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 The Curse of the Dragon Warrior (PG-13, romance, action, fantasy)

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Finally mastering Fire

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PostSubject: The Curse of the Dragon Warrior (PG-13, romance, action, fantasy)   Sun May 08, 2011 2:57 pm

Thought I might as well post this here too. Been working on this... I don't know, I guess this is the second year I'm writing this story.
So, here we go

Name: The Curse of the Dragon Warrior
Author: Erinacchi
Fandom: Lordi (a Finnish monster band) (I've got a bunch of own characters)
PG-13 but I try to keep cussing low
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Lordi members (Lordi, Amen, Awa, Kita, OX, Otus, Enary, Kalma) or the references to other book series or movies. My own characters are my own creations.
Other info: Includes a lot of Star Wars and Friends parody. Some parts clearly inspired by HoN (naturally). The location of the story is fully created by myself (i.e. there's no town named Dark Springs in Yorkshire, England).

Other than that, enjoy.

Not so long time ago, in a planet not so far away...

The Curse of the Dragon Warrior ep. I

The world is about to face a war again. The Chinese Dragon warriors have already noticed it, so they have sent their keepers of peace all around the world. It is, however, very unsure how the plan will work. The enemy is cunning and will not surrender easily.

Somewhere in Northern Yorkshire there is a little town of Dark Springs that lives in peace, not knowing the crisis of the planet. The first-year high schoolers of local high school are just about to take a little trip to a Medieval castle nearby. Everyone is excited, but no one can even guess what kind of a turn the trip will make in their lives...

Chapter one: Alice Gets a Nasty Surprise

“Right, does everyone have the paper with your parent or guardian’s signature?” the history teacher, Mr. Hale, asked. Everyone in the class seemed to have them, because there was a terrible rush to his desk to give them. “Good, now give them to me – like you obviously understood – and then go to the hall doors. I will meet you there in a minute.”
The whole class ran to the hall as fast as they could, except Alice Geller and her best friend, Tia Mohammad. They walked down in peace, with no hurry. As they walked down, they were having a conversation about this school trip, which was the first with this history teacher, and the first in the whole school term.
“Did you know that there was a medieval castle in that forest?” Tia asked. “I didn’t. And where did Mr. Hale catch the idea of taking us there? Not that I would mind, though.”
“I didn’t know either”, Alice answered. “I only know that I’m not supposed to go there to the forest. I had to beg my Grandma over and over that she would let me go. Mama and dad had nothing against me to go there, but as you know, Grandma’s a little superstitious.”
The girls laughed. What could possibly happen on a dull school trip like this one was? The forest was completely free from predators like bears and wolves, and Bigfoot didn’t apparently enjoy it there, either. Not that Bigfoot would’ve actually been there in Yorkshire. But the point was that Alice’s grandmother was way too protecting to her granddaughter. Alice was sixteen, old enough to take care of herself.
Mr. Hale checked out that everyone was there. Then he led the herd to the bus and they started the bus trip. The boys started to sing naughty songs almost immediately when Mr. Hale had fallen asleep (he always did on bus trips that took over half an hour). Girls kept blushing for the naughty words, everyone except (of course) Alice and Tia, since they both thought boys to be even more childish than Tia’s four-year-old brother.
“Hey Chink, wanna suck my thing?” the most annoying boy in their whole high school, Laurent Blake, asked Alice. She only gave him a vicious look. Sure, Laurent was harmless, but sometimes Alice hoped he actually belonged to the “evil side” so she could have a proper reason to avoid him. Laurent Blake was a hell of a racist, and he tortured Alice and Tia the most, because Alice was half-Chinese and thus exotic-looking, and Tia was a Muslim from Egypt, plus her mother was Italian.
Alice looked quite normal for her age. She was a little chubby, quite tall, round-faced girl with big, dark brown eyes and a kind smile. Her hair was quite long and black. She hadn’t bothered to dye it to any other color, like most black-haired girls in their class did. She liked to read and she loved Japanese pop music. Of Chinese music (which her grandmother tried to persuade her to listen to) she liked only a Taiwanese pop group Ice CreaMusume, Coco Lee and Jackie Chan. Tia sometimes said that Alice looked like Morning Musume’s Chinese member Junjun.
Tia, on the other hand, was a quite short and thin girl, with rich olive-toned skin, dark brown hair and dark eyes. She usually left home with wearing her Muslim clothes, but she always changed them to normal clothes at school’s lady’s room. Her dad was not supposed to know about it, because he was a devoted Muslim. Tia, on the other hand, was free-minded and opened to other cultures. And she hated her Muslim clothes, because they were so uncomfortable. Lucky to her, her dad didn’t make her wear a burqa.

Mr. Hale didn’t wake up until the bus had stopped. The boys stopped singing naughty songs at once, much to Alice and Tia’s relief. Mr. Hale was the first one out of the bus, and as the old man he was, he checked again that everyone was there. Then he said that the forest and the castle were ancient, or “old beyond their years”, as Mr. Hale put it, so they were not to disturb the peace they had. As he said it, his eyes flashed at Laurent Blake and his stuck-up flock of sycophants. Alice and Tia used big words like that when they talked in place with people around. Mostly teachers knew what the words meant, so they were quite safe with using them. (A sycophant – a servile flatterer)
“Oh please, what could we be disturbing?” Laurent asked with his I’m-so-superior kind of voice.
“The birds and other animals in the forest”, Mr. Hale snapped. “In the castle… you do not want to know.”
Tia glanced at Alice. Sure, they were curios about the thing they could disturb in the castle, but they couldn’t ask about it when the other class was hearing. It wouldn’t ever end the bullying. So, Alice and Tia only chatted a little about their speculations (vampires, werewolves, ghosts and mummies, mostly) as quietly as they could. Yes, they both loved to study different mythologies and stories, and especially Alice loved horror stories.
The walk to the castle took about ten minutes; ten absolutely horrible minutes, since the boys didn’t shut up even for five seconds, and the girls whined all the time how the walk ruined their lovely latest-fashion shoes. “Too bad”, Tia whispered to Alice. But all the whining ended when they saw the castle. Most girls screamed with horror, and guys were “wish there lived some hot vamp chicks”. Alice whispered to Tia that it reminded her of Dracula’s castle in Transylvania. Tia answered that better Dracula’s castle than Palazzo dei Priori in Twilight saga. They both giggled; most girls in their class were obsessed about Twilight saga and Edward Cullen, which Alice thought to be ridiculous and Tia pathetic. When it was about vampires, Alice preferred a lot those vamps in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. But she didn’t prefer vampires to other creatures that people usually called monsters. She liked them all equally, as well as did also Tia, although she wasn’t to show it at her home. Her dad thought that Alice’s interest to monsters was almost satanic. “And the cows fly”, Tia always said. She loved especially mummies, for some reason. Maybe it was because she had been born and lived in Egypt for some years before her family had moved to Dark Springs, Yorkshire.
“Now, everyone please be quiet”, Mr. Hale said. “We are allowed to walk around here and study some certain places, but we are not allowed to disturb our host, who apparently tries to work here. So, everybody quiet!”
“He sounds like Ashley Tisdale in first HSM”, one of the snob girls, Venus Sanders, said quite loudly and giggled. “Of course, you Dorkamese Twins don’t understand what I’m talking about”, she added to Alice and Tia.
“Actually, Venus, we do”, Alice said. “Just because we’re not ‘OMG Zac Efron is so f-ing hot’ sort of girls doesn’t mean we don’t know who Ashley Tisdale is.”
It made Venus and her sycophant herd fall silent for a long time. Tia was almost mimicking Venus and her best friend’s, Sophie’s, special handshake, when Alice interrupted her, “No, we ain’t doin’ that.”
“Oh, yeah, we do it like this”, Tia agreed and they first clapped each others’ hands two times and then said “bang!”
“I thought I asked you to shut up”, Mr. Hale said, sounding not like his usual sort of elegant self. At least he never used words “shut up” as civilized as he was. “So, let’s get in. As you can see, this castle was built in the Medieval times, however, it was reconstruated shortly after Queen Victoria started to rule…”
“He really loves Queen Victoria”, Alice said quietly to Tia, who completely agreed. Mr. Hale really was a Queen Victoria freak. They walked in the corridors quietly. Even Laurent Blake had shut up. The only noise there was were their footsteps and Mr. Hale’s voice talking. Alice quickly noticed that Venus Sanders was wearing her headphones. Alice could’ve bet for one hundred pounds that Venus was listening to some disgusting Jonas Brothers or something exactly like them. The Jo Bros were the only ones she loved more than Zac Efron. Actually, when Alice looked around, the only ones who were listening to the teacher were her, Tia and the geek-boy of the class, Charlie Miller. It was so typical. Well, if there was going to be a test, Alice, Tia and Charlie would be the only ones with good grades. Again. It was something they had already got used to.
“What do I have to bet that Mr. Hale will have a test about all this?” Tia whispered to Alice.
“Nothing, ‘cause he will”, Alice answered, whispering as well. “I miss our previous history teacher. He never had tests, and he was a lot younger.”
“And cuter”, they said at the same time. Mr. Hale was now talking about the paintings on the walls. It was so totally utterly boring that Alice and Tia were quickly distracted. None of the paintings seemed interesting, not until they got to the largest one there. It represented a pretty Asian girl and a somewhat mean-looking demon holding each others’ hands and looking so deeply in love that it sent Alice cold shiver down her back. Even if most of the class said it was a really ugly painting, Alice found it very beautiful.
“Hey Geller, that girl looks kinda like you, doesn’t she”, Venus Sanders said.
“How is that possible?” Alice choked out when she realized that – darn it, Venus was right. “I’ve never seen this painting before.”
“I think it’s just a huge coincidence”, Tia saved the situation. Alice gave her a thankful glance. She was very confused. That girl… who was she? And why was she with someone who belonged to the “evil side”? Those questions were cruising in Alice’s head, and they didn’t fade away for a long time, not even when she was walking home after the school trip. Her parents owned a Chinese restaurant, The Golden Tiger, and she had to work today. It was the only way to her to get some extra money.
“Alice Meilian Geller, where have you been?!” her father exclaimed when she opened the kitchen door. “We’ve had huge troubles here without you!”
“Okay, okay, I’ll come soon enough, I’ll just say hi to Grandma”, Alice said and hurried to the upstairs. Her grandmother had been sick for many days now, and Alice was worried about her. Grandmother was in her very Chinese-like decorated room, still lying in the bed. Alice bent to kiss her forehead. Grandmother was smiling despite the fact that she probably was still very sick.
“Well, how was your day?” she asked.
“I’ll tell you later, dad waits me to be a waitress down there”, Alice answered. “I have to get that Harry Potter soundtrack, so I have to get the money from that work. But later, I promise I’ll tell you everything.”

Mr. Geller kept Alice serving the customers for two hours before he gave her the wage of the daily work. Alice was quite positive that she could by now that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack with the cash she’d got.
“So, how was the school trip?” Grandma asked when Alice had come back to her room.
“It was really interesting”, Alice answered truthfully. “I learned a lot about the Victorian era. Oh, by the way, we saw there this painting. I took a photo with my cell phone. Do you recognize this? I think this has something to do with… you know, this curse.”
She opened her cell phone and searched the photo of the painting with that pretty Asian girl and the demon. Grandma reacted differently than Alice had thought. Grandma gave a faint shriek and slapped her hand on her mouth.
“Oh, sweet goddess!”
“What’s wrong?” Alice asked. “I know that demon guy is evil, but still, what’s wrong?”
“I didn’t know they had painted this unholy love. I knew that trip wouldn’t be any good. That girl is my grandmother as a young girl. I haven’t told you this before, but shortly after she had given birth to my mother, she left her and her husband, because she had fallen in love with that unholy creature. She, of course, lost all her special gifts after she had fallen to…”
“The Dark Side”, Alice sighed. “You’ve told me this many times enough, Obi-Wan Kenobi.”
“Now it is not time for jokes, young Skywalker. I mean really, Alice, this is serious. You have to be very careful now, the evil side will rise again. This is the sign of that. Dark and difficult times lie ahead, Alice. Very soon we all must choose between what is right and what is easy.”
“What does it practically mean?” Alice wanted to know. “Is there a war coming or something?”
“Well, at least so happened last time, when I was twenty-five. Oh, Alice, you must be very careful now! I can’t guarantee that what happened to my grandmother won’t happen to you.”
Alice swallowed nothing. “What happened to her? I mean, to my great-great-grandma?”
“She died long before that creature did. My mother told me that she died while pregnant for their child. That child killed her.”
Alice felt quite sick about that, and she decided never to fall in love with a wrong person. But in that painting her great-great-grandmother seemed so happy. How could it be wrong if she had truly loved that demon? To Alice it seemed quite romantic to know that even in her own family there had been a Romeo and Juliet story, even though she shouldn’t have thought it that way. Alice didn’t know, though, what great and terrible danger was waiting for her…

This is going to be a rather long story. It gets better as the story proceeds. Anyway, I hope you liked this part. And yes, this is just the beginning of the first episode. Currently I'm writing episode four. Yes, this does remind of Star Wars. I'm a geek^^

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The Curse of the Dragon Warrior (PG-13, romance, action, fantasy)
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