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 Sylvia Redbird

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PostSubject: Sylvia Redbird   Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:51 am

Sylvia Redbird is Zoey's Cherokee grandmother. She loves Zoey as if she was her own daughter. Grandma Redbird lives on a lavender farm, and she and Zoey are extremely close, especially since Zoey's mother remarried. Whenever Zoey has a problem she can always count on her grandma to help her feel better. She always calls her the Cherokee name for daughter 'u-we-tsi-a-ge-ya. Grandma Redbird not only loves Zoey, but learns to love the rest of her friends, and they love her too. She remains true to her Cherokee ways, by doing spiritual and cleansing rituals on occasions. In Untamed, she is in a horrible car accident caused by one of Kalona's children and is placed into the Intensive Care Unit, being watched by Sister Mary Angela at Zoey's request. In Hunted she represents Earth to banish Kalona, and at the end of the book together with Zoey, Aphrodite, Stevie Rae and Sister Mary Angela she helps do so by using the simpleness of a blessing. In Burned, Stevie Rae visited her in the Benedictine Abbey, being shown in a better physical state.

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Going to the House of Night
Going to the House of Night

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PostSubject: Re: Sylvia Redbird   Sun May 27, 2012 12:43 pm

she is such a sweet lady, i wish i have known her in real life.
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Sylvia Redbird
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