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 ~Vampyric Awakenings~ HON Fanfic

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Going about a regular day
Going about a regular day

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PostSubject: ~Vampyric Awakenings~ HON Fanfic   Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:43 pm

~Vampyric Awakenings~ HON Fanfic

Disclaimer: I do NOT in any way, shape, or form own either the HON series or the Fledgling Handbook by P.C. Cast and Kim Doner. Neither do I make any profit off of this fanfiction. This is only intended as pure entertainment, and all credit for the original HON characters, places, magick, etc... goes to P.C. and Kristen Cast. I am only merly burrowing the characters for pure entertainment. All original characters, places, etc from HON is COPYRIGHT to P.C. and Kristen Cast.

Marked /:markt, :makt/ verb 1. a: the act of spontaneous placement of an outlined crescent moon tattoo on the forehead of a human teenager, signifying the beginning of a physiological and sociological metamorphosis which culminates in either vampyrism or death

Oh great. I couldn't believe it at all. Not one bit. A minute ago, I had been listening to my friend talk non-stop about something called Therians. Like I really cared about crazy and insane people who thought they were spiritually an animal inside. Nothing like that could ever exist in real life anyways, so why were these people deluding themselves? But that wasn't what I completly could not believe. At least Therians could be easily explained by things like Transspeciesism and Body Dsymorphic disorders. Vampyres however could not be so easily explained. Sure, scientists and doctors speculated about it over and over again amongst themselves. One thing was certain though there whole genetic stuff made very little sense. After all Vampyrism did not care about race, gender, or even age. Vampyrism also did not care if anyone in your family was a Vampyre before you. Yes, that is what I could not believe as I sat in front of my locker in the upstairs "freshmen" hall.

I opened my small, compact, and bland gray locker- that not even a nine year old could squeeze into. I fumbled around inside for my small mirror that I kept "somewhere" in my locker.

"A ha"

I accidently spoke aloud, when I finally got ahold of my mirror. It was a good thing my bangs were long, and for once I was extra thankful of my persistant acne that always seemed to attack around my forehead region. The girl in the mirror both startled, surprised, and confused me. Where was my persistant acne? Why were my eyes suddenly so vibrant and beutiful? Where did all of the gold come from in my eyes, because they had always been a dark and murky brown? Why was I so pale? Then there was the matter of my Mark. The thing that marked me as what I was now- a vampyre. It seemed to glow on top of my forehead like it branded me as unique, exotic, and beutiful. It was a vibrant light blue color, and it was almost like the sky on a perfect cloudless day. The Mark seemed to make my natural red highlights pop out. The same ones that could only be seen on an extreamly sunny day. My hair was normally a dark brown, and almost ebony black color. Now it was a vibrant reddish brown. A magnificant shade, and the color of hair I had almost always wanted. I say "almost" , because when I was five I wanted to be blonde for some odd reason.


My friend Amanda called to me, and it almost made my ears burst. Normally she was loud, but she was never this loud. Must be the fact that I truely am becoming a creature of the night.

"Hello, are you even listening to me, and just why do you have your hands over your ears like that?"

Amanda yelled at me, and then I began to cough and sputter again. Something that I had been doing since a day ago, and the whole thing was only just getting worse and worse. That only meant one thing. I had to get to the House of Night. My friend knew I was a Vampyre, or rather was going to become one. She had seen the tracker, and me in pain afterwords with a tattoo on my forehead.

"Amanda, I am sorry. You and I both know that I must get to the House of Night. I do not want to go any more than you want me to leave. This is REAL life, and not the bull poopy fantasy world called Therians that you so humbly believe in. I am sorry. I have to go."

My eyes began to tear up at the very reality that I was going to have to leave all my friends, family, and relatives. And for what? I didn't know what went on at the House of Night. No one did. I never saw any of the fledglings, so did they just keep them cramped up in there like a cage? I shuddered at the very thought. My friend seemed to want to hug me. I could tell from her eyes, but like everyone else she too was scared of Vampyres. I was all alone, and now I would have to tell my parents. Something, that they would surely kill me for. They were People of Faith, and to them becoming a Vampyre was like smoking, drinking, and adultry. I shuddered once more at the knowledge that eventually I would have to tell them.

My friend finally mustered up her courage, and managed to give me a weak, pathetic, and little hug.

"You are my best friend, Sakura. Nothing will ever change that. Ever. Not even this. If I have to become a Vampyre, then so be it I will find a way."

I smiled at those words, and I told her thank you the only way I could- through my eyes. Just then the bell rang. Thousands of people ran off to go home. Jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, athletes, band geeks, average joes, and the misfits all left the building. For a brief second I wondered if any of that would be at the House of Night. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long. Today was over, and tommorow would be a new begining- literally.

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~Vampyric Awakenings~ HON Fanfic
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