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Accidentally blowing your friends over with Air
Accidentally blowing your friends over with Air

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PostSubject: Journal,    Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:55 pm

Hi, this story is about a young girl, named Jainna, 14 years old. She went on a walk to go and find a place to write in her journal, but she got lost. After about three hours of worrying, she finally found a place that looked like their could be people with directions, so she could just go home. But their was nothing but a big field and fountain.


I walked up to the fountain. It was beautiful! But I couldn't marvel at it now, because it was getting late, and I just wanted to go home. I looked everywhere, I couldn't find anyone. jeesh, this is bad,
wait! I could try my cellphone, maybe... No reception, just as I thought. I couldn't go back to try and find my way home now, I looked at my cellphone clock, it was 8:32pm. I didn't have enough time to do that, I would just have to find someplace comfordable to stay for a while. I settled for the fountain in the middle of the field. What would I do? I looked into my bag for something to do, or eat (man, I was starving) I found my journal, might as well write for a bit (that's what I originally wanted to do, but then, I got lost, etc. etc...) So, then I flipped to my last entry, read it over, and then started to write.

Dear Journal (I'm not one for "Diaries")

I almost thoguht to start calling you 'diary' but, I guess that's from being around my friend
jamie too much (jamie is really girly) so, anyway, I'm sort of stranded at a weird park with a really nice fountain that I'm
sitting on the edge of right now. I've been thinking a little about joining the student voice club at school, but
I don't want any weird rumor's going around. I don't want to bring my opinions into school matters...
So, maybe I won't, math club would probably be safer. I'm so hungry, I haven't ate since lunch
well, i get back to you in a couple of hours.

I put my journal down. It was getting dark, and I was getting scared. Just then I heard a crakle (if thats a word) in the woods. "Who's there?" I asked, confused. No one answered, for about five minutes I just stood there. Then I decided to go for it, I ran around, looking with haste. Then, i gave up. I started to walk back to the fountain when I heard it again. The 'crackle'.
"Seriously, if anyone is out there, please show yorself or something, I'm here alone, and I'm lost..." I said. I waited for a second. then, I saw it, in the distance, a shadow. Just then, a large person figure stepped out of the woods, wait a second, it looks almost as if the figure had... Wing's? it turns out I was right, i was a, a, I couldn't bring myself to say it. A faerie stepped out of the woods
I had to blink to make sure that's what I saw, and yes, I was correct. I was scared now, and confused. I waited until it was about ten feet away from me.


"Hello," The 'faerie' said, the thing had a scary, yet with a touch of elagence like voice.
"uh, hi... Who are you, correction, what are you?" I said sounding half angry-half confused
"I am a faerie, and all that's happened to you, I have done" said the thing, I mean faerie.
"What do you mean? me getting lost?" I said
"Yes, that was me, I got you lost, and now, you're stuck here" said the, um faerie. "And your next question will be, 'oh, why did you ever do this to me?' will it?" the faerie said with a very bad impression of me.
"Uh, ya" I said
"Well, it's because I will need you for something, and that something is I am, for all I know, am the only faerie left on this planet, the rest, are dead." the faerie said, then continued, "and you will become a faerie, because I said so, and the path to becoming a faerie, is hard" the faerie finished. This is bad, why me? I didn't even want to ask. My next move will speak mush louder than words.
I ran.

I ran as fast as I could into the opposite direction of the 'thing/faerie' I didn't even look back to see her reaction, I ran until she plopped right in front of me, I was dumfounded, scared, emotionless, etc, etc. She had an evil look on her face. Pure evil.
"Think you could run, huh?" the faerie said. I didn't answer, all I did was run in the opposite direction. But, again their she was, in frint of me.
"I don't have all day, you know" the faerie said. I had no energy left in me.
"What do you want? I don't want to be a faerie! And I don't care about what you think! Find someone else! I'm only fourteen!" I said, now I started to cry.
"Oh, yes you will, I chose you and I won't go back on my word, to myself" The faerie said.
"You can't make me!" I said
"Oh, yes I can" Then, the faerie looked at me with evil eyes
"You will now start to become a faerie" The faerie said. Then, I screamed. Like a girl in a horror film. I... I... am getting so tired. Why? Oh, ya the faerie kinda got all glowy and such, and somehow... made me very... very... *yawn... tired. my screaming stopped. The lights went out.

I woke up to a giant gleaming light. I now remembered everything. The faerie stood over me.
"Good morning, ready to talk?" She sounded annoyed.
"Talk? What?"I said questionably.
"About stuff. you becomeing a faerie, yadda, yadda, yadda" The faerie said
"I don't want to be a faerie!" I said. After about five minutes of arguing, I finally had an idea.
"Fine. If, I so happened to let you tell me, or change me, or whatever into a faerie, I have a deal I'd be willing to offer you" I said
"Well, I could just force you to be one, and beleive me, I would, but I am half good, half bad faerie, so. What's the deal?" the faerie said.

"The deal would be, if I let you change me into a faerie. You must let me do this: You must let me have all day access to my journal, and family" I said.
"Whoa, uh, k, no!" Teh faerie said. What? I was letting her completely change my life, and she couldn't do this one simple thing for me? One word: Unfair!
"How about this: I give you full access to your journal, but you can only see your family five times a year, and, they won't see you, you'll only see them, because you'll be a faerie, and you'll look like you, but very different." The faerie said. I thought for a second, it was a bad deal, but if that's the only way,
"Fine." I said. "But can you tell me your name at least?" I continued.
"Yes, were finally getting along," she said. 'the first I've ever gotton along with anyone' I thought I heard her mutter. "Anywho, my name is, Zairaita (zayr-ate-a)" The fae-I mean Zairaita said.
"Okay, my name is-"Zairaita cut me off
"I know your name already, it's Jainna (J-ai-na) now, isn't it?" Zairaita said, after cutting me off.
"Ya, well, let's get this over with" I said.


"Okay, first I think I must tell you that this place is gated, and... ya, so, first you'll have to go five days with no food or water, then step two is, re-genaration. That's where I come in, I will change you by giving you one third of my powers, that will be easy for me to gain back, for me, but, for you, well, it will at first, feel like a hundred bolts of energy, then, you will feel the painful part, then the emotional power is where your life will flash before your eyes, then finally, the ending. And the final step, is probably the hardest, you will get all of that power plus more, and you don't have to go to some weird 'faerie school' or something, it all comes to you at the ending part. Then, your a faerie" Zairaita finished.
"What if I die in any of that???" I asked curiously. I think I asked a good question, with a good meaning and all.
"Oh, you won't, cause I watch you the whole time" Zairaita said.
"Will I see you?" I asked
"Frequently." Zairaita said. "Just say the word when your ready, it's all to your conveinence, of course." she said sarcastically. I decided to ignore it.
"Okay. I'm ready."I said, half bravely.

"Now, I will leave you too yorself for a while, see you soon" Zairaita said. And then she flew back into the woods.
"Wait! Ugh..." I said. This will be hard. I decided to write in my journal. it was the only thing to do, what else would I do?


I started. then I told my journal everything. it took up ten pages! Anyway after I told it everthing I started to write what I was feeling.

I'm scared, it's already been three days and I'm starting to cough. A lot. And it hurts, everything.
what am I going to do? I'll just have to bore you to tears (if journal's can cry...) becasue I'm going to be writing in you 24/7.
I am SO HUNGRY. But instead, I thought I tell you some more, well im at the fountain, where I last left you.
But instead, this time, I'm becoming a faerie. What will I be like? Will Zairaita leave me, or something?
Or, what I am secretly woundering is... Will she kill me?
But I'd never tell her that. I hope she can't read this.
Well, I think I'll try to fall asleep.
Beleive it or not, I still have my phone, and the time is, 1:57am.

I put the journal down. I had a long night ahead of me. it was painful to fall asleep, very. So I decided to stay up. i wounder what Zairaita told my family and the public. Maybe she told them I was missing, or dead? I wanted to find out so I could just sleep.
"Zairaita?"I said.
"Yes, Jainna?" I heard her say.
"Where are you?" I said.
"In the bushes. Don't come near." Zairaita said.
"Okay..." I said. "What will you tell everybody. or what did you tell everybody?" I continued.
"I already told them, well not me directly. They got a call... anyway I said that you were killed becasue you go lost and then fell off a cliff." Zairaita said.

"Cool..." I said. then it was almost as if she faded away. Three hours later I couldn't fall asleep, because I was so worried, mean, ya I was anxcious and maybe a little exited for my new,
endless life. But now I couldn't stop myself from crying, I cried. I am going to miss my family, friends, and dog (little georgey, aw!) but I couldn't think forever. I faded into a deep sleep.
My dream was me as a faerie. I was beautiful. There was really no story, just me.
The next morning was hard, correction, the next day ws hard. It was my last. I felt like dying. Maybe iI was. But just then, Zairaita walked out of the woods.

"Hello, Jainna. You are done this step. It's time for step two" Zairaita said. Before I could say anything everything that Zairaita said was true. All the feelings, everything. But through all of this I could still smell the damp grass, then, I saw my life before my eyes, it was the most painful thing ever. but not painful physically, it was mentally. I would miss them, and only see them five times a year.
Then, the ending. It felt like everything that happened was all shot at me. And I knew it was done.
"Congradulations" Zairaita said, wow I felt like a new person. I was a faerie, wow. Wow seemed to be the only word I could say now. Wow.
"We will now go and wonder the world. You are done, well done" Zairaita said.


~And we did, we wandered the world. It was so fun, my powers are amazing. I wrote everything in my journal, it was my old life, and new life all in one journal. And, like Zairaita promised, I saw my family five times a year (although sometimes she raises it to seven, or nine times) I had a wounderful life. After about one thousand years Zairaita died. Why? Well, she fell of a cliff. And then I lived another thousand years, then I died. How? Well,I had company through my thousand years, I made some other faeries. Some died, but the last one I saw swore she'd continue the faerie genoration.
She also wrote in a journal (I sort of started a trend) as for my journal, well I go to keep it even in the faerie afterlife, just as Zairaita promised.


Thank you for reading, please comment.

-vampire child

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Eavesdropping on her conversation
Eavesdropping on her conversation

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PostSubject: Re: Journal,    Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:01 pm

sounds interesting.
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