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 Just Because Your My Mate Doesn't Mean I Like You! Chapter 1

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black rose
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Being Chosen by Nyx

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PostSubject: Just Because Your My Mate Doesn't Mean I Like You! Chapter 1   Tue May 03, 2011 7:27 pm

Hey guys!!!! So I have been thinking about this new idea for a story!!!! Tell me what you think about it!!!! I hope you like it as well!!!!


Black Rose

Just Because you’re my Mate Doesn’t mean I like You.

Chapter One:

“ No!! please… Stop! Don’t hurt them” I shouted in my dream, but this wasn’t a dream… this was a nightmare… THE nightmare. I jolted up right in my bed noticing I that I was drenched in sweat and so were my sheets. Calm down Dakota. Everything is ok, It was just a dream. I thought to myself as I got out of my four poster bed and walked to my bathroom.

I looked into the mirror and saw that my long blonde hair was in a huge birds nest and that I had small dark circles under my blue-grey eyes. I groaned because I knew that I shouldn’t have stayed up late because I knew I would get dark circles under my eyes. I washed my face quickly then turned on the shower to take a quick shower before school starts.

Once I got done with my shower I wrapped a towel around my slim body and started making my ways toward my closet. But when I was walking toward my closet I passed my window and saw that the sun was just starting to rise. But that isn’t what caught my eye, what did catch my eye was that there was a wolf walking by the edge of the forest near my house. But with a blink of an eye it was gone. I just shook my head thinking that I was imanging things and that’s it.

Once I got to my closet I grabbed my black skinny jeans, a purple v-neck t-shirt, and my favorite purple converse.
I made my way down stairs and walked into the kitchen making me a bowl of Honey Nut Cherrios., I grabbed my bowl and took it to the table that was net to a window that over looked the backyard.

I started eating my breakfast in the slience of my house and I realized that I was all alone and that my parents were still out of town.

Now, I know what your thinking, why is a seventeen year old girl all alone in her parents GIGANTIC house. Well you see my parents are famous authors that travel around the world going to book signings and giving speeches. So that means I am stuck in this house all alone. They always say they will come back but I highly doubt that, the last time they visited me was five years ago and they haven’t came back sense then.
After I finished eating my cerial I grabbed my bag off the kitchen counter and made my way to the garage. I hope into my black Porsche and made my way to the h*** of a school I go to. You see all the girls at school hate me for some un-known reason and all the guys stare at me like I am prize for them to win at a carnvel. I only have about three trust worthy friends that don’t use me because I am rich.

Once I parked my car in it usually place in the schools parking lot, I started walking towards the school. And as usually I got glares from about every girl there and I had about all the guys staring at me with lust in their eyes, it was DISGUSTING seeing them look at me like that. I ignored the glares as best as I could and made my way over to my group of friends who were sitting at a table under a huge maple tree.

“ Hey guys how’s it going?” I asked as I took my usually spot next to Sam.

“ Nothing much just wishing that today was already over.” Sam told me while he slung an arm over my shoulder.

Sam had dark brown hair, almost looked black, that were in spikes. And he had dark blue eyes and he was tan considering we didn’t get much sun here in Nebraska.

“ I agree with you there, man” Brian said agreeing with sam.

Brain had blonde shaggy hair with deep brown eyes. He is 5’9 and he is also just as tan as sam. Man, how are these guys so tan?!?!?!

“ What are you guys planning something that I don’t know about?” I asked wearily while looking at Sam’s and Brian’s face.

“ Nope just going to your house that’s all.” Hannah told me with a grin on her face.

Hannah had long brunette hair and she was just as tall as me, 5’4, and she had hazel eyes that sometimes changed from blue to grey.

“ Oh, so you just assume that you guys can come over?” I said teasingly at them.

“ Well yes considering you have a huge house all to yourself.” Brain said while giving me a grinning at me.

“ Ok, I guess you guys can come over….” I sighed dramticly

“ Oh you know you love our company!” Sam said while nudging me with his shoulder.

“ Ok yeah your right.” I said nudging him back but harder cause him to glare at me while I just smiled at him.


“ Oh goody another day of h***” I said sarcasticly.

“ Oh it’s not that bad.” Hannah said while rolling her eyes.

“ Oh well at least half of the school doesn’t hate you.” I said while groaning as we walked to our homeroom.

“ That is very true.” Hannah said while linking her arm through mine.

I had homeroom with Hannah and that’s it out of my group of friends. But I had at least one of them in everyone one of my classes, except for my last class gym, so that was a good thing.

We said out good byes to each other as we made out way to homerooms. And like usual boys tried hitting on me and I just blew them off. But some of the boys actually hated me, not because I blew them off but because I didn’t join their pack, Yeah I am warewolf. But see most of the people in my school were warewolves and in the same pack except for me.

I refused to join any pack so I am alone she-wolf, and I am damn proud too!

I made my way to lunch after 3rd period. I was glad that today was almost over, I hate coming to a school where everyone hates you.

I found the same table we sat at this morning but instead I sat down next to Hanna. We talked about how our day was going and what we are going to do at my house. We all decided to car pool into my car, seeing I was the only on with a car.

4th,5th,and 6th period flew bye fast. I barely paid attion on to what was going on but I got the homework assignmeants and that’s it.

My last class was gym and I loved gym, but most of the girls hated gym because they get all sweaty but I could care less. So I changed into the school colored gym clothing ( black shorts and baby blue tank top.) and made my way out of the changing room and into the gym so I could warm up.

Today we would be doing a short warm ( running laps for 10-15 mins) everyone groaned but I couldn’t help but smile because I love to run!
I was near the top of the group when we were running, and I wasn’t even running fast this was like a jog to me and the humans were all breathing hard and all sweaty while I didn’t break a sweat. After we ran we rested for a bit then we made out way back to the air condition gym.

Once we all made it into the gym the couch told us we would be doing group work for the next few weeks, so he told us to get into groups of 2 and no more then two.

Everyone got into groups of two, but I just stood looking at everyone and they were all getting excited as to why we would be needing another person for gym ( we never had groups or teams unless they required them) and once everyone got paired up I noticed that I still didn’t have a partner. I looked around to find that only one other person wasn’t paired up and I really didn’t want to be his partner.

I sighed and made my way over to him, the wired thing was he was looking at the whole time with his deep blue eyes.

“ Want to be partners.” I said in a monotone voice. He studied me for a minuet and then his smirk appeared on his face. Man I wish I could slap that smirk off that jerks face!

“ Sure.” He said as he sat down on the gym floor. I sighed and sat down next to him. As I was sitting down our legs brushed togeather sending electric shock through me and it felt amazing. I looked up to see him staring at me with the same emotion in my eye courius and shocked most of all.

Crap! Pleas don’t tell that he is my mate I thought.

Hey guys!! I have had this idea for a while idk how it is going to turn out though! But yeah! I hoped you enjoyed it! And i know this isn't about vampires but i want to know what you guys think!! so anyway enjoy!!!!!

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Just Because Your My Mate Doesn't Mean I Like You! Chapter 1
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