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 Making the Grade

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Going about a regular day
Going about a regular day

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PostSubject: Making the Grade   Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:21 pm

Clara has just started her first year of college as a history major. She has never done well in school, and she's worried that she will fail out of college. That's when she meets her American History professor, Professor Everett Riley. Professor Riley teaches Clara more than history, he teaches her how to survive in college, but can he teach her how to survive her crush on him? Can he survive his crush on her?

Character bio:


My Character:

Name: Clara Reynolds
Age: 18 yrs. old
Student/Professor/Other: Student
Bio: This is her first year in college. She is taking five classes each with its own obscene amount of outside work, and is constantly worrying that she will fail all of her classes.

The only other character I need is Prof. Riley, but if anyone else would like to join as friends of either one (particularly if you want to be a friend of Clara's who is in love with her)
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Making the Grade
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