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 Harry Potter Fanfic,(Not complete)

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Trying to break up a fight
Trying to break up a fight

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PostSubject: Harry Potter Fanfic,(Not complete)   Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:24 pm

What will happen to hogwarts?

Allison Malfoy walked into the Dining Hall. She spotted her Gryffindor friend but quickly walked to the Slytherin table. She hated that the house could not just get along, her and Matt planned to get an alliance between the houses, but until then, she knew the houses would still hate each other.

“Hello,” Allison said, sitting next to her younger brother. “How was your day? I bet better then mine.”

“Mine was fine,” Scorpious said, chuckling. “Gryffindors picking on you again are they?”

Allison nodded, “I kind of, sort of hexed one of them and landed a double detention with Longbottom.”

Scorpious chuckled, “That is rather cruel, don’t you think? Longbottom is usually the nice professor.”

“I wish,” Allison said loudly. “I just wish that I didn’t have to stay out there in the green house with just Longbottom.”

“That is torture,” Scorpious said. “Who will help me with my homework now?”

“I will,” Allison replied. “Once I get out of this horrid detention.”

“How do you do that?”

“Oh,” Allison said, smirking. “Being as one of my friends is related to a Weasley, I think I have ways.”

The food finally appeared, they began to eat in silence.

“Allison!” Molly exclaimed. “When did you come in?”

“A while ago,” Allison said without looking up. Molly was one of the reasons Allison didn’t like Slytherin. However, she had to like Molly, if she didn’t, how would she get close to the boy she liked? “Where is Brian?”

“Looks like someone is looking for me,” Brian said, standing behind Allison.

Allison smiled before turning around, “yes, I was looking for you.” She gestured for him to sit next to her.

“Molly,” Brian said after sitting down. “I heard what you did in Potions today.”

“SO?!” Molly yelled. “Its not my fault Matt’s potion blew up! He put in the ingredient that I told him not too!”

“You still have detention,” Brian said calmly, reprimanding his younger sister. “Did Matt get detention as well?”

“No….” Molly trailed off.

Brian turned to me, “I saw you hex that Icky Gryffie today,” he smirked. “Nice, I think you will enjoy detention with Longbottom..”

“No,” Allison replied. “Never.”
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Harry Potter Fanfic,(Not complete)
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