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 The last reaping (hunger games fanfic)

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Requesting the presence of Earth from the north

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PostSubject: The last reaping (hunger games fanfic)   Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:48 pm

I couldn't breathe. It was time. Time for the final Hunger Games Reaping. My name was in there. God only knows how many times. I looked up at Effie Trinket. I knew my name would be chosen. I was president Snow's granddaughter. It was only logical that I would be ome of the girls chosen for the last hunger games. I was pretty sure that I would be killed in the arena. Wiped out as quickly as this reaping would go.
Effie walked up towards the microphone in the middle of the stage.
"Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!"
As she said this she looked at me, then mouthed
"Not in your favour Eternity Snow"
I shivered. Why? Grandfather why? Why did you have to be so barbaric? Putting these ideas in the rebels heads. The rebellion was bound to happen and now the rebels were going to use my grandfathers idea against him and the people of his beloved capitol. Did he honestly care? I could be dead in just a few short weeks. Did he not realise that the rebels would want to get their own back. The Hunger Games is the perfect way of executing me for just being related to Snow. A nationwide execution on live television. Thanks grandfather.
Effie spoke again and read out a message from the rebels to the people of the capitol stating that this was a way of revenge.
"And now for the twelve girls who are entering the arena!" She walked to the glass bowl which contained the names of all the girls in the capitol over the age of twelve but eighteen and under. She reached in and pulled out a slip of paper.
"Eternity Snow!"
I knew it. Snows granddaughter wasn't getting off lightly. I walked towards the stage my head high. No one was going to get me down. I was not going out without a fight.

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The last reaping (hunger games fanfic)
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