star replied. "Do you know how my egg came into her possession, Eragon?"

Eragon nodded. "She said she got you through a dream."

"As crazy as that's sounds, that is how it happened. I can't explain it any more than that. I was given to her by a cloaked figure, who by the way is actually a woman, and I hatched for Annabeth when she awoke. That same woman came to my dreams. She said, and I quote, to 'return to Carvahall and find Annabeth's inheritance.'"

"And that's what you did, wasn't it." Annabeth concluded. "All this time, you were in Carvahall."

Stardust nodded.

"Did you find anything?" Eragon asked.

"Only one thing. The town is in ruins now, and it took me days to find what I was looking for." She replied. "Annabeth, under my saddle is what your mother left for you."

Annabeth stood up and walked over to Stardust. On her back was a makeshift saddle Annabeth had made out of pieces of leather the day before she escaped. Tucked into one of the straps was a bundle of cloth. Annabeth pulled it out, and removed the cloth.

Now, in her hands, sat a Rider's sword. The blade was black, with silver runes engraved into it. The pommel of the sword was a clear white crystal held in the grasp of a claw. She held it up in the firelight, trying to get a better look at the runes. Form what little she knew of the Ancient Language, she could tell the sword was called Fate.

The sword didn't feel too heavy, or too light in her hands. It felt perfect, as if she was meant to carry it.

"It belonged to my mother, didn't it?" Annabeth asked. Stardust nodded. "I want to know who exactly this woman is, and how she knows so much about us."

"That makes two of us." Star added.

"First things first," Annabeth drew her old sword and laid it on the ground. "I won't need this anymore." She then sheathed Fate. Now she felt like a Rider.

"Well, I don't know about you two," Saphira said. "But I'm going to sleep." Eragon smiled at that. "I think I'll do the same."

"Me too." Annabeth added. She looked at Stardust. "What about you?"

"I'll stay up and keep watch. You need your rest, Annabeth. There is still a lot more to come."

"What do you mean by that?"

Stardust didn't reply, and before Annabeth could ask again, she closed of her mind. Annabeth sighed irritably, laid down in the grass, and fell asleep.

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Fate: An Inheritance Cycle Fan Fiction
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