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 Their Own Desires. [A ShikixRima Fanfict.]

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Trying to stop war

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PostSubject: Their Own Desires. [A ShikixRima Fanfict.]   Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:19 pm

Rima's heart pounded against her chest. Her head was spinning, but she had forgotten that she hadn't responded to Shiki, whom was steps away from her. "I'm hungry, Rima." He whined, stepping towards her with his eyes shining a bright, lustful red. Rima took a step backwards, her face was flushed. "I-I'm busy." She lied, her voice light. "No your not." He said, again, taking a step towards her. Rima matched that step but backwards, hitting the wall. Rima didn't look at him, but almost instantly she felt Shiki's body push against hers. His sweet, cool breath slid across her pale skin as he whispered in her ear. "You can't resist me, Rima." His voice was hinted with amusement and lust, Rima shivered, why did he have to be so alluring? She tried pushing him off her weakly, not matching his eyes. She felt his soft, gentle fingers slip under her chin and brought her face up to look at his eyes. She bit her lip as he smirked at her, she couldn't move her head away.. "Why have you been ignoring me?" He asked her. Rima flinched. "I-I haven't..." She lied, lately, Rima had been having dreams of him, of them. Where he would hold her ever so sweetly, and kiss her gently while whispering that he loved her. She had ignored him ever since, unable to look at him without wanting to attack his lips. Rima felt Shiki lift her hands above her head and pin them there, she whimpered lightly. "Shiki.. Stop." She whispered to him, the orange headed girl got no response.

She felt his soft lips kiss her neck, as he made his way up to her ear, where he nibbled softly. She shivered again, a light moan escaping her oh-so-perfect lips. "Your so delicate and sensitive.." He muttered, "Like a porcelain doll. My porcelain doll." Rima blushed and went to speak, her words muffled by Shiki's lips on hers. Rima almost melted when the electricity made it's way through her body, her knees actually gave out underneath her, but before she could fall Shiki had caught her. Not parting their lips in any way as he walked them to the bed, Rima parted their lips to protest, but Shiki growled and slipped his hand behind her head, pushing it forward and crushing her lips against his. He laid her down on the bed, untying her ribbons and letting her orange hair slip through his fingers. He parted their lips, looking at her, his eyes even brighter and more intense than before. "Your mine Rima, mine." He whispered to her, she exhaled, her cheeks flushed.

Shiki then moved his head down to her neck, lightly and very teasingly licking it. When he heard her light moan and felt her shiver, Rima could feel his smirk against her skin. She tilted her head a little as he sunk his fangs into her delicate skin, she whimpered and wrapped her fragile arms around his shoulders, she let him drink. But she whispered "Enough" When she had to. Shiki pulled back and looked at her with his normal, love filled and adoring eyes, Rima felt her conscious slip, the last thing she heard before falling asleep was Shiki whispering. "I love you, Rima."

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Their Own Desires. [A ShikixRima Fanfict.]
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