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 The Monster Within.

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PostSubject: The Monster Within.   Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:30 pm

This is a Vampire Knight fanfiction; however you don't need to know Vampire Knight to enjoy this story. Be warned, there is some... some-what gruesome descriptions in this story, but enjoy. I am not sure if I'm going to follow it up yet. ^.^


Yuuki’s Point Of View.

I felt Zero’s cold hard naked torso press against my own, his body moving dramatically with each breath he took, trying so desperately not to sink his vicious fangs into my flesh.
“Yuuki, no.” He whispered his voice so strained, so full of hatred towards himself. I felt his strong arms wrap around my shoulders, almost crushing me as his grip became more frantic.
“I will not let you give up. This is the only way I can help you! Please, let me help you, Zero!” I pleaded with the boy who was falling apart in front of me. His beautiful lavender eyes looked up into mine, they looked so sad.
“I will never forgive myself…” He choked out, the words that broke my heart.
“I know, Zero. But I don’t care. You can hate me along with the vampires if you want, but I will do whatever I can to tame the beast within you. I’ll do this a million times over, as long as it keeps you sane.” I tilted my head to the side, exposing my neck. I knew Zero wouldn’t be able to resist being so close to the blood; he slowly inched forward, his hands digging through my damp school shirt whilst a battle between his heart and his thirst raged within him. I noticed his long fangs protruding from his lips as he finally gave in, his mouth open, those sharp teeth ready to pierce my skin. My heart started to beat fast within my chest, yes, I was scared. I was scared of this side of Zero, I have always been somewhat scared of vampires since that attack ten years ago, but Zero is my friend, he doesn’t deserve to suffer so greatly. A few drops of my blood is nothing compared to another persons life, I knew in my heart, this was what was best for Zero. I closed my eyes tightly, having felt Zero’s teeth graze against my soft flesh.
Together, we’d do the most forbidden act of all.

Zero’s Point Of View.

My body jerked forward, its hunger for blood too much for me to contain. The sharp fangs protruding from my lips were begging me to sink them into Yuuki’s flesh, to taste her blood; her wonderful, sweet blood… My breath caught in my throat as my face moved closer to her exposed neck, her pale skin there, so delicate, so easily penetrable. Before I could register what was happening, my teeth had reached her neck, my tongue dancing behind my lips, excited for the taste. A low growl escaped my throat as the fangs slowly inserted themselves into Yuuki’s jugular vein, the blood suddenly rushed into my mouth making my taste buds explode with its beautiful aroma. I began to swallow every single drop I could, my body pressed up against Yuuki’s, begging for more. My body was so deaf to any movement Yuuki made because all I could hear was her thick blood, rolling down my throat with a sickening gulping sound.
I knew I had to pull away from her; this was the hardest part, my teeth kept latched onto her skin like they had tiny little hooks and every time I’d pull away, they’d pull me back in deeper. My grip around her fragile frame tightened even more as I fought with my body against the bloodlust. I quickly released the tight grip I had on Yuuki and pushed her body away; trying to get out of the blood lusting trance I was trapped in. Her blood sprayed across the white tiles of the bathroom wall, the wet noise made my entire body shudder in disgust. I looked up gingerly and I acknowledged her holding her bleeding neck with a tight grip, looking more frightened than I had ever seen her. My own heart was beating excitedly within my ribcage, as if it was pleased with itself; pleased with becoming a monster.

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The Monster Within.
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