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 Darcy's Fable~

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PostSubject: Darcy's Fable~   Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:21 pm

Once upon a time there was a lowly slave girl, by the name of Darcy. Darcy was a beautiful girl but, no one could see past the color of her skin to see the brilliant green color of her eyes or the way her dark skin shone in the mid-day sun. So, she worked in the Big House for her White Daddy, watching little Elizabeth and baby Edward all day, waiting and hoping for…something, she just didn’t know what. Every night when Darcy said her nightly prayers with her Ma and Pa, she asked her god to save her from the hardships her people were facing. One day her wish came true.
The day started out like any other, the scorching sun beating down onto the backs of Darcy and her family, and the commands of the overseer being screamed at them at top volume. But, then, something miraculous happened…it was if the sun, itself had been put out by Mother Moon too early. The whites had their name for it, eclipse. But, Darcy and her people had a different name, shadow. Shadows were very rare around this time, and Darcy’s people said it was a sign of the occult of The Witch.
And, as soon as the sky was black, Darcy could feel a change within her. She was empowered by this change and she knew it was magic. As the sky regained its golden lust, Darcy had already made it back to her quarters unnoticed. She tried to move things with her mind as she’d heard stories the wise women in the occult could do, it worked. She grinned to herself until she realized that this, her newfound power, couldn’t solve all her problems. Problems like, how to save herself from a life of work. When this dawned on Darcy, she burst into tears. As her sobs grew louder, a smaller, insignificant sound could be heard in the background by her window.
“Dear maiden, please do not cry. It can not be all that bad.” A low voice whispered.
Darcy gasped at the sound, “Wh-who is you?” she said, running towards the window.
“I’m Jasper, Miss.” said a small, white jack-rabbit. He was sitting on Darcy’s window sill, twitching his prodigious ears.
She chortled, “What an odd lit’l creature. I’s Darcy, Mis’r Jasper.”
“A pleasure to meet such a fine young lady. So, I hear you are searching for a way out off this plantation, correct, Miss Darcy?” the little rabbit said, wiggling his rose-colored nose.
“Wells, ho’d you knows ‘dat? But, yes’ I is.” Darcy said, wondering what this rabbit could do to help her.
“I can help you, my dear. I just need you to cry a solitary witch’s tear onto my tremendously large ear.” Jasper said.
Darcy complied, and dripped one salty tear onto Jasper the Jack-Rabbit’s ear. When that tear hit Jasper’s ear, he was quickly transformed into a handsome, young heir to a industrial company in the North. He said to repay her for reversing the rabbit- curse, he would marry her and they lived happily ever after in his mansion in the North.
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Darcy's Fable~
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