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 Twilight Bree Tanners 3rd Life

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Leah Redbird
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Finally mastering Fire

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PostSubject: Twilight Bree Tanners 3rd Life   Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:24 pm

I hope you enjoy my version of the story.

Bree looked at Jane. How could she be so cold. I mean even i'm not that cold. I hope.

"Shut your eyes." The Mind Reader said.

I shut my eyes.

"Wait, i'm glad i got here. I wanted to give a warning to Edward and his mate, Bella." A voice said, i was about to open my eyes but then i didn't because i heard a little hiss which must of been Jane telling me not to dare. "Ah, Bella is as beautiful as ever. I heard news that she still wasn't a vampire, but i expect the date is set. What is this here? Is this one of the Newborns?"

"Yes Aro, this is Bree. Carisle said she surrendered, but i said we didn't give second chances. I was just about to take care of the problem."

"Did she do any harm?" The man who must of been Aro asked, but he didn't ask Jane he asked the yellow eyes.

"No, she was looking for a friend, but he wasn't her, we didn't see him either. But he isn't dead. She wanted to run away from Victoria ( who she knew as her). She didn't want to fight." The midn reader said.

"Ok, did she know the rules?"

"No, sir. I did not. Riley was lying to us a lot. We never knew the rules. Me and Diego knew he wasn't telling the truth thats why we were going to run away." I answered.

"Well, that changes everything, Bree will you come to me a second and hold my hand." The man, Aro said.


"It's ok i will not harm you. I don't want you killed. Jane was fast in making her judgement, if everything your saying is true i will let you go."

"Ok, Sir Aro."

"Just call me Aro child."

I walked over to were he was standing and made a gentle grab for his hand. I could tell by the look on his face he was looking through everything that had happened in my life, every thought, every breath. When he stepped back there was a gentle look on his face.

"Bree, you are..."

"NO! BREE!" A voice shouted from the tree's. It was a familar voice. One i knew. One i had shared a lot with. I heard feet running. They stopped about 20 metre's away from the yellow eyes. I turned round to see who the voice belonged too. Standing there was Diego.

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Twilight Bree Tanners 3rd Life
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