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 my life just got ruined....

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should i continue???
awesome keep going
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could be better
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it okay
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this sucks
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i could care less at the moment
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this sucks
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i could care less at this moment
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Discovering you have an affinity for Water
Discovering you have an affinity for Water

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PostSubject: my life just got ruined....   Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:20 pm

Um well this is a new story I'm working on hope you like it. Please comment. It would help a lot.....

My life just got ruined
I woke up one morning finding myself on the floor with my black and red hearted blanket over my head.
"Anna!?! Get up already!!!" yells my mom downstairs making breakfast, just than I hear my twin brother Alex getting up. I get up and make my bed. I padded to my bathroom. I take a long shower; I get out wrap the towel around. I brush my teeth and comb my thick blonde hair and put it into a messy ponytail before I pick my clothes for today. I chose a black t-shirt with skinny jeans, a gray hoodie and black and red high-tops. I get my backpack and head downstairs. I find my brother in a yellow t-shirt and jeans with colorful high-tops on.
"No comment yet?" I ask him while get my lunch and bowl of cereal before I had to go to the worst place in the world.....high school.
"Well I guess I could comment today," Alex says smiling at me sweetly. “You gone emo yet Anna."
"Done that, smarts." I say finishing my breakfast. I get up and walk to the living room to see what the weather was going to be like today.
"And another kid died just last night from the same gang group called the Killers." said the anchor man on the news. That was happening a lot now since the police have become such idiots in this small town. I give up trying to finding out what the weather was like and just go out to my car and wait for Alex to get his butt into the car. When Alex finally comes there’s about 15 minutes until school starts. He gets in and I turn on my music loud so there couldn't be a conversation again like yesterdays. When I pull into the school parking lot it was sunny like always. I of course see all the "cool" kids standing right in front of the school like always. I get out followed by Alex who goes by his friends while I sit on the hood of my black fusion ford car; I put in my headphones and listen to some rap and heavy metal. I can't hear anyone and they don't see me just like always until I hear a small thud against my car. I look up into seeing a guy I hate the most, my ex-boyfriend Noah. I glare at him and say
“what do you want??" I hiss at him through clenched teeth. He smiles and motions for me to take out my headphones. I do of course to hear all the wonderful crap he has to say to me.
“I want to go out with you again." he says happily.
"No" I say clearly and walk away into the school just as the late bell rings. I go to my locker and pull out my English and start trudging to my class. I sit down just as she was coming to my name for lunch a-count.
“Cold." I say not even paying attention to the idiots in my school, but i do catch this.
“Cold totally describes her personality." says someone from my class in the back. I shake it off and open my notebook to a blank page and start drawing a Punk-Rock heart. It my signature everywhere, I even came up with it. For that hour or so of learning I’m drawing this over and over again. 'I can get the notes from Alex later' I thought to myself as I get up and the bell rings for 2 periods. I go to my locker and find a note sticking out the bottom. I grab it and stuff it into my pocket while I grabbed my lit. stuff. I get to class just as the bell rings for class to being. I sit down and open my notebook and write some of the notes down before i put my headphones in. I get a tap on my shoulder I turn around and see Noah again. 'This day is getting worse and worse' I thought. He passes me a note, I sadly read it. it said" sorry about last year, will you go to the movies with me Saturday to see 2012???" I write back “Nope got skate ramps to go to." I pass it back to him, he reads it and writes something down. he hands it back and it reads," well can I come with you??" I write”do whatever you want just leave me alone the rest of the day." I write." I hand it back and he has this idiotic grin on his face after he reads this. It looked like he was about to say something and that’s when the bell rings. I rush out of the room before he could say it to me. ‘Saved by the bell, never thought I would ever have to say that.' I thought to myself while getting to my locker to get my gym clothes to change into. When I got to the locker room I change into a red t-shirt with a black heart in the middle. I put on black shorts and walk into the gym when they start picking teams for baseball. I get picked last and put on my twin brother’s team. I'm last up to bat. I get a strike the first time. When the balls coming at me the second time I concentrate and hit the ball dead center. I run to first than get to second base. 'That was miracle’ I thought to myself as J.T. goes up to bat. He hits it and it hits me right on the head. I fall over and I hear Alex running over to me. He has an ice-pack and puts it on my eye. So on I can't handle all the closeness and I get up and stalk over to the dugout my Mr. Hariston the P.E. teacher. I sit down and put my headphones in and start texting my only friend who’s in Catholic school who’s just like me in personality and style. I text her 'what’s up??' I don't get a replay so put my phone away and start listening to my music. Just then I feel a hand touch my shoulder. I shudder from a distant memory. I look up to seeing J.T. coming to sit next to me. I take out my headphones and wait for an apology.
"Sorry about that." he says. I just shrug and say.
“happens all the time." not looking at him.
“I saw Alex come to your aid again, you guys dating??" he asks.
I go wide eyed and say" why would I date my twin you moron."
"Your twins!?! Never would have think it." he says getting up to stretching. "Come sit with me at lunch today Kay?" he walks away without an answer coming from my lips.
"Whatever I don't even eat in the cafeteria." I mutter as he walks away to his buddies. I get up and start walking to the locker room when the bell rings and I change and grab my lunch from my locker and walk outside and sit under the blenches. I find my spot and sit down. I open my lunch to finding a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and water. I grab a pen from my pocket and start drawing on my arm. Just then a hear the grass squish under someone’s feet. It’s Alex. He sits down next to me with the same exact thing. I nod at him and keep drawing.
"Why do we always do this??" he asks me.
"Because this is the safe place." I say while still drawing.
"Well yeah I know it’s the safe place but why don't we just eat here instead of in the cafeteria??" he asks.
"Because this is the place we got our powers." I say looking up with a sad look on my face. 'There I said it' I thought to myself.
"You mean this???" Alex asked putting his hands right in front of my face. Just then out of nowhere flames started coming out of his hands.
"Yeah.....that." I say looking away and start drawing on my arm again.
"Well are you going to show me your power Anna?? You keep avoiding it." Alex says.
"Fine....I'll show you." I say standing up and start thinking about dark wings and red eyes with fangs. I also think about a black and red bow and arrows. When I open my eyes again and I hear a gasp and beating wings. "Well??" I ask staring right into my brothers eyes.
"t-that’s scary." he says looking at my bow and arrows.
"Well yeah..... Now you see why I want to be left alone." I say. Just then memories start popping into mind that I have been trying to forget about.

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my life just got ruined....
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