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 Unaccompanied Twins of the goddess touch

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Going about a regular day
Going about a regular day

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PostSubject: Unaccompanied Twins of the goddess touch   Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:31 pm

Chapter 1

My soft brown hair was in a braid.My hazel eyes were fixed on Blanka.My twin.Well,not my real twin but we're bonded by Nyx.She stood by her favorite horse,Destiny.Lenobia said Blanka would soon take her place at the stables.Blanka would give a nervous head shake.Blanka was a puerto rican girl,unlike me I'm eyption.Blanka has pretty.I'm not just saying that because I'm her twin,I mean it.She had dirty blond hair that had purple streaks going throug it,and moss green eyes.Her mark was what looked like a horse running across her cheek.I hate my mark.Mines makes me look like pikachu,I have moon cresents on both of my cheeks like blush.Except it wasn't.
"Hey."Blanka said in her west side spanish accent.I waved.She softly brush Destiny.But what surprised me was our active,probably the youngest cat here.Scar face we call him.Because he choosed us at the time we were watching that and our favorite part in that movie came up.He was a mixed,tabby and persian cat.He was a fluffy blackish orange.He was on the back of the horse.Destiny wasn't alarm,even though he kept messing with her ear.
"How was the dark daughters?"Blanka asked.I shrugged.

"Usual,Zoey isn't so bad,not what I expected."I replied.Blanka hopped on top of Destiny.

"Another competition?"I asked.Of course though.I could feel it.Blanka couldn't even keep a secret from me even if she tried.Our mines are connected.Blanka gave a nod.

"Lenobia said I'm best at long jumps,but I gotta still work on the others."B;anka said as a smirk hit her face.I gave a confuse look.Then I understood the smirk.Something hit my back really fast.

"Your going down!"A squeky voice said.I noticed who it was and immediatly smiled.It was Laraine.A thirteen year old third former.She was youngest in the school.She is african american.Her hair is naturally wavy and black.Her eyes are grey.And her mark is just so complicated looking.It was just all over her body.She just arrived.

"Hi Laraine,were you good?"I asked.I treated her like my little sister,both Blanka and me.

"Ugh,Neferet is a payne."Laraine said aloud.Blanka looked down at us.As I shushed Laraine.

"Well she is!She told me something weird,about my marks."Laraine said.Laraine hated Neferet ever since.

"That regular Laraine,she's a high priestess."Blanka gave a giggle.I stopped Laraine from saying anything else.

"Its lunch time anyway."I say

(Characters wanted)
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Unaccompanied Twins of the goddess touch
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