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 The night it happens (fan fiction)

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Being Chosen by Nyx
Being Chosen by Nyx

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PostSubject: The night it happens (fan fiction)   Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:29 am

When luna was marked evreything whent down hill her parents disowned her and told her thatshe was a devil and that she will never beable to get to heaven.. i didnt ask for this this wasnt my choice. That tracker just came up to me and said you have been marked and the moon on his head started glowing...... lunas mom says "i dont care what the traker did you are now a demon and demons are aloud in my house you need to leav and leave now" luna dosent know what to do so she leaves she just walks out and goes roam aroun newsbery town in scotland. She dicides she needs to go to the house of night she has been sick all day and she dosnt know if she is going to reject the change so she needs to leave. She takes the bus on route 1 to the peneple island house of night. As soon as she gets into the house of night she satrts feeling better. She is told that she needs to go to nyx temple. When she walks into the teple her body falls yet she is standing she dosent know whats going on but she heres singing. She follows the singing to a statue of nyx. Ther is a hole in the eye and the singing sounds like its coming from in it. The eye starts to smoke so she puts her eye to the hole to see whats happening and she gets pulld into the eye her body feels like it has been shatter i to pices, she sees a beautiful woman singing sitting on the floor. "Welcome lu a i have been expecting you. I have calld you here to give you a gift. I know that your parents hav forsaken you. If only they knew the truth" luna starts to cry she is she feels that she is obligated to hug the woman. All of a sude the woman gets up and walks to luna and says blessed be and kisses her on her forhead luna feels a seering pain that is not painful it is pleasure full luna starts to feel the shatering sinsation agin and is transported back to her body.......... to be continued

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The night it happens (fan fiction)
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