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 My Fan Fic! *Stevie Rae*

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Going about a regular day
Going about a regular day

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PostSubject: My Fan Fic! *Stevie Rae*   Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:08 am

Ok So dont hate I have only read the first two books and Love them because they're so close to how my wa of talking is. Oh and I am tottaly obssesed with vampires!

[b][i][/center]Stevie Rae's POV
[center]I sighed and starred down at the ground. Elliots grubleming was getting on my last nerve!
"Shut up all ready will you!" I snapped and he looked up at me.
"Shut it Blondey!" He said. "Dont get mad at me because you still like a damn Fledling!" I glared over at the boy and he quickly looked away.
"Better watch what you say or I'll make you regret more than you think!" He hadnt expected me to say something like that when Neferet was behind me.
"So Stevie Rae," She said her voice growing cold. I had gotten used to that. She didn't try to be her sweet self around us now because she knew she controlled us. But she was a fake. I knew she was no goddess, she was just a darn wanna be!
"Stevie Rae did you here me?!? Is it true that you feel love toward one of those damn fledlings?!?" Neferet said.
I could feel Elliot smilling with pleasure as they all watched the scene.
"No," I said not letting it affect me. "Apparently, Elliot Here, has been drinking to much of what we all need." Neferet turned her attention to Elliot and suddenly forgot me. I hated her for turning me into this thing. I hated her for tricking us. I hated it that she was still Zoey's mentor.
"Now Stev-" Neferet cut off when she relized I wansn't there. A peircing scream folowed me threw the tunnels.
"Damn," I muttered but quickly shut up. I didnt want to be followed. I didnt want the witch after me. I knew I could only hide in the tunnels for now because it was still a few minutes before the sun went down. I let out a sigh and stared at the wall infront of me. I really wanted to kill Heath, but at the same time...I knew I couldn't. Zoey would come here I knew it....
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My Fan Fic! *Stevie Rae*
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