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 Aphrodite LaFont

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PostSubject: Aphrodite LaFont   Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:47 am

Daughter of Tulsa's extremely rich mayor, Aphrodite enters the series as a conceited, selfish rich girl who tells Zoey, "Things go my way. You want to get along here, you'd best remember that." But Aphrodite, afflicted with painful prophetic visions and mentally abused by her domineering parents, soon is seen as a richer, more complex character, and in the end becomes Zoey's friend. She is described as gorgeous and having very big, blond hair. She is also described as statuesque and is referred to as looking like an angel.

Aphrodite is also introduced as the leader of a group known as the Dark Daughters in Marked until control is taken from her and given to Zoey once Zoey shows the power that was bestowed upon her by the goddess Nyx. She is a fledgling in the first couple of books, but then gets Changed back into a human in the end of Chosen in order to give back Stevie Rae's humanity. Though she lost the state of being a Vampyre fledgling, she is still considered to be more than just a normal human, given the fact that her goddess-given gifts still remain with her after she was Changed back from being a Vampyre fledgling. She softens up as the series progresses and becomes a part of Zoey's tight circle and feeling like she has found her sister in Zoey, also falling in love with Warrior Darius, still being a kind of b*tch and temporarily 'nice' and she also gets in many fights with the Twins. After Stevie Rae's death, Aphrodite held her Earth affinity, which was taken back by Nyx herself and returned to Stevie Rae after her rebirth as a red fledgling. In Hunted, an accidental imprint is formed between the two, as a result of Aphrodite saving Stevie Rae's life. In Tempted, Stevie Rae imprints with the Raven Mocker, Rephaim, causing their imprint to break. In the same book, Aphrodite had Darius' Oath sworn to her as her Warrior, proving that she was not just an average human for Warrior Oaths do not take effect on humans. In Burned, Aphrodite widens the scope of her powers, enabling her to see the future at her will and see within someone's soul.

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Aphrodite LaFont
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