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 My collection of poetry

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Lady Ellesmere
Seeing the Tracker
Seeing the Tracker

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PostSubject: My collection of poetry    Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:37 pm

Lone Eagle

Drifting on the wind,
a lone eagle flies,
speeding cross the sky,
past the blooming evergreens,
past the sparkling lake,
past the busy streets,
the eagle soars,
she never stops,
because she is looking for her true home,
but never seems to find it,
so she moves on.

The World is Cold

Each step you take,
Each breath you make,
Could be your last,
Each choice you choose,
Each time you let loose,
Could be your last, 
The world is cold so why keep going?
When you can just let go?
A mother leaves for work after a fight with her son the next day she gets shot
A little girl leaves in a hurry when she comes back eveything is gone
Why keep going when you could die in the next second?
In one momment eveythings fine but in the next it sucks
The world is cruel,
But you mustn't ever give up,
Don't let anger rule your life,
Don't ever run from your pain or your fears,
Cuz sooner or later it will come back to get you,
Life passes us by,
Youth fades to dust, 
And with that you die,
But you shouldn't give in,
Never fear the unknown,
So what if life has its hardships,
So what if you could die the next day,
It will all be fine ether way,
You can't beat time,
Cuz time will beat you,
Life is cruel and so is our world,
But you can't let that get you down,
So when ever you leave don't always assume you will come back,
Say goodbye to those you love,
Tell them you love them, 
Don't just leave,
Live your life,
Don't give up hope,
The world may be cold, 
But there's nothing to fear.

Starry Night

Stars shimmer and shine 
Brightly in the night sky
Each star gets into position
One sparkles as a sign to all the other stars that its time to shine
Another falls down and down, lower and lower 
Till it can not be seen any more
Down below in a little house 
Lies a girl of 5, who was watching and waiting for what I don't know
Then she starts to sing 

"Little star, little star shining so bright
Are you listening? Brightly above me watching and waiting for me to fly up and catch you in my hands 
The glimmer of your presence brings me to say is all I want to see is you StaryNight again."

When she finishes God calls her up
And then the stars come out for her last stary night


Love is a bird that
Flies in the air 
Love is so, so sweet 
Love is something you can't replace
Love is a warm summer day
That warms your heart and soul 
Love is always there
Love will never let you fall
Love never complains 
Love lasts forever
Whenever you are down
Whenever you are in trouble
Whenever and wherever you need it
Love is there 
So let it in

Wronged Angel

She leaves for school one day,
Without a single word,
She travels through a normal day,
Without a worry,
She talks to her friends,
Without a clue,
When she leaves to go to school today she will die 5 blocks from the door,
The car came screaming by without any warning at all,
The driver was drunk and she was in his way,
When she crashes there is no pain,
Her short life flashes before her eyes,
She will never get to do the things that people her age do, no longer will she dance around and have fun,  
It was all stolen from her,
In a single instant her dreams are shattered, 
Then at 17 she dies,
But her life is not done,
She is now free from the earthly shackles that held her,
She no longer has anything to fear,
When she saw the bright light and the gates to haven begin to open,
She walked towards is without a single thought,
No pain or sorrow will reach her  here,
She has become a joy filled angel,
New life fills her veins

Hey Mr mocking Bird

Hey mister mockingbird, 
Sitting in the tree, 
What are you staring at, 
Is it possibly me, 
Oh mister mockingbird, 
What a beauitful song, 
Sing me a lullaby, 
So I can sing along, 
Oh sweet mister mockingbird, 
Sing me your melody, 
Sing mister mockingbird, 
Your harmony so heavenly, 
Mister mockingbird, 
So sweet and kind, 
Use your voice, 
And I will use mine. 

Hanging By A Thread

Hanging by a thread
one more shove
and ill vanish forever
pull me back up
an ill stay to the end of all time
dont wanna go
but if things dont change
i will be moving on
never to return

Take Me Away

Take me away

I want to be free 
Free of the pain
Free of the sorrow
Free of the heartbreak
Please free me for this place
Take me away from here
Bring me to a peaceful hideaway
I want to be free and I want to fly
I want to soar into the sky's 
Un hindered
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Finally mastering Fire
Finally mastering Fire

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PostSubject: Re: My collection of poetry    Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:25 am

WOW! that's a lot of poetry. I suggest posting only one or two a day.

all in all, They're all good!
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Going to the House of Night
Going to the House of Night

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PostSubject: Re: My collection of poetry    Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:43 pm

the bom
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PostSubject: Re: My collection of poetry    

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My collection of poetry
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