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 Whats going to happen??

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Seeing the Tracker
Seeing the Tracker

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PostSubject: Whats going to happen??   Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:41 pm

I wrote a chapter continueing awakened , can you tell me what you think please x?

Chapter 1 - Zoey

I woke up sleepily and happily next to Stark in our palace room on the San Clemente Island in Italy, he was comfortably propped up with pillows reading a book called; Being With The Wind.I couldn't see who it was by. Stark looked well into the book he didn't notice I was awake till I groaned sleepily.
"You awake my lady or are you still sleeping?" He looked at me with caring eyes.
"Im awake now my warrior,how long have you been awake?"
"About half an hour my lady,now go have a shower and get dressed I'll be here waiting,then we need to go see Aphrodite,Darius and the rest of the circle."He Kissed me softly then he went back to reading his book.
I staggered into the bathroom and muttered a simple "kay." then shut the door.The hot shower woke me right up,i wondered Why Stark was so quiet this evening but carried on.I got dressed and came out the bathroom Stark was still propped up by pillows reading.I made the bed to save a vampyre maid doing it(give her a wee break in my room)and cleaned up a bit.
"Did you have good dreams my lady?"Stark asked me without looking from his book.I replied "Acctually I did,"Then I remebered why I was so cheery this evening,my dream was a big flashback of when i was in the tunnel showers with Shaunee and Erin using their elements to make the water warmer and flow faster in the girl showers and i told them off and they pelted me with the elements fire and water Stark wouldn't have liked them pelting me like that.....He interupted my mind babble when he said "What was so happy and joyful in them? i was woken up by how happy you were."
"ohh,you were?It was before the raven mocker attacked me i was with Erin and Shaunee in the Tulsa Depot tunnels the showers were very communal....and we had a fun fight with the elements you know 'cause Shaunee's element is fire and Erin's is water in the showers it was a memory of that."I said the words cheerily
He (finally) put the book down got up and walked over to me smiling and his thumb caressed my cheek."Why don't we go see everyone now?" He asked simply.
I started walking to the door and as always he opened it for me closed it behind me.I was glad he was my warrior mine.
And i'd be super pissed off if anyone thought they could mess with him, like when i was in the otherworld when i saw Stark being hurt i couldn't bear him getting hurt trying to help me,so i pulled myself together and got rid of Kalona.
Stark opened the door to a suite which belonged to Aphrodite for the time being, and before i could blink i was surronded by Damien,Shaunee,Jack and Erin all of which were hugging me tightly.
"Welcome back Preistess" Darius said quickly
"Z! your back"Jack hugged me happily
"Yeah she is" Damien jumped up and down in exitment.
"And we felt the elements---."Erin began
"Go to you and help you." Shaunee finished for her
"Let her breathe now." Aphrodite said sarcasticlly as everyone let go of me.
"Nerd Herd focus , Neferet fooling high council what we doing about it?!" Aphrodite sounded frustrated.I gave Darius a sympathetic look feeling sorry that he puts up with Aphrodite's bitchy attuitude.

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Whats going to happen??
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