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 Stevie Rae Johnson

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PostSubject: Stevie Rae Johnson   Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:40 am

A nice girl from Henryetta, Oklahoma, Stevie Rae is Zoey's roommate and immediate best friend. She has an affinity for Earth and is often depicted as straight forward and honest, but as the series continues the other sides of her begin to show. Her affinity also grows stronger through the books' progression. She was a fledgling who rejected the Change and was turned into one of Neferet's evil red fledglings. Once Zoey helps her find her humanity, she is Changed into the first Red Vampyre known. While drinking Aphrodite's blood, they accidentally imprint with each other in Hunted but in Tempted she breaks their imprint by forming one with Rephaim, a Raven Mocker. Stevie Rae is the only one of the few fledglings with short hair, which is super curly, and the little country bumpkin is usually wearing cowboy boots and roper jeans. She is also the High Priestess of the Red Vampyres. In Burned, she and Rephaim finally begin to develop feelings for each other, but an obstacle is posed by Kalona's return at the end of the book. In the same book, she also managed to summon the manifestation of Darkness by mistake, thus putting her in danger. In order to banish the beast, she summoned the manifestation of Light, paying the cost it takes from her; tying her to the humanity in Rephaim.

Here in the darkness I know myself....

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Stevie Rae Johnson
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